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168) PNN News Release 
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(168) Let Me Be - the tale of how homophobia can kill you

"The story of how in a long and dark night love has defeated all fears."

Filipe V. Branco studied Humanities and Communication Sciences. In 2015 published his first portuguese book "O dia em que nasci" and in that same year took part in a project of the European Voluntary Service in Italy, where he lived for 10 months, working as a volunteer in an Educational Center for children with disabilities. In 2016 saw his story about Naples published in the Navigator's travel book "Around the World in 80 pages". Later that year the author published the portuguese version of "Let me be", having crossed his country from north to south to promote talkings about homophobia and bullying in schools. Filipe declares himself a fighter for equal rights and at the same time a dreamer who seeks full satisfaction in writing.

Filipe stated, "At the age of twenty I burst through the closet doors coming out as gay to my family. After being rejected by my father, unable to handle the pain, I saw suicide as my only escape. I decided to die. But not even death wanted me at her side and I survived to rewrite my story. My will to be fully accepted made me stronger and after many fights for my right to be... me, after bullying and silenced suffering, with the help of my friends and family I finally reached what first seemed impossible: the day my father met and welcomed my boyfriend."

"Let me be" is the book which tells the years of my life that defined me forever. From prejudice to suicide, from violence to affection, from hatred to acceptance. This is the tale of how homophobia can kill you, the story of how in a long and dark night love has defeated all fears.

The book is available now on Amazon/Kindle: []
167) Delirium Toys 
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(167) Delirium Toys® is Looking to Change the Face of the
Fetish Sex Toy Industry Forever

Delirium Toys® burst into the sex toy industry scene in early 2018 when they launched their site,, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Founded in California, and Female Owned & Operated, these Kinky Folks say they’ve got the answer to all of your sex toy needs!

Founder and Owner, Eynelys Vinson, shares her passion for her company.

“I created Delirium Toys® at the beginning of 2018, after thinking about taking this step for years, and coming to 3 realizations:

• I had a passion for Fetish & Sex, I hated working in the corporate world, I wanted to do something I actually loved and that I felt would make a real impact.
• I’ve been part of the BDSM, Kink, & Fetish Community for over a decade. I realized that our options were so incredibly limited. It was either go to the brick and mortar store, have to deal with people, which can be an anxious experience for many, and a VERY limited selection of Fetish items, or order online from a Fetish store that may not be reliable or offer the types of quality products you would want and expect.
• I realized I had to do something about it. I wanted to create a place where you could find kinky bondage gear, like a straitjacket or body suit, and still get a top-grade vibrator or massage wand.
I’m so incredibly proud of what we’re doing at Delirium. We’re working hard to make our shop a place of inclusivity for everyone. Somewhere people can find exactly what they need, without worry or fear of judgment. We celebrate sexual happiness, freedom, and just being yourself.
When I launched, I went from a career as an Operations Manager in the corporate world, to this company being my full-time lifeblood and passion. And I wouldn’t change a single thing. I am so excited for our future!
We have both short-term growth goals (1 yr) and longer-term (5 year). We are beginning collaborations with some amazing companies, and our main focus is supporting Sexual Freedom, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, and to educate others about the Fetish world. We’re here, and we’re ready to claim our place in this industry. It’s already happening, and I truly believe that we will continue to be successful and grow, because for us, love and sex aren’t a marketing strategy, they’re what we love and breathe.

Are You Ready For Change?” - Eynelys “Nelly” Vinson – Founder of Delirium Toys®

For more information:

Delirium Toys®
Unchain Your Imagination
166) Media Giants 
New York, NY
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(166) Win Marcinak Releases “We’re All One” to Celebrate LGBT Pride Month

Burning Tyger Music announced today that Veteran dance floor divo, Win Marcinak, has released a brand new anthem for dance floors around the world, titled, “We’re All One.” The infectious hooks and brilliant lyrics contained on the new song exude the heartwarming celebration and togetherness, which Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride produces. Self-penned by Marcinak, “We’re All One” is a song to bring all people together and celebrate as one big family. Win’s powerhouse vocals ride the airwaves directly into the soul. Backed by the incomparable San Franciscan songstress, Kaylah Marin, the record is sure to be spinning all summer and for years to come. “We’re All One” captures all the love and inspiration within the LGBT community and revels the great moments shared.
“The creation of ‘We’re All One’ was a spiritual journey,” explains Win Marcinak. “The lyrics and melodies flowed to me while meditating and focusing on all the things I love about our great LGBT community. I truly feel a deeper love when I perform the song. We all need each other and togetherness is everything! I hope listeners feel the same way when they hear it.”

