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115) Eric Alán 
New York, NY
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(115) International LGBT Artist’s New Song Packs A Punch

Eric Alán releases his new single ‘My Favorite Sin’

New York, September 9, 2015: Produced and co-written by Anthony Fletcher of THOS Productions, “My Favorite Sin” hits online music retailers with a punch.

Having been enamored with music and dance from an early age, New York based Eric Alán takes center stage once again with his current release 'My Favorite Sin'. He sites the Latin Freestyle movement as well as music icons such as Donna Summer, Depeche Mode and Madonna as some of his major influences. For
Eric, music is the expression of his freedoms and a shaking off of his past obstacles.

Eric Alán said that music has always served as an escape for him, so that is what he is hoping to provide for others through the music he is now creating. "I just want them to be able to escape and have fun and
identify with it on whatever level," he said.
His latest single “My Favorite Sin” has not only addicting lyrics but an amazing hint of EDM sounds that are so popular these days. The video that was produced for the song is mesmerizing and almost begs you to
watch it over and over again.

About the Artist

Growing up in a largely Hispanic family in California, Alán is bilingual and sings in both Spanish and English.

His early music is sung in Spanish, but lately most of his music has been performed in English. He explains why he has made the switch.

Eric Alán talks about being shunned by his family, his first big hit “Pornstar,” how he balances his work as an oil rigger and a performer, how branching out to the gay audience is influencing his music, and what the future holds in store.

Eric Alán states, “ I would say my musical style is simple and direct with respect to its production value. It’s infused with electronic dance vibes, offering driving and infectious rhythms with a Latin flare. It's very expressive, a bit haunting and definitely danceable, cocky and fun. Many artists have inspired me over the years but on the top of my list would be Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode (the haunting inspiration) and Madonna (the cocky, expressive and danceable inspiration)”.

Song Review

- Sean McCauley, Freelance Music Journalist

“The overall tone of Eric Alán is like a cross between the flashy action of Madonna and the dark, gentlemanly passion and power of Depeche Mode. Alán's vocals, though more direct and not as melodramatic, have the same gorgeous timbre and quality of DM's Dave Gahan - smokey, shadowy and
masculine. The overall impression one gets is that Alán is an exceptionally fun artist as well as a remarkably intelligent one. Like 'Pornstar' and 'L. O. V. & E.', 'My Favorite Sin' features the same adernaline-powered
ferocity, the same innate sexiness and the same classy yet challenging rebelliousness that has made Eric Alán the artist he is today."

contact info for song and artist:

Facebook page: []

Twitter: []

website: []

Artist Images available at: []
114) Cobalt Crow Media 
Los Angeles, CA
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August 25, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA) -

Out singer-songwriter Gabe Lopez returns with his new pop-rock gem "California Blues," featuring the pop icon Belinda Carlisle. The two singers have a blend that is incredibly natural and ultimately Southern Californian. This ready-for-radio single is sure to please fans of both singers.

Lopez has recently rocked the US and UK opening for Belinda Carlisle on her 2014 and 2015 tours at venues such as the IndigO2, Manchester Cathedral, the Fonda in LA and BB King's in NYC. The tour came on the heels of Carlisle's single "Sun," which Lopez produced and cowrote with Carlisle and Go-Go's bandmate Jane Wiedlin.

"California Blues" is currently spinning on Sirius XM Radio, iHeart Radio, and on FM radio. Lopez' newest album "IT'S OBVIOUS IT'S OBVIOUS" debuted in the TOP 100 NEW RELEASES on iTunes.

