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33) Neo L. Sandja 
United States
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014 06:18 AM Permalink


Media Contact: Meak Pro Media - 1-855-MEAK PRO (632-5776), x803

The Media Division of Meak Productions (aka Meak Pro Media) is PROUD to be the 1st Official Sponsor & Promotions partner for the 1st Annual FTM Fitness World Annual Conference scheduled for this Fall, October 2 - 4, 2014 at the historic Loudermilk Center in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Being the 1st Event of its kind worldwide, the FTM Fitness World Conference was created with the goal to bring the Transgender community, specifically FTM (Female to Male), closer together through fitness and athletics. Participants will also be able to network with other athletes, business owners, educators, mentors, community activists, and str8 allies through various workshops, panels, activities, and event marketplace.

The main attraction of this historic event is the Official FTM Bodybuilding Competition which consist of 3 categories: lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Featuring special VIP & celebrity judges, each candidate will be judged based on the symmetry of their entire physique, the definition of muscle, body posing, size of the muscle and stage presence.

Originally created in October of 2012, FTM Fitness World (the parent company) started as a hobby by Neo L. Sandja (Founder & President). After realizing the needs of the Trans community, the growth of its following and its niche market, the company grew into a business dedicated to serving Female to Male Trans persons. FTM Fitness strives to help trans persons reach their full potential, not only in fitness and in physical transition, but in every area of their lives with the belief that happiness starts from the inside out.

"An event such as this is long overdue in the Trans community, specifically for men of Trans experience", stated Neo Sandja. "Our concept is simple and attractive. We want to create a space to discuss life beyond our physical transition. Main topics about fitness, nutrition, wellness, spirituality, sexuality and finances will be the focus, with the bodybuilding competition as the icing on the cake. Attendees will leave the conference feeling empowered and have the tools needed to make lasting changes in their daily lives."

Now celebrating its 5th Anniversary, Meak Productions' Media Division has been making historical waves mostly in Atlanta by being the 1st New Media Sponsor for various community projects and nightlife events since 2009 via its online Radio & TV syndications. Supporting this event fits within Meak Pro's ongoing Transgender outreach initiative, and its overall vision for the LGBT Community.

"We first met Neo last year at the 1st Annual Salon LGBT Social Media Conference here in Atlanta where he was one of the special guest panelist", stated Miko Evans, Meak Pro's Executive Producer/CEO. "He reached out to me a month ago via Facebook, and after informing me about this exciting project, we IMMEDIATELY tapped into the vision and jumped on board. This premiere and unique event will be a TREMENDOUS blessing to Trans persons by providing exposure and performance opportunities, and with enough funding, will provide job opportunities which is an URGENT need in the Transgender community."

Proceeds will benefit the launch of the FTM Foundation (which will help fund Transgender surgeries). Vendor Space & Sponsor Opportunities are NOW AVAILABLE! For more information and to pre-register for this historic premiere 3 day event, please visit the official conference website at: []

Stay tuned with the ongoing developments of this event on Meak Pro Media's syndicated shows and outlets via social media and their website at: []

Look For FTM Fitness World on these social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+
32) MPB Publishing 
Omaha, NE
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Thursday, 3 April 2014 09:28 AM Permalink

(32) Off The Bench - Gay Athletes in Professional Sports

The World of Sports is About to Change Forever - Gay athletes are no longer afraid to expose their sexuality and still prove they can compete at the highest levels

Contrary to what you may have heard, yes, most gay men are avid sports fans, and many are extraordinary athletes. In fact, many gay men are phenomenal athletes who deserve to play at the highest level and be treated the same as their straight peers. The real question is, is this hyper masculine world ready to admit that gays can compete at the same level that has so long been associated with only the most “manly” of men? 

Here Is A Preview Of What is Discussed...
Today's Gay Athlete
The Prevalence of Gays in Sports
The Impact of Gay Athletes
The Future of Gay Athletes and Sports
Michael Sam
Jason Collins
Robbie Rogers
Orlando Cruz
...And much, much more!

Available NOW on or follow the link below to purchase your copy today.