“We’re All One” from Win Marcinak featuring Kaylah Marin features standout mixes from Josh Harris, Dirty Disco, Rick Earnshaw and Chris Brophy. These remixes will keep the Pride parties hopping and dance floors banging around the globe. Whether gay or straight, “We’re All One” is a hands-up banger that will heighten the night for everyone. Download your copies today on iTunes and wherever music is sold.

Continue to party with the non-stop dance action of the smash new album, “Celebrate,” from dance floor commander Win Marcinak. The concept for the “Celebrate” anthology incorporates a celebration of 15 years of the artist’s work in dance music. The album was also motivated by Marcinak’s recent departure from San Francisco and his move back to the Midwest in Grand Rapids, MI where he grew up. The collection of songs features some rare, unreleased and remixed dance tracks from Marcinak’s biggest hits. To round it all out, Marcinak has included two brand new songs: a self-penned club anthem titled, “Were All One” featuring San Francisco based diva vocalist Kaylah Marin, and a club cover version of Three Dog Night’s “Celebrate” featuring international dance diva Pepper Mashay. Floors will shake with pulsating beats and giant vocals, as the new "Celebrate" dance mixes from Peter Monk, Dirty Disco, Rich Earnshaw, Tony “Badtone” Iannone and Silverland hit the house.

As a special treat, Win Marcinak included a special featured appearance on the package: the voice of Exposé diva Gioia Bruno, sampling "Dirty Cash" against Marcinak's male divo vocals of “Kiss & Tell” on the white-hot “Collision Mix.” Marcinak has also produced a fiery updated 2017 remake of Kajagoogoo’s timeless ‘80s classic “Too Shy” featuring DJ Timmy Loop. Dance music lovers will recall Marcinak’s 2006 career break-through cover of “Too Shy,” which infiltrated dance floors with the help of legendary record promoter Harry Towers.

For more information, videos and more; Google "Win Marcinak" today!
165) PNN PR 
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(165) Recording Artist Leaves Music Industry to come out

Mr. Ahmad Javon Lane, a international recording artist, has stopped performing and recording music to come out.  "After my 3rd release (two of which removed) I've decided to call it quits on music and just be out of the Closet", said Ahmad.  "For some reason I've been having a problem with the music industry." 

Ahmad Javon Lane is known for suing Beyonce for copyright infringement of one of his songs. He claimed the "Drunk In Love" singer ripped off his song "XOXO" for her single "XO." Beyonce came out victorious as the defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit.  You can read the background of this lawsuit story at []

Ahmad stated, "It's a lot of mocking and imitation of my previous works which has done me no good especially since we're speaking of old demo drama from earlier in the decade. I've been struggling a lot in music. Now I'm just gonna call it quits on music for good! Thank you Jesus!”

For more information about Ahmad Javon Lane, go to his Instagram profile at []
164) PNN PR 
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(164) Filmmaker Ranks In Top 20 For Possible $25K Prize.

Creative fundraising campaign can help bring film project to completion.

Nationwide, May 23, 2018: is on the hunt for innovative, poignant and eerie genre stories, and the producers behind It Follows and Creep are with them. Devon Foster, a independent filmmaker, is one of 33 film makers participating in the "Communal Nightmares" event for Seed&Spark. She is currently in the top 20 competing for a prize of $25,000.

"My goal as a filmmaker and as a human is to speak up for the voices being drowned out”, says Foster. "My story centers around a lesbian Asian (Indian) American woman torn between cultures. I am part Asian and Pansexual and feel unique identities are not well represented in film, especially thriller/horror films."
Devon said that Chicks in Horror are a lot more than the dumb girl that has sex and dies 10 minutes into the movie. In her film, she wants to explores the fears and anxieties unique to young women. From a real life woman's point of view.

