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98) David Scarbie Mitchell 
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(98) Scarbie Celebrates Lip-Schtick’s Tenth Season in P-town!

Scarbie, one of Provincetown’s beloved drag-clown cabaret performers is celebrating ten years of performing Lip-Schtick; One Boy’s Journey To Fabulous and Back!, this summer season 2015, Thursdays through Sundays, 8:30 pm at the UU Meeting House, 236 Commercial Street. $20.

Lip-Schtick is a one-man quick change show, in which David Scarbie Mitchell evolves through seven characters and eleven costume changes without ever leaving the stage. Lip-Schtick presents the lives of two main characters; David, who tells his story of growing up gay in a loving family, and Scarbie, and aging showgirl with a personality disorder. The show is mostly comedy, with song, poignant storytelling and an hysterical improvisation thread throughout the show which keeps each performance fresh and spontaneous. Some audience members are included in the improv which results in unrestrained laughter. Audience members leave Lip-Schtick remarking, “Wow, that was WAY MORE than I expected!”

Lip-Schtick is a fast, funny inspiring show for all ages, genders, lifestyles and abilities. Universally appealing. Rated G.

Opens Memorial Weekend. Full season begins mid-June.
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97) Derek Cafferata 
London, England
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(97) Bedford Estates Vs. Frances Devereux Former Chief Researcher at the British Museum to be Evicted from her Home.


April 24, 2015 - Most 88-year-olds have nothing to worry about except for the provision of their daily meals; however, Former Chief Researcher at the British Museum, Francis Devereux, 88, now faces eviction from her 72 Ridgmount Gardens residence - owned by Bedford Estates.

Bedford Estates is a limited liability company based in London. The Duke of Bedford is the main landholder of “Woburn Safari Park” fame. Ms. Devereux has been living at Ridgmount Gardens for over 30 years with her lifelong friend, Sylvia Cafferata. Sylvia was the primary tenant for the residence but died recently. Now, Ms. Devereux is on the brink of eviction as Bedford Estates refuse to renew the tenancy.

After several failed attempts at renewing the tenancy, the Cafferata children are furious about the situation. One family member said: "Money and greed are the two things that are fuelling this eviction. London property values have quadrupled over the last 3 years and Bedford Estates want market rent and not the current rent governed by the Fair Rent Act of 1977."

The Cafferata children are determined to not let their mother's lifelong friend become homeless and are lobbying for Ms. Devereux to remain in the residence. Apart from the family connection, their efforts are driven by the fact that Ms. Devereux has Alzheimer's and any change to her environment will have a significant negative impact on her health. She also has no family and if evicted, she will become homeless and a ward of the Camden Council

Frances Devereux is a descendant of Frances Devereux, Duchess of Somerset (1599 – 1674). Her father was Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, Elizabeth I's favorite who was executed for treason in 1601

Contact: Derek Cafferata
Mobile: 0207-629-0908
Website: []
96) PNN PR Service 
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(96) Diving with Pride in Playa Del Carmen Mexico: Diversity Diving Welcomes All Divers

(Playa Del Carmen, Mexico)-Scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen offers something for divers of all skill levels and certifications and the diversity comes from the options to not only dive on the reefs of Playa Del Carmen, but also the legendary sites of Cozumel and the world famous cenotes that are only found in the Riviera Maya.

“The diversity was originally placed in the name due to the many diving options.” said Cheryl Rottler, owner and PADI Master Instructor. “However, we are also diverse in our guests and consider our dive center to be friendly and welcoming to all members of the LGBT community.” Cheryl also stated, “Everyone is entitled to the best instructors available, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual preference, or perceived disability.”

As a top rated diver training center located in the city of Playa Del Carmen and only thirty minutes from the Cancun International airport, Diversity Diving is within a few hours of most locations within the United States and Canada. The award winning instructors at Diversity Diving have helped many new divers overcome previous fears that have kept them out of the water in the past. Also, as an IAHD (International Association of Handicapped Divers) trained dive center, diving with disabilities in Playa Del Carmen is also an option. Rated as the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen, Cheryl will take the time to dive to help all divers and move at a pace that is comfortable based on each divers needs.