Voted by Music Connection Magazine as one of L.A.s Hot 100 Artists, Gabe is signed to RONDOR/UNIVERSAL as a songwriter. He has produced and written for BELINDA CARLISLE, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, BOYZ II MEN, JOEY McINTYRE, CHARICE, JAMES BROWN, MS. TRINITI, THOMAS FISS, RUNNER RUNNER, VARSITY FANCLUB, BETTER OFF BLONDE, GTM, AFTER ROMEO and more. See [] for more info.
113) Brenda Fogarty 
Long Beach, CA
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Saturday, 18 July 2015 11:11 AM Permalink

Brenda Fogarty Gets In Your Head….Intimately …for the gay, the straight, the curious and undecided

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LONG BEACH, California / July 17, 2015/ - You know those dinner party conversations we're not supposed to have? Brenda Fogarty tackles them head on in her new inspirational DVDs. “If someone has a problem with whom you sleep, THEY need to see a therapist, not you,” says Fogarty. The writer, performer, and speaker fearlessly addresses sensitive topics we secretly want to talk about, from incest, addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness to forgiveness, divorce, sexual fantasies, jealousy, and anger. Fogarty, a gifted actor, writer, poet and storyteller performs her monologues about a woman’s love, life situations, relationships, spiritual awareness and passion. Her sultry, comedic, and thought-provoking intimate monologues and poetry are available on four DVDs. Her work is known for resonating with women and men, regardless of their relationship status or sexual orientation. The search for the perfect gift to yourself ends here: [] View Brenda’s videos on [] on the HOME & ABOUT pages About Brenda Fogarty: Fogarty has written and performed 60 monologues about life, passion and relationships. Some of her work might even upset you the first time you watch it. Often recognized as Miss Tenny from '70s cult classic, Trip With The Teacher, Fogarty was once a showgirl at the Dunes in Las Vegas, a principal dancer in Europe and the Middle East and has donated blood to the Red Cross more than 170 times.
Contact: If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview, email or call (877) 788-0506. Social media links: Twitter: @tarzanbf Facebook: []
112) Edward Johnson 
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(112) World’s first free LGBT professional network launches

SuitLink exits beta with 2,500 members in 35 countries and prominent UK Lord as an investor

London, UK – July 2015: SuitLink, a global network for LGBT professionals, has recently launched with the aim of helping improve equality in professional industries. Lord Cashman, the former MEP and now Labour Party's special envoy on LGBT issues, is a major investor in the initiative.

SuitLink, which was founded by 21 year old Edward Johnson, provides a platform with recruitment, networking, social and business collaboration services. Following a successful beta launch, SuitLink already boasts members from 35 countries including the UK, US, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

The platform is free for both members and companies to join and hosts professionals from a range of industries such as HR, art and design, law, financial services and government. SuitLink also aims to collaborate with leading global companies to improve equality in the workplace with an events platform offering, recruitment solutions and company pages too. Equally, heterosexual ‘LGBT allies’ are encouraged to join SuitLink via its online service.

Edward Johnson, CEO and Founder of SuitLink, said: “I currently work in a company that has a very open, diverse and inclusive environment, however, I know that’s not the case in a lot of businesses.

“The purpose of SuitLink is to provide a global network for people who face similar challenges at work to collaborate on projects, network and socialise – this is something that doesn’t currently exist. It’s not simply a ‘LinkedIn for gays’, because our overarching goal is to challenge inequality in professional industries.”

Lord Cashman, investor in SuitLink, who was recently appointed as the Labour Party's special envoy on LGBT issues worldwide, said: “I decided to invest in SuitLink because I realised that there is a real need for a global network that spans every professional industry for the LGBT community. Some companies are excellent at promoting equality, but we know that more work can be done. By raising awareness of the differing attitudes to equality in each industry and company we can hopefully go some way to help level the playing field.”

Edward, who currently also works at data science consultancy Profusion, launched an invitation-only beta version of the site in 2014.

About SuitLink
SuitLink is a global network for LGBT professionals with members from 35 countries and counting. Founded in London in 2013, SuitLink has a team of three shareholders and an informal advisory board made up of lawyers, accountants and technology professionals. For more information visit: []
111) Joseph Lawrence 
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Saturday, 11 July 2015 01:35 PM Permalink

(111) Best Online Travel Deals provides exotic resort destinations to couples of all types, including same sex couples.

For all the details, go to:
110) Eden Rockefeller 
New York, NY
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Lex Lumiere takes her family legacy overseas to the Louvre Museum to prove art has the power to overcome adversity

New York, NY, July 10, 2015 (PrideNationPR) - Breaking Borders by LGBT and PFLAG activist Lex Lumiere is one of the photographic essays to be digitally displayed at The Louvre Museum in Paris, France on July 13, 2015 within the Exposure Award ceremony presented by the See Me Group, an art organization located in New York City that supports the careers of artists.