MPB Publishing
11160 Sherman St Suite 1000
Omaha, NE 68046
31) PR Team 
Houston, TX
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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 04:19 PM Permalink

(31) HOUSTON, Mar,2014 “After the Pivot; Real Advice On How to Survive A Business Pivot and Make Money” debuts on and Kindle Tuesday, March 25th of 2014.

Velma “Coco the CEO” Trayham’s second business book is coming to Amazon and Kindle. The book, titled “After the Pivot; Real Advice on How to Survive A Business Pivot and Make Money”, describes what happens after a pivot. Ms. Trayham talks about the history of a pivot and why Oprah, Starbucks and PayPal reinvented their brands based on the concept. Additionally, Trayham encourages readers to ask themselves a series of hard questions, which she provides in the book, to explore if a pivot is even appropriate for their situation.

“I can’t wait for this book to come out. We are in Galleys right now, but I am expecting an even bigger readership without the final media tally this Tuesday. I am giving away 2000 copies to entrepreneur’s on my mailings list. People may join my mailing list by going to my website [] . People don’t know what to do after a pivot. I explain in clear and simple terms. When failure isn’t an option, my book is available as a guide,” exclaimed Ms. Trayham.

“After the Pivot; Real Advice On How to Survive A Business Pivot and Make Money” will be featured on’s Look Inside program. The book has been sent to the top 100 Book Review Editors in the country. “My books are composed to help people. When I started my company, I didn’t have help. I had long, sometimes overly wordy, books to rely upon. All I wanted was honesty and a concise explanation. I didn’t have time to read two to three hundred pages on a subject. My book caters to the busy professional’s schedule,” finished Trayham.

Interview requests with author and business owner Velma “Coco the CEO” Trayham are currently being accepted.
30) Thomas Wells 
Los Angeles
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Monday, 24 March 2014 11:50 AM Permalink

Jesse And The Rise Announces Debut Album

Songwriter and vocalist Jesse Sarvinski put in years as the “guy with an acoustic guitar” thing developing a strong sense of musicianship and the ability to create a melody. Late in 2009 he was introduced to producer and songwriter Minde. Things seemed to click from the start and songs started pouring out from the duo. Their sound is a diverse mix of pop, dance, and alt-rock with hints of blues and soul thrown in for a fresh sound, or what Jesse describes as “intricately crafted pop for the glass-half-full way of life." Working together they are aiming for much higher things.

Final touches are being made on their upcoming album Mystic which is set for release on May 27th. On “Rollin’ On” Jesse And The Rise show how they can build an emotional dance pop song that is as catchy as it is strong. The production is right up there with what you are hearing from the major pop stars today. Jesse shows he hasn’t strayed too far from his acoustic roots on “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” - the first single and music video from the album. The mellow ballad is enhanced by Minde’s clicks and pops to make it stand out from the rest. There is some real dance floor takeover potential on “Live Forever” and “The Reset Button” garnering international radio play. The alt-rock combined with an electro feel is made to get your ass moving. Get ready for the next wave at:

WEB []
29) Lisa 
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Friday, 21 March 2014 05:59 AM Permalink


Richard Newman was seriously injured on March 18, 2014 when a KOMO 4 News Helicopter crashed and burst into flames onto his car as he was driving to work Tuesday morning near the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. Richard has been in the intensive care unit at Harbor View Hospital as he was burned on well over 20% of his body. He also received numerous bone fractures and abrasions as a result of the accident. Richard’s condition has been downgraded from Critical to Serious. He is no longer requiring assistance with breathing and he is sitting up for short periods of time. The doctors are currently developing Richard’s medical treatment plan and it is expected that Richard will undergo surgery soon.
Richard and his family thank you all for your prayers and kind wishes for his recovery. They are very touched by the outpouring of support. All who know Richard count him as one of the most compassionate and loving people that they know. He is regularly raising money for charities to help others and volunteers regularly for community based organizations. Richard is one of the first people that others turn to for assistance in times of need. Therefore his friends and those that love him are reaching out to others for assistance for Richard during this critical time. Richard and his husband have a two-year-old son and Richard had just started a new job. Richard will have significant medical expenses as a result of the accident. Furthermore, Richard’s car was destroyed in the helicopter accident. Any donation amount that can be contributed to help Richard meet his needs as a result of this terrible accident would be greatly appreciated.
Additionally, our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those that lost their lives during this terrible tragedy. We pray for comfort and peace for their families.
If you wish to donate to Richard’s recovery please go to [] Please follow the link on the Projekt Karma website. A face book page has been created to provide regular up-dates on Richard’s recovery and to provide a forum for individuals to send Richard messages of encouragement. That can be found at: richardnewmankomo4crashinfo. If you have additional questions please contact Tomackie Kim at:
28) Paul Maged 
New York City
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 02:27 PM Permalink