About The Film

The film is a LGBTQ thriller titled “Dahlia". A young woman unravels when she discovers the university she is attending is a psychiatric hospital, trapping her with nightmares.

Dahlia is being followed across her college campus. Just as she escapes from creepy guys she runs headlong into her crush, the most perfect girl in the world. That's where the real danger is. Between frat parties and walking alone at night college is a real horror movie. Torn between the expectations of American society and strict Indian parents, Dahlia is forced to grapple with her body, her sexuality, and loosing her f***ing mind.

“This project needs support to give a voice to queer young woman who struggle with fears that seem invisible to the world”, said Foster. “Show young women everywhere they can take their fears and turn them into art!”

For more information about the film, fundraising and the filmmaker, go to:


To watch the video pitch for “Dahila”, go to:


For filmmaker interviews, go to:

163) PNN PR 
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(163) #beyourself with Grey Wiese in 2018!

On March 30th of 2018, the vibrantly expressive and innovative debut from German singer Grey Wiese called #beyourself is set to be officially released, marking the start of an adventure in music so strong & supportive, you could call it an entire movement.

Embracing the freedom of being an artist, Grey creates insightful melodies that echo the powerful emotions and feeling that have made him the confident performer he is today. He has created songs that truly represents the most important values of Grey’s life in sincere, bold, & colorful music that connects & resonates through the record’s most open, honest, and humble message - #beyourself.

Allowing himself to get more personal with his music than ever before, Grey shines a bright spotlight on his versatility as an artist and his dedicated effort to pursue a world where there is endless potential and no limitations. Proudly committed to the LGBTQ community, Grey Wiese is a genuine champion within the scene, promoting love, support, creativity, and art, through the music he makes. Always encouraging others to find the strength and courage to express
themselves to the fullest in life, the songs on #beyourself reflect the incredible journey he’s been on personally through the heartfelt nature of the lyrics & the beautiful tones in the melody of Grey’s vocals that make the experience real. Inspiring listeners with empowering music, authentic sounds, and a fresh perspective that seeks to unite us all by celebrating shared uniqueness – the songs of #beyourself are relatable in the best of ways, coming from a blissfully authentic place that puts our amazing individuality on a pedestal in beautiful new music that can be universally enjoyed.

With the release of the lead-single “I Set You Free” – Grey Wiese has also set himself free as an artist, and he’s ready to show the entire planet that this is the life he was born to live. Creating this debut has set him free to explore the endless possibilities of music, free to connect to the people on a new level through his own captivating sound & style, and free to inspire the people out there to believe in who they are and what we can accomplish, together. #beyourself in 2018 & be a part of the magic.

Find out more about the music of Grey Wiese at his official homepage:


Facebook/Instagram/Youtube: @greywiese

Contact for Press:
Artist Representative
Link to image: []
162) Ryan Ipso 
Las Cruces New Mexico USA
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Ryan Ipso
Y Press Games

Gay Muscle Game Seeks Funding

Las Cruces, NM – Bara is a stylized genre of gay comics from Japan featuring muscular men. A new bara game for adults only seeks funding through Kickstarter February 20-April 22, 2018.

To Trust an Incubus has the sci-fi plot you’d find in many anime, with visitors from another dimension and a high tech lab as the game’s setting. Unlike most anime it features burly muscular guys and puts them in uncensored sex scenes.

While the game is presented as a visual novel, a kind of computer game that’s more or less a slide show of images with music and voice acting, To Trust an Incubus is a ‘choices matter’ game. Depending on your decisions you’ll unlock 24 different endings. The game boasts a 150,000 word script with 200 illustrations.

Bara games have begun to gain notice with the success of Dream Daddy, another visual novel that became the most successful indie game title of 2017. No doubt To Trust an Incubus is seeking similar success, but with an anime slant.

About Y Press Games
Y Press Games is the new focus for the graphic novel publishing company Yaoi Press which was founded in 2004 and published 52 gay graphic novels.

To Trust an Incubus


Trailer: []
Genre: Visual Novel
Length: 150,000 Words
CGs: 200 CGs, 9 Backgrounds, 7 Sprites
Rating: Adults Only
Release Date: December 2018
161) Carrol Magder 
Palm Springs
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(161) New Dog Sanctuary To Open In Sky Valley

A sanctuary for pets of the elderly who can no longer provide care and pets of military on

A dog may become homeless at any moment and for many reasons. Its owner may become ill or injured; pass away; or have to move to a facility that does not allow dogs. These pets may be abandoned, taken to a shelter or euthanized.