Lex Lumiere’s photographic essay is a tribute to Chinese artist, social activist & political prisoner Ai Weiwei, questioning our perceptions of freedom and technologies ability to empower human rights and freedom of speech. Breaking Borders storyline appears to visually dissolve the borders of oppression and imprisonment through creativity by playing tricks on the eyes and mind.

Professional and amateur photographers provided submissions from 191 countries around the world to participate in the competition, their photographs were selected through a juried panel and online voting. The jury panel will honor photographer Gabriele Torres Ruiz from Mexico at the private reception at The Louvre Museum during the art exhibition. The photography submitted to Exposure has been seen by over three million viewers.

Lex Lumiere is the Houston born grandchild of the late award winning painter, Bea Cricchio, the first Latina female inducted into the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Kodak Camera Craftsman, Fuji Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, and Honorary Master of Photographic Arts Frank Cricchio. Lumiere carries on her families creative mission, to empower charitable causes through art. Lex’s photographs represent a legacy of artistic success for American photography and art collectors as she is a fifth generation descendent of one of the last historically recorded art families from the United States that immigrated from Spain, France, Mexico and Italy. It is an honor for her work to be chosen from thousands of photographs that have been submitted at the competition for display at the Musée du Louvre, one of the world's largest museums and historic monuments in Paris, France.

Lex Lumiere is also the executive producer of the television series Art4Charity, and President of Charity Network News, a broadcasting education company dedicated to spotlighting philanthropists, registered 501c3 non-profits, celebrities and every day people doing positive work in their communities and in the world.

Art4Charity has broadcast programs for 1 Heart 1 Mission; to help the 2.5 million orphans in Haiti sponsored by BMW Mini Cooper, The Rose; one of the last remaining breast cancer charity hospitals in the country sponsored by NASCAR FW1 and PFLAG; Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in their efforts to overcome LGBTQ discrimination in employment, housing and marriage equality in the South. Lex is also a volunteer teacher for ArtBridge, a non-profit that brings art therapy programs to homeless children living in shelters to help them cope and overcome adversity through creativity. She is currently seeking sponsors and allies to help build a Arts Community Education Center for underprivileged and abused children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to return joy back to little hearts that have been broken.

See more at:

[] or []

Art Lover Collectors, Inc.
Media Contact: Eden Rockefeller
25 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 484-8000
109) Justin R Bras 
Washington, DC
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(109) My Historic Visit to the Supreme Court
Friday, June 26, 2015

For some reason, I have never been really good at sharing my feelings (cough, Montana). Most of the time, I think my feelings are too much or too little and usually not appropriate. However, since last Friday, my feelings have been fighting to get out.

On Thursday of last week, I realized two things: one, the Supreme Court would most likely rule on gay marriage (either Friday or Monday), and two, regardless of how they ruled, it would be an historic day.

6:30 a.m.
My alarm goes off. I have a massive hangover. I blame my sister and the bartender, who had a heavy hand the night before. 

6:45 a.m.
Still in bed. Should I get up?

6:50 a.m.
I have an undeniable urge to get up - today will be the day. I pop some Advil and stuff some dry crackers in my mouth and jump in the shower. Everything hurts.

7:00 a.m.
It’s time to go. I found my rainbow flag lapel pin that I secretly bought when I was 18 (17 years ago) and sometimes secretly kept in my pocket. This pin reminds me of so much. I remember when traveling, I used to seek out the brightly colored rainbows for safety. I knew that, if I saw that symbol on a business or bar, not only I, but everyone was welcome. I wore this pin during my first Gay Senate Alliance meeting with Senator Kennedy. (Cameras were not allowed. Some people wanted it to be a secret.)

7:10 a.m.
I decided to walk to the Supreme Court. It is a beautiful walk. Per Facebook, I know one of my friends is also going to the Supreme Court. Apparently, he knows of a line that would let you actually into the Supreme Court. I think to myself that no such line exists and it’s probably the tour line or a 3-minute line to quickly view the courtroom.