To learn more about scuba diver education and scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen, visit []
95) Lester Collier 
Albuquerque, NM.
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(95) HempWeedBud Launched Crowdfunding Campaign for a Cause Celebrities Support

The Gay Community has suffered heavy loss of life from the ravages of cancer hiv/aids. But after many decades of stigmatization of cannabis use, people are beginning to realize that the controlled use of the herb might not be as bad as it was once thought out to be. An increasing number of A-list celebrities and health experts have started a campaign that supports the legalization of the use of cannabis or marijuana for its numerous health benefits that would in turn make people’s live more fulfilling and healthier. HempWeedBud has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $ 45,000 USD within the next 25 days, for the purpose of opening a resource center that will provide guidance regarding hemp related therapy to people suffering from various forms of cancer,
HIV/Aids and other diseases as well as ‘free’ health conscious meals delivered to homes of those suffering with the diseases.

The person behind the HempWeedBud cause, Motion Picture Producer: Benjamin Jimerson-Philips is also the creator of the Indiegogo funding campaign and a firm believer of the health benefits of weed and hemp oil, after witnessing the effects of hemp oil on his mother, who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Although his mother was unable to win her battle against the cancer, mainly due to age and late diagnosis, according Benjamin the positive effects of Hemp oil use were evident and cannabis oil can be a strong contender as a Cancer cure. This personal experience and many other similar accounts have encouraged him to spread this information and the benefits to other people who are dealing with pain and great discomfort due to ailments like cancer, lupus, HIV/Aids and chronic pain.

In favor of legalization of hemp/cannabis, Benjamin said: “Politicians and Pharmaceutical Companies do NOT want to see Hemp/Cannabis legalized due to pure and simple GREED, the inability to profit from a cure that any man or woman can grow in their own back yard. That motivates them to try and stop the legalization, even though they know it saves lives.”

According to the campaign pitch for the cause, the proposed Resource Center will provide resources & Professional Counseling to people suffering with Cancer/HIV & AIDS by a team of qualified Doctor(s), Nurse(s), Councilor(s) about Hemp related therapy without Government control.  The center will also be focusing on the benefits of whole food and alternative treatments. Not just cannabis, but proper nutrition, good foods, herbs, etc.

Another purpose the research center will be fulfilling is to provide "free" healthy meals to those who are not able to afford it, including free home delivery to the elderly and sick.

HempWeedBud campaign: [www.HempWeedBud.Com]

Benjamin encourages people to support the cause by contributing money and spreading the word for the satisfaction of helping a cause that aims to eliminate needless suffering and pain.

About us: is a campaign in favor of legalization of cannabis for its health benefits, it is in the process of raising funds and support for a research center.

Celebrities fight for legalization
Lester Collier
Albuquerque, NM.
94) Lester Collier 
Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, CA. For more than 2 decades the LGBT Community has had a rally cry and Anthem of sorts in the Weather Girls hit song: ‘It’s Raining Men’. And while that song to this day continues to be synonymous with the gay community, in more recent days a conversation has sparked within the arts community about the songs ability to effectively communicate the seriousness and the consciousness of the LGBT Community to reach a Global audience with a message of tolerance and compassion.

Hence recording artist JimiJames stepped up to the plate in co-writing ‘Changing The World’, a song that is rapidly becoming the new Anthem for the LGBT Community. JimiJames who is best known for her songwriting contributions to artist like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, has been an advocate and supporter of the Gay Community of year. As she annually performs for Pride Day in the greater Los Angeles area, and shares her message of tolerance.