When a military dog owner is deployed to a combat zone, there may be no one to care for the pet until the owner returns. Out of sheer necessity, the owner may have to either surrender the dog to a shelter where it may be killed or turn it over to someone who does not care for the pet responsibly.

Dogs that are abandoned or surrendered to a shelter are subject to illness, injury and even death.

But now there is Ari’s Place, a project of Ari Had A Dream, Inc., which provides a solution to owners in either of these situations.

After 2 years of hard work, Ari Had A Dream, Inc. has finally found its home on 5 acres in Sky Valley. It will open its doors as “Ari’s Place, a dog sanctuary” in March, 2018.

Because of the large demographic of military and senior residents in the Coachella Valley, Ari’s Place offers a much needed service to these owners and pets alike.

About Ari Had A Dream

Carrol Magder founded Ari Had A Dream in the fall of 2015. The Organization was granted 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status (ID #47-5461735) in May, 2016.

The CARE 4 LIFE program provides safe, loving lifelong care in a home-like setting for canine companions of older folks who can no longer care for their pets.

The MILITARY MUTTZ program provides care for canine companions of military personnel on deployment when there is no one else to care for the pet.

Since Ari’s Place is a new dog sanctuary, volunteers are needed for onsite care and supervision of the dogs. There are also opportunities to volunteer for administrative duties, computer work, community outreach and event planning, some of which can be done in the volunteer’s own home. Professionals, in any field, willing to share their expertise are most welcome.

For more information about the programs and the organization, or to donate to this registered charity, please visit the Ari Had A Dream website at []
160) Vision Music Promotions 
London, England
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(160) International Artists Release New Single In Support of LGBTQ

JIVE64 donates all proceeds of new-single to help the struggling LGBTQ community.

London England (January 22, 2018): Taking influence from retro 80’s synth pop and modern day electro, JIVE64 present their new single ‘Side by Side’ which is the centre piece of their campaign to raise money and awareness for those suffering from the lack of human rights for the LGBT community in Chechnya.

With vocal inspiration from artists like Bonnie Tyler whilst striving to create unique modern music like La Roux, Jive64 fuse their artistic influences with energy fueled electro. Composing and producing the music is Roy Cohen whilst Ella Tadmor powerfully leads the vocals. Despite the pair working together so well they are in fact based in two cities half the world away, in Dublin and Tel Aviv.

The inspiration for JIVE64’s new single is the people they are working so hard to help. As the name, Side by Side, suggests, it is about standing together in the face of adversity and against those who deny that people have rights, just because you are a part of the LGBT community. Having already started crowd funding and raising €3,000, JIVE64 intend to donate all money made from their new single to helping those of the LGBT community who are struggling, particularly in Chechnya.

The single was produced with the aid of Grammy nominees Pen Up Girls in the hope that the sound would benefit from their experience and it would light up the charts and therefore raise even more awareness for the issue JIVE64 care so deeply about.

About JIVE64




Robin Dallison
Vision Music Promotion
t: 0044 [0] 207 499 8024



Instagram: @jive64official

Robin Dallison (Vision Music Promotion)
t: 0044 [0] 207 499 8024 / e:

Vision Music Promotion | 1st Floor |
155 Regents Park Road | London | NW1 8BB
159) Level Brands, Inc 
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Monday, 4 December 2017 06:36 PM Permalink

(159) Kathy Ireland Contributes $100,000 World AIDS Day Gift To The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Announces Level Brands Inc.


To call attention to the continuing urgency of the battle to address and conquer HIV/AIDS, Level Brands, Inc. has announced that its Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist, Kathy Ireland--also chair of kathy ireland Worldwide (kiWW)--has made a 2017 World AIDS Day contribution of $100,000 to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF). "This funding is a clarion call to the fact that the battle to treat, provide care and to accelerate a cure for HIV/AIDS is far from over and that complacency is the chief obstacle to securing victory," was noted in a joint statement from Jon Carrasco and Stephen Roseberry, Global Creative Director and President, respectively, of Level Brands' companies EE1, I'M1, kathy ireland Health and Wellness as well as kiWW.