7:20 a.m.
I see my friend standing in line. There are a lot of people in this line. Different people. Many different people. The rainbow flag is represented well here.

7:50 a.m.
The line is not growing. Weird. Maybe today is not the day.

7:52 a.m.
A stranger offers everyone in line a small doughnut coated in white powder. My stomach yearns for this doughnut but my brain is playing out the scene in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie when they feed the evil mutants (Tokka and Razar) tranquilizers with white powdered doughnuts. I say, "No thanks."

8:30 a.m.
Why did I not grab more crackers?

9:00 a.m.
The lesbians behind us are getting impatient. They warn everyone in line that people are going to try to cut. “We have done this before and people will cut. Do not let it happen.” I try not to make eye contact.   

9:20 a.m.
The line is moving! This is a thing!

9:30 a.m.
The line stops moving. There are about 16 people ahead of us. Damn! We are left standing in front of the media. I secretly wish I was smart enough to be a reporter. How cool would it be to report outside of the Supreme Court? Telling the world how the United States is navigating constantly changing times.

9:40 a.m.
This is not looking good. But I realize where I am, right in front of the Supreme Court. It doesn’t matter if they rule on gay marriage or not today because it is awesome just being here, feeling the warmth of the crowd reflecting from this large stone building. And the energy is starting to pick up.

9:45 a.m.
A security officer is walking down the tall steps of the court and he has a handful of green tickets. Things move fast. He hands me a ticket. I think to myself, "Willy Wonka with his golden ticket!" I look back at the growing crowd, they seem so far away.

They quickly rush about 10 of us through a magnetometer.  They ask us to store our cell phones, so my friend rents a locker for a quarter, and we quickly lock up our cell phones.

9:46 a.m.
Ugh! I wish I would have texted my boyfriend to let him know I was inside.

9:47 a.m.
Another security checkpoint, another magnetometer. A security officer wands me, then speaks:

Him: “Sir, your pin.”

Me:  “Oh, should I take it off?”

Him: “Yes, you can put it in your pocket.” I put the pin back into my pocket, a place it’s familiar with.

Him: “Do you plan to protest?”

Me:  “No, of course not.”

Him: “Good, because any outburst at all will warrant an arrest.”

Me: “Okay.” (I am the opposite of a protester. I get acid reflux just from crossing the street when I’m not supposed to.)

9:50 a.m.
My friend and I are literally feet away from going inside the courtroom. I start thinking about everything that can go wrong. I came up with EVERYTHING. Everything could go wrong. EVERYTHING. I’m scared they will start without us.

9:51 a.m.
We get in! The room was silent and packed. It’s a small room about the size of a small church from home in Hot Springs, Montana. There are just a few seats left. We are escorted to two chairs on the right side of the middle of the room. I can see everything. I can see the bench and everyone in the room. There was so much silent energy in the room it felt like it could burst. I remember one of my bosses telling me to “soak it all in” so I decide to look up to the ceiling to study the detail of the flowers.

9:55 a.m.
A buzzer goes off. My friend tells me it means the Justices are putting on their robes. I immediately imagine each judge standing “off stage” with their arms up in the air and their staff throwing robes on over their heads.

10:00 a.m.
We hear the sharp knock of a gavel and everyone in the room rocketed from their seats and stood in straightness looking at the bench. "The Honorable, the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! All persons having business before the Honorable, the Supreme Court of the United States, are admonished to draw near and give their attention, for the Court is now sitting. God save the United States and this Honorable Court!"

It’s like I’m watching a movie that desperately needs a foreshadowing soundtrack.

All the justices enter at the same time like magic from behind three curtained off entrances. We sit. Chief Justice Roberts reads the docket number and title “Obergefell v. Hodges” This is it! He says Justice Kennedy will read the majority opinion. 

Justices Thomas and Scalia rock back in their chairs.  I can barely see their faces. I wonder why they don't seem to care. Did we lose? 

I have no idea whose side Kennedy is on. I think he is on ours, but I’m not sure. No one in the room is making any movement or noise, so I cannot tell.

He is reading, and I still have no idea. Then we all hear “Held: The Fourteenth Amendment requires a State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-State.”