JimiJames stated: “I felt the need to write a song that expressed the need for unity, love & compassion for one another, regardless of differences”. And she is hopeful that message has been effectively relayed in the song: ‘Changing The World’. JimiJames says the song has been independently released through ITunes and has even been selected as a theme song for the upcoming reality show: The House of Divas. The show will be Co Hosted by Dwight Eubanks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, and an active member of the LGBT Community.

You can hear the song at: by searching JimiJames or support her efforts by picking up a copy at ITunes. ‘Changing The World’ by JimiJames/The House of Divas

About us: JimiJames is an active supporter of the LGBT Community, and well credited song writer contributing to the successes of both Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

For more information:

Adept Inc.
Lester Collier
(310) 689-9102
93) Bryce Bentley Summers, Ph.D. 
Dallas, TX
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New Book ‘Queer Sense’ Is Targeted for Classes, Educators Though Funding Campaign

Helping heterosexuals and those within the LGBT community understand the role culture plays in the development of attitudes – both positive and negative – toward sexual orientation is the focus of a new book and crowdfunding campaign that aims to get the book into classrooms around the world.

“It doesn’t matter whether we’re the most out and proud gay person or the most ultra-conservative heterosexual who holds all gays in contempt. We all have a range of attitudes toward sexual orientation, and understanding how the range of positive and negative feelings toward gay people develops in the first place is at the heart of Queer Sense: Where Do Our Attitudes Come From? A Revolutionary Theory for Educators, Parents, and Anyone LGBT,” said the book’s author, Bryce Bentley Summers, a queer theory doctor of psychology.

In Queer Sense, Dr. Summers examines how people form attitudes toward sexual orientation, for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered, as well as those who are not. The theory 's foundation is the Queer Sense Ecological Model, which is adapted from the Ecological Systems Theory of Human Development founded by American psychologist Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner. Bronfenbrenner’s scholarly work provides a framework to understand how children are shaped by the community in which they live, and led to the founding of Head Start in 1965. Queer Sense focuses that scholarly work on attitude formation toward LGBT people and sexual orientation.

The unique aspects of Queer Sense are the influence of three factors that all occur within the ecological model: 1) exposure to social models whether they are a person (MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow or your parent for example), or institution, like the Republican Party; 2) connections – also known as attachments – we make to these social models; and 3) the language we use with these social models. Dr. Summers has researched information for the book for more than seven years and draws upon his sexual orientation research while pursuing his doctoral degree and writing his dissertation. Prevalent queer theories today focus exclusively on sexual or gender identity development but do not consider how people form specific attitudes toward LGBT people.  

Dr. Summers has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for the editing, production and marketing of Queer Sense to ensure it is used in college classrooms and by parents, teens, mental health professionals and even employers looking to expand their diversity efforts.
Queer Sense also can be used as a framework to understand how individuals develop attitudes toward a variety of minority groups, including immigrants or ethnic minorities.

“I created Queer Sense to be used as a learning tool for not just those in the LGBT community, but for everyone,” Dr. Summers said. “Knowledge truly is power, and the more we can educate the public, we will hopefully see discrimination start to dwindle,”

Despite slow progress in the last several years on LGBT issues such as gay marriage, antidiscrimination laws and bullying nationwide, discrimination still exists, including many youth who often become homeless after being rejected by their families or passing of law in Indiana that openly discriminates against gay people. Dr. Summers told his parents he was gay at 13, but was forced back into the closet, primarily because his parents didn’t have the social support from media or celebrities or politicians to help them understand that having a gay child was OK.

“Queer Sense is about how we can foster acceptance through awareness,” Dr. Summers said.