(28) Recording artist and songwriter Paul Maged is excited to announce that his band, Paul Maged & The Strangers, are returning to one of their favorite rock venues, Desmond's Tavern in New York City on April 12th. This show will feature songs from Maged's upcoming LP release, Diamonds & Demons, produced by Multi-Platinum Producer, Sean Gill of The Passengerz. Paul Maged's new music announces an exciting and uncompromising voice in Alternative Rock. His songs lyrically explore concepts, social issues & universal themes that are very passionate to Paul and relevant in today’s world, helping to create a unique vision through his music.

Desmond’s Tavern is located at 433 Park Avenue South (between 29th & 30th Street). Showtime is at 9:00pm. There will be a $10 cover charge. For more information please go to:


Paul Maged studied vocal training at the Boston Conservatory of Music and then attended the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York. Paul has appeared in several independent films including festival award winner ‘Bobby G. Can’t Swim’, and has performed stand-up comedy throughout the Tri-state area. Paul then turned to songwriting which he had explored off and on from a very young age. He began writing the songs that would make up his first record, In My Time, a pop/rock album with a raw, garage band feel. One of the songs recorded but left off the album, "Falling Down", would appear multiple times on MTV's show, Think Again Sex Myths Revealed. In 2011, Paul began a labor of love, writing the songs to his follow up album, Diamonds & Demons. Inspired musically by the sounds of the current Indie scene and emotionally by the evolution of society and his own existence within it, the music flourishes with modern textures while maintaining a classic heart and soul.

The Strangers, a group of accomplished and ultra-talented musicians, consist of Joan Chew on Bass Guitar/Vocals, Ari Friedman on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Shawn Crowder on Drums & Paul Maged on Lead Vocals/Songwriter. The new music includes the first single to be released off the album titled, "Look At Me", which boasts a sarcastic and unapologetic view of modern day elitism. Some of the bands musical influences include Pearl Jam, Green Day, Soundgarden, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello and a plethora of classic rock. The Strangers will be gigging frequently to support the album release in 2014.
27) Roger Pinto 
Puerto Morelos Mexico
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 05:24 AM Permalink

Riviera Maya Discovery Travel:
Specializing in Rainbow Travel Day Trips to the Mayan Temples

Riviera Maya Discovery Travel provides Rainbow Travel Day Trips
to the Mayan Temples at Chichen Itza & Tulum
from Cancun Playa del Carmen & Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Riviera Maya Discovery Travel has a great opportunity for members of the GLBT community that are interested in travelling to the beautiful Mayan Temples at Chichen Itza & Tulum. We provide a full service Rainbow Travel day trip that allows you to enjoy the amazing sites of the Mayan Temples in a safe, inviting, and accommodating environment.

Customers can easily access our Rainbow Travel Day Trips to the Mayan Temples at Chichen Itza & Tulum from Cancun Playa del Carmen & Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We will even pick our clients up from the airport, if needed. Our day trips include all transportation and admission to the sites.

All customers staying at resorts should contact us today! By contacting us, everyone will discover that are prices are LESS than the one’s that they will be charged at their resort. PLUS, Riviera Maya Discovery Travel offers the exact same service that the resorts can provide you with. We will even pick people up directly from their resort too and remember that our day trips include all the transportation and admission prices to the sites.

Every one of our day trips come with our owner’s personal guarantee of, “Always remember, Roger will take care of you.”

About Riviera Maya Discover Travel:
Riviera Maya Discovery Travel is a trusted provider of full service rainbow travel day trips to the Mayan Temples. The Riviera Maya Discovery Travel office is conveniently located beside the main OXO store at the town square in Puerto Morelos.