The room was still silent but tears were flowing and people were carefully touching each other. I can feel my rainbow flag pin inside my pocket.

I immediately realize that I am in this glowing courtroom witnessing something that will shape the face of this young country. I often think of times in history I wish I could have witnessed (laying the corner stone of the Capitol, Emancipation proclamation, dinosaurs) - and here I am.

Something that, at one time, I did not understand and wished (prayed really) away was being presented as now okay, you are American, you are part of our history. You deserve to be married.

I floated on every word that Justice Kennedy spoke.

Then Chief Justice Roberts began to read the descent. I prepared for the worst. But as he spoke, I appreciated what he had to say. I felt he was saying so much more than the words he was speaking. I tried to read in-between the lines. I think he wanted this to happen, this way.

10:30 a.m. (I think, I miss my phone with the clock)
It’s done. We won! They won! Everyone won!

Justice Scalia said “No one go anywhere.” Everyone laughed. It was the first noise made in the courtroom. He gave the majority opinion on sentencing guidelines. I didn’t understand and it sounded like the justices didn’t understand either.

Chief Justice Roberts then said the remaining cases would be read on Monday. They exited as quickly as they entered.

10:45 a.m.
My friend and I are one of the last people to leave the room. I wanted to soak it all in and we are seated that way anyway. Some people in the front of the room started whispering and a security officer quickly told them to silence.

We leave the room and walk into the hallway full of columns. The only people left are collecting their belongings (cell phones) from the various locker cubby holes. Many people are hugging.  

Then, we exit from the Grand Entrance. Hundreds of people are cheering. And for a few brief seconds, I allowed that warm, all-embracing radiance of the crowd to sweep me away.  Then, reality intrudes.  I feel guilty.  So many others over so many years have deserved this moment more than me.  I wonder if I’m stealing it from them.  But then I realize that I think—I’m a witness to history, not history itself.  And I can share my experience.  No, I feel responsible for showing them. I fumble to get out my cell phone to record the cheers for everyone to hear, the living, the dead, the ones I will never know about. They did this. They all did this. I descend into the crowd.  And I quickly became part of the rainbow. 

For more information, go to:

108) Derek Cafferata 
London, England
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(108) Local MP Intervenes in Pensioner’s Battle with Bedford Estates

June 19, 2016 - After several weeks of intensive campaigning to help 88-year-old Alzheimer’s Patient, Frances Devereux remain in her 72 Ridgmount dwelling, Bedford Estates have finally provided an offer of a tenancy to the senior citizen.

This major breakthrough came only after the Cafferata family sought the intervention of recently elected Member of Parliament of Holburn & St. Pancras, Sir Keir Starmer, QC, MP. Further to enquiries made by Starmer to the Steward of Bedford Estates, Mark de Rivas, Francis received an offer of tenancy from Bedford Estates.

The offer of tenancy to Ms. Devereux is an outcome that Frances is delighted about. Though she is highly concerned the offer of tenancy made no mention of the continued occupation of John Giltrap, another one of Mrs. Cafferata's lifelong friends who also lives at the dwelling. It's quite baffling for the family as John, was also mentioned in the petition to successor the lease.

Mr. Giltrap is a pensioner and, therefore, does not have the financial means to find alternate accommodation. Like Francis, the Cafferata children do not want to see him ousted from the place he has known as home for so many years and made a ward of the Camden Council.

Therefore, despite the offer of tenancy to Ms. Devereux, the Cafferatas are not letting up and plan to continue the campaign against Bedford Estates until certain details of the tenancy are clarified and an offer of tenancy is also made to John Giltrap.

Meanwhile, the story received even greater media attention when Jean Mackenzie from BBC London News recently interviewed Frances and John about their plight.

Also public support still remains strong, with a significant number of comments generated daily from the “Stop the Duke” website.
Alicja Z said: “Ms. Devereux is clearly vulnerable and it is despicable that she should be evicted from a place where she has lived with her lifelong friend for so long”.

Another supporter of the campaign, Becky M said: “Do you not have a Mother? Please be fair!”