About Bryce Bentley Summers, Ph.D: Dr. Summers lives in Dallas and grew up in Derby, Kan. He received his bachelor’s degree from Washburn University and his two master’s degrees from California State University and Wichita State University, respectively, before receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Houston in counseling psychology. During his college years, he became interested in the infinite ways people can perceive and experience life. Beyond Queer Sense, he has written eight books that fall under the umbrella of Queer Sense, including the Dark Fantasy Amen to Rot Series and its conclusion, Nyte God. His last three books, Fresh Meat, The Zombie Squad, and Rotville will be published in 2016. Queer Sense is a nonfiction guide for parents, teachers, mental health professionals, educators and anyone interested in queer theory and is focused on building acceptance toward the queer community. For more information about Dr. Summers, visit: [] For information about the Indiegogo campaign, visit: []
92) Jefferey Loh 
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(92) A Social Enterprise In Support of HIV, AIDS
A social enterprise championing the HIV/AIDS cause in Singapore.

Singapore, April 14, 2015: Individuals can now make a difference through donations to
support Eorthe’s Wisdom’s social enterprise campaign to help fight AIDS.

In wanting to make a difference, the idea to start a social enterprise, championing a much needed cause,
was born.

Eorthe's Wisdom Pte Ltd is an upcoming social enterprise, incorporated on 6th of April in Singapore as a
private company limited by shares, to champion the HIV/AIDS cause in Singapore.

As they aim towards zero infections and zero discrimination, join them in making the world a better place.
What the social enterprise does?

They’re setting up a wellness centre that retails health supplements, setting a restaurant and conducting

In wanting to promote a healthy way of life, Earth’s Wisdom aims to also educate on nutrition and holistic
healing. Produce and products sourced would all be organic and from free-trade supplies.

How is Earth’s Wisdom is different?

They do not make any claims of cure, nor do they challenge both the use of conventional and nonconventional
treatments. Their aim is to provide a complementary form of healing on top of current

They're working on extensive research, and would be developing Their own line of supplements.

On top of that, their uniqueness stems from the fact that they would be one of, if not the first social
enterprise in Singapore to champion this cause. They aim to be a strong advocate for the cause.

Eorthe’s Wisdom is creating their own mini ecosystem within the company, providing assistance, creating
jobs, addressing global and environmental issues. But never diluting our main mission.

By helping them, you would have helped with many more other issues on top of just the HIV/AIDS issue.

How YOU can help this cause

You can go to [] and
contribute using Indiegogo’s donation site. They have different levels of support you can choose from.

About Eorthe’s Wisdom

Eorthe's Wisdom Pte Ltd is an upcoming social enterprise in Singapore, championing the HIV/AIDS cause.
They are a wellness centre, focusing on nutrition, emotional health, complementary and alternative healing
as well as being a safe and quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Eorthe’s Social Mission

Be a global healing centre with a strong focus on the marginalised in society
Be an advocate for the HIV/AIDS cause both locally and abroad
Provide care and support to persons living with HIV/AIDS
Champion advocacy against stigma and discrimination


Jefferey Loh
Eorthe’s Wisdom
22 Sin Ming Lane
#06-76, Midview City
Singapore 573969
91) Privat Joakim Eklund 
Stockholm, Sweden
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(91) Date Your Friends App Successfully Makes Friends into Lovers

Recognized as the best app of August 2013, Date Your Friends continues its success with satisfied users who anonymously take their relationships to a whole new level.

Stockholm, Sweden - March 14, 2015 - Most everybody’s got a secret crush. Now, Date Your Friends app users can anonymously make a friend a lover with a simple digital checkmark. Taking the risk out of the old adage, “Nothing ventured nothing gained.” the dating app is the new ‘secret’ digital love letter. It creates a whole new level of anonymity for the dating pool and gives users a way to launch out into the deep end privately.

Opening up without too much expectation, the Date Your Friends app makes crushing on someone practical. To put users in the way of their secret crush, the app’s functionality is beyond simple. Just think of it like a bridge. App users just log onto Facebook and put a checkmark beside the friends they’d like to date. This short list is kept anonymous until one of those secret crushes gets the app and does the same thing. When the Date Your Friends platform sees there’s a love match it notifies the friends. And the rest, as they say, is romantic history.