Name: Roger Pinto
Telephone number: (52) 998-147-7016
Cell Phone: (52) 998-147-7016
E.U./Canada/US: (52) -1-998-147-7016
Website: []

YouTube Video:
26) Gay Dating Solutions 
Atlanta, GA
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Thursday, 20 February 2014 07:25 PM Permalink

(26) There are many gay websites out there that specialize in the ‘hook up’. There’s no shortage of gay men’s sex sites and ‘quickie’ sites. Finding a real dating site for the gay man is very limiting. This is why Gay Dating Solutions was implemented.

The difference in Gay Dating Solutions (GDS) is how they target a specific niche market; the charm of the southern gay man. GDS caters to the quiet majority of the Southern gay community: men who’ve “had it” with the emptiness of bed-hopping. They want to be part of a couple; some even want to start a family.

Gay Dating Solutions wants to break the stereotype of the gay male only looking for sex. GDS is a rare gay web portal where you can meet other men in the South who are serious about making a commitment. Join Gay Dating Solutions and explore connections with thousands of eligible gays across the South – local guys who desire just one, fabulous man to enjoy the good life.

“We represent a vibrant community of Southern gay men who only want meaningful connections. Our members are all ages, all flavors.” -

ABOUT Gay Dating Solutions

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia; promises to uniquely provide Southern gay men opportunities to meet, date, and form close and meaningful friendships. GDS provides professional dating services for Atlanta Gay Men,Ft. Lauderdale Gay Men, Memphis Gay Men, Savannah Gay Men, Dallas Gay Men, Charlotte Gay Men, Houston Gay Men, Mobile Gay Men, Little Rock Gay Men and other Southern Cities.

To learn more how Gay Dating Solutions works and the process of connecting guys; go to []

Contact Information

Website: []
contact: []
25) Gay Dating Solutions 
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 09:08 AM Permalink

(25) Where Gay Men Meet Life Partners and True Friends.

Choose 6 Month Membership and type in cupon code FIVERR to receive 20% off!
24) Billy Looper 
Orlando, Florida
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 07:59 AM Permalink


Legendary Annual Gay Getaway ‘One Magical Weekend’ Promises a Hot’n’Wet Fantasy, Orlando, June 6-8, 2014

Only at Walt Disney World® Resorts

One Magical Weekend, the legendary annual three-day Hot’n’Wet fantasy event at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark and Epcot©. Brought to you by Let’s Go Play, advance tickets and Party Passes on sale now!

Limited number of Party Passes at 40% off door prices for short time.

All gay, all weekend, One Magical Weekend brings together more than 6,000 of your LGBT brothers and sisters June 6-8, 2014, for three Main Event events.

First, there is an aquatic spectacle “Riptide @ Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark” on Friday, June 6, 2014, from 7 p.m.–2 a.m. The premiere event of the week! Cascade down the water slides, surf the tidal wave and splash away at this 52-acre world class waterpark. Kick off One Magical Weekend with a Hot, Wet Splash and catch the waves of sound by International DJ/Producers Twisted Dee and Brett Henrichsen.

After an amazing debut in 2013 at Epcot, One Magical Weekend is excited to join forces again with Brett Henrichsen and Masterbeat to present the Main Event in Orlando on Saturday June 7th! Direct from Spain WE Party returns with their signature production, costumes, visuals, dancers and unique performance at Epcot’s World Showplace, which will be transformed into the largest mega-club in the country with 6 points of thundering line array concert sound, over 200 intelligent lights, and our 3-D LED walls...And that's just before the dancers get started! We welcome international DJs Sr. Edu from Spain and Danny Verde from Italy, hot off Winter Party in Miami.

And then Sunday, June 8. What better way to wrap up your magical weekend than with a pint of beer in England and some tequila in Mexico, as you drink your way around the world at Epcot? After the beverages and country hopping, join a private E-Tea Dance from 5 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with DJ Andy Ajar. Then One Magical Weekend will finish with a bang, as you watch the amazing fireworks display, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth from a private VIP viewing area.

Get your tickets for each event at []

Follow our Facebook fan page at []

Win FREE tickets to all three events, just text Magic to 46246 and play the Scratch to Win game.


954.557.6990 cell
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