For further information about the Francis vs Bedford Estates or to support the campaign, visit [] To receive live updates follow them at []
107) Teri Maher 
Los Angeles
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JUNE 15, 2015 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – Former “Queer As Folk” star, Thea Gill provides the voice of Hazel Switch, a rocker chick, electrical switch in Linda Andersson’s (The Seer,Triple Crossed) soon to be completed, independently produced, 2D animated feature,
“The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul”.

Premise: Electrical devices come to life after a nuclear power plant explosion.

The film is geared towards the “Family Guy” and “Simpsons” crowd, and was written and directed by Linda Andersson with M.J. Lallo (Clay Kids, Daddy I’m a Zombie) as voice-over co-director as well as the voice of Auto d’Fuse.

The film also stars Leah Cevoli (Robot Chicken, Deadwood), Harry Ford (Code Black) and Danny Pardo (Planes: Fire & Rescue). Deborah Stewart (The Seer, Rizzoli & Isles), who is a former voice of “Rockin Barbie” will also rock the role of Creative Outlet, the guitar player for the band, Switch Hazel.

Original music is provided by Leslie Shoshan (Ravenz Gate), who is the singing voice of Hazel Switch. Her CD, “Les Is More” was produced by Brett Hestla (Creed, Dark New Day) and Justin Thomas (Dark New Day). The award-winning, dance/pop duo, Sugarbeach, whose music has hit the Outvoice Top 40 charts also provides original music for Switch Hazel and the singing for Linda Andersson’s character, Mega Watts. Several instrumental music pieces are provided by MJ Lallo; L.A. music scene veteran; Gina Acuña, and Arielle LaGuette with a song co-written with Joe Rodriguez (guitarist for A Flock of Seagulls)

The film will be initially released via V.O.D. (video on demand) in the FALL 2015. For more information and movie trailer, please visit: []

For more information, contact:
Teri Maher
106) Derek Cafferata 
London, England
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Saturday, 6 June 2015 03:35 PM Permalink

(106) Frances Devereux, 88, Alzheimer’s Patient, has over 50,000 Twitter Followers in battle over eviction with Bedford Estates.

Alzheimer's Sufferer Anxious over her Fate of her Dwelling while Bedford Estates are Mum on the Issue

June 1, 2015 - The uncertainty of whether or not she will get to stay in her home is causing a lot of anxiety for Alzheimer's sufferer Francis Devereux.

The 88-year-old was issued an eviction notice by Bedford Estates in March and has been worried ever since. Ms. Devereux has been living at 72 Ridgmount Gardens for the past 30 years with her lifelong friend and primary tenant -Sylvia Cafferata.

Mrs. Cafferata died earlier this year and several attempts have been made on Francis' behalf by the Cafferata siblings to retain the lease. However, Bedford Estates have not exactly been receptive about the matter. They turned down a petition by the siblings to retain the lease, and to date the company has not acknowledged a subsequent letter that was sent to them.

In an interesting twist, Bedford Estates recently announced the retirement of Steward - Mark de Rivas- on May 26, 2015. It is not yet known who will assume the new role but it is hoped that the new Steward will exercise some leniency with the matter.

Francis' story has sparked a lot of interest from the public. A Twitter page launched by - (a website created to gain supporters for Francis) has accumulated more than 50k followers and a designated YouTube video with details of the story has amassed more than 1,000 views. Several media sources have also expressed interest in providing coverage of the story including the BBC, Daily Mail and The Independent.

Meanwhile, supporters have been expressing their outrage about the situation. Tora said: "We need to have a lot more compassion for the elderly. It's unfair to evict an elderly lady from her home over 30 years. One day it'll be your turn. Please reconsider Duke of Bedford."

Another supporter, William C., commented: "Although I have some sympathy with the wish by the Duke to obtain a commercial rent for his property it sounds disappointing that this elderly and infirm lady should be evicted under such circumstances. With the best will in the world it is probably unlikely that she will need to have use of the property for a great deal of time and on that basis it might be hoped that a little more forbearance could be exercised."

No one should have to worry about losing the place they have called home for more than 30 years, especially if they are elderly and dealing with a horrible illness as Alzheimer's.
Readers are asked to remember Francis in their prayers, help spread the word, and show your support by at []
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