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84) Matt Di Vincere 
London, England
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Monday, 16 March 2015 06:41 PM Permalink

Commercial sites stand by Elton John and call for a boycott on Dolce&Gabbana

London, England – March 3, 2015 – After the successful designer superstars Dolce & Gabbana presumably said in an interview that IVF children are "synthetic" (as in unnatural), in conjunction with the fact they have previously opposed gay marriage (in spite of their own sexual preferences), a wave of public criticism has flooded the internet.

Sir Elton John started the recent events by calling to boycott them, and created a new hastag in Twitter named #BoycotDolceGabbana which is booming with a new tweet every 5 to 10 seconds.

"People can make and break you", says Paul from [url][/url], which has decided to come on board with its own logo calling to tweet using this hashtag. "If you're a successful fashion designer, living off gay people, gay-friendly people, people who might have used IVF, or simply people who oppose hatred and believe in equality of rights, and you dare saying something like this, you're shooting yourself in the leg".

Will this banner go off if D&C will issue an official apology? "Let's see what Sir Elton will do in such an event; I would follow this brave man", says Paul.

About SendMoneyAustralia:

Send Money Australia is still in beta testing and has not been officially released. It helps people transfer funds to Australia paying less than they would have paid using high-street banks.

For more details, go to []

Matt Di Vincere
233 Oxford St.,
England, The UK
83) Leather 4Gay 
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Monday, 2 March 2015 11:36 PM Permalink

(83) Leather 4 Gay: Providing Custom Made To Order Leather Jockstraps (Plus Sizes Welcome)

Leather 4 Gay is an innovative website providing custom made to order leather jockstraps from £12.99-£49.99. Our motto is, “To us a customer is the most important person in our business. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.” In line with our motto, we provide leather jocks that come in 58 different types of styles designed to fulfill our customer’s every desire, fantasy, and fetish. Anyone can select from our designs or the customer’s own design can be utilized to add your personal style to any of our leather jocks.

Our leather jockstraps are custom made to order using your choice of design, size, and materials. We can design for all body sizes and types – yes, plus sizes welcome to order. Select one of our styles to set the tone for your next sexual encounter. You can confidently display your bad boy side with the real black leather jockstrap that comes with a fully detachable stud pouch. Add some activity to your leather jock experience with the black and white leather jock with front zipper. The zipper provides for easy access to your goods. Playfully guide your perspective sexual partners with the leather jock with yellow stripe. With the yellow stripe, they are sure to easily find their way to your landing zone. Finally, add to your sexual experience with your real black leather jock accessorized with a chain. This is the perfect accessory for your unique leather jockstrap.

Our customers feel safe ordering one of our leather jockstraps, as each are custom made to order and comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Now is the time to enhance your wardrobe with one of our custom made to order leather jockstraps. A reminder that we service all body types and sizes - plus sizes welcome to utilize our unique service.

Leather 4 Gay’s website allows you to personally select from our design or the customer’s own design. You select everything from the size, style, and fabric. Our designers will meet your specific requests with a custom made to order leather jockstrap manufactured in our own factory with our high quality control. You no longer need to purchase leather jocks from the store and have to suffer with an uncomfortable fit. Boost your sex life today with one of our custom made to order leather jockstraps.

Website: []
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Friday, 27 February 2015 07:43 PM Permalink

(82) A new Gay only Social Networking website [] are looking for early access users to sign up today. As an early user you will have access to the site before it opens for the general public later this year.
The site allows you to make new friends and stay in contact with old ones! You can create groups for event/brands, organise social events, find people around your location, chat in real time or via a messaging service and later in the year we will also be launching our dedicated app so you can stay in touch even when you’re out! All provided free of charge.
Its aimed at those wanting something other than the current offering in the market and we hope to attract a wide range of Gay men from all over the globe. So if you want to be part of our early adopter’s crowd register with your email now and we will email you when early access begins. We want you to help us shape the future of the platform by registering with us today.
You can also keep up to date with our developments via our twitter @imgayso
81) Getrude Matshe 
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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 09:39 PM Permalink

(81) Brooke Dozier has written a personal memoir on being an evangelical minister and being gay in the conservative environment of Texas in her book, ‘I’m the Same Person; Loving God and Being Gay’