Kathy Ireland remarked that the gift "celebrates my dear late friend and mentor, Dame Elizabeth Taylor and her inspiring and unrelenting philanthropy through which she personally willed and powered the global war on HIV/AIDS. Elizabeth still holds those living with HIV/AIDS and those in danger of contracting AIDS under the shelter of her loving wings, assuring that every dollar of donation to ETAF goes directly to care and prevention. Her passionate activism to end HIV/AIDS reigns as one of her most notable and lasting legacies, a fight continued today through The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. The organization's ability to give back relies on this great lady's gracious contributions during her lifetime, including arranging for the foundation to continue in perpetuity to have all operating costs paid for by her Trust. Much of Dame Elizabeth's on-going support derives from the sustaining popularity of her iconic White Diamonds perfume fragrance, the only diamonds that saved and continues to save lives."

Ms. Ireland, a world-renowned entrepreneur like her legendary mentor, emphasizes that "World AIDS Day is an important reminder of Elizabeth's demand that we achieve an AIDS free generation. Under Elizabeth's guidance, great strides were made, but the war has not been won. We have not made that happen yet, for the millennial generation, but we must make it happen for the children whose names we know, including: Ezra, Madilynn-Rose, Vivienne and those people we do not know. We constantly meet people of all ages committed to the compassionate dedication Elizabeth lived. That is the amazing legacy Elizabeth left for the world."

"Elizabeth Taylor's passionate activism to end HIV/AIDS and funding that effort, even beyond her passing, reigns as one the most notable and lasting legacies of all time," added Carrasco and Roseberry, each of whom were active participants in the great star's professional activities and philanthropies. "One of the greatest privileges of our entire lives was being in service to Elizabeth when she conceived the HIV/AIDS treatment innovation of bringing vans of pharmacology and medical professionals to people in need during Hurricane Katrina. Elizabeth had countless wonderful qualities. Patience, in the face of suffering, was not one of them. When Elizabeth felt our government could not respond quickly enough to the disaster of Katrina, she stepped in with her foundation, recruited medical teams and wrote personal checks to make an immediate difference. Elizabeth made the work of public health heroes, like Dr. Michael Gottlieb, Martin Delany, Dr. Margrit Carlson and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIAID, powerfully visible. The depth and commitment of Elizabeth Taylor to saving lives, through the scourge of HIV/AIDS, has yet to be told."

"The exemplary way in which the Elizabeth Taylor Trust supports the foundation through its Managing Director Joel Goldman and its Co-Trustees Barbara Berkowitz, Tim Mendelson and Quinn Tivey is an inspiration for everyone who is committed to philanthropy and who uses resources to continue making a difference even beyond their own mortality," notes Ireland. "When talking with Elizabeth about her HIV/AIDS work, she would occasionally say 'I hope I made a little difference.' In fact, Elizabeth made an extraordinary difference by co-founding amfAR and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation as well as through her countless heroic deeds to support disenfranchised people who were fighting for their lives, battling bigotry and prejudice, which sadly still exists. There is no question that Elizabeth will always be known as the Joan of Arc of AIDS. At no time, did Elizabeth ever consider the personal dangers and financial costs. It is hard to realize that in the 1980s many people were unaware of what caused HIV/AIDS. Elizabeth was the first person with a global public platform, which she used strictly for good, to say 'We're fighting a disease, not people.' Elizabeth frequently visited patients in a private way. She held them, cared for them, and gave them the greatest human kindness, which is love. There have been many debates about Elizabeth's support of making drugs available to people in need from her home. It was illegal, it was dangerous and it was something she simply had to do. Today, sadly, because Elizabeth never needed or sought publicity, so much of her heroism is unknown, especially to this generation. Children born in this decade must know about this woman, who is so much more than the most celebrated actor in film. Elizabeth is a woman of faith, family and friendship. A great and loving mother and grandmother, she placed the needs of everyone in her life above her own. On Dec 1st, 2017, on World AIDS Day, we salute Elizabeth with this contribution and look forward to continuing it in the years ahead."
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