Converting friends into lovers the Date your Friends app is the brainchild of Privat Joakim and Fredrik Eklund. Privat said of the relationship app and its remarkable success, “This app is completely discreet. We’ve all had a friend or acquaintance on Facebook we wanted to date. And we’ve all been terrified that if we told them we’d ruin the relationship. Worse yet, we’d be embarrassed if they didn’t feel the same way. Now, this anonymous dating app clears the playing field and if the feelings aren’t mutual, no one’s the wiser.”

About Date Your Friends:
Date Your Friends is a free iOS app that provides users with an anonymous way to connect romantically via Facebook.

To download the Date Your Friends app for free in the Apple App Store visit [] Requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Privat Joakim Eklund


Social Media:
90) Sweetie Bee 
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New Theory on JonBenet Ramsey Case Revealed

Little Girl Blu: The JonBenét Inside Circle Theory to be published soon.

Des Moines, Iowa — April 13, 2015 — Sweetie Bee, the acclaimed author, has finalized pre-publishing plans for her radical new book. Research and development for the project has been underway for years, and is now ready for publication. Available at Amazon now.

A Completely Different Approach

This brand new factual who-dunnit is not a rehash of all the old theories. Police over the years have waffled between placing guilt on the Ramseys (Patsy, Burke, and John), an intruder, a pedophile, a stranger, a satanic sex slave ring, and finally John Mark Karr. The author does not force her theory upon the reader; rather she lets the evidence speak for itself. News reports have been plentiful in the case. The author decided that an unsolved puzzle with pieces scattered everywhere was useless to an innocent child. The information the author presents is not new; however, the way that she puts it all together for the reader is radical. Bee assures her readers that they will not be disappointed by her book. She states, “You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt who committed the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. The puzzle will be complete. These are the facts, not my opinion. You have to collect the dots, before you can connect the dots.”

A Seasoned Author

Sweetie Bee published her first book two years ago. “The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee: A Damaged Soul” has sold successfully on Amazon as a testament to the author’s personal experiences with abuse. Through a lifetime of hardship as a young, single mother, she has become a fervent advocate for the prevention of domestic violence and abuse and the fight against poverty. Her own tribulations have given her keen insight into the methods of oppression and abuse that are perpetrated against females in a male-dominated society. As she overcame her own difficulties in her struggle to survive, she strived to help others in similar plights. The JonBenet Ramsey story struck a chord with her, as the frustration of obtaining justice for the unfortunate girl motivated her to use her talents. Writing her new book, Little Girl Blu, has been a cathartic and awakening experience for Ms. Bee. She sees it as her way of shedding light on, as well as helping to prevent, another tragedy like this case that seemed to have grown cold.


For more information:
Sweetie Bee
(515) 608-0495
89) My Razzle Dazzle: An outsider's true story 
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Tuesday, 14 April 2015 02:45 AM Permalink

(89) My Razzle Dazzle is an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Beginning with a Wisconsin farm in the 1960s, Todd Peterson characterizes every outsider's candid, moving, and often hilarious coming-out story that will take you apart and put you together again. His adventures are set against a backdrop of the cultural events of the sixties and seventies and a burgeoning gay Mecca that changed our world forever. Along this unusual journey Todd not only meets carnival freaks and murderers, but also lions, tigers and bears... oh my!

Young Todd is ostracized and bullied by the kids at school, simply for being different. An outsider at school and at home, he retreats into the shadows. When Todd first amazes to Roller Derby© on TV, he identifies with the athletes who are rebels and outsiders like himself. Todd longs for a life of adventure and a place where he can belong and find acceptance and love. But does such a place even exist?

After graduating from college, Todd dreams of life beyond his Midwestern hometown and hitchhikes across the United States with only a suitcase, the money in his pocket, and a heart full of hope.

As this unique story unfolds, Todd encounters heart-wrenching setbacks and extraordinary breakthroughs. You will live this story as if it were your own and whirl with Todd around the banked track. Experience this thrilling ride of unexpected beauty and mayhem.

To order the book on Amazon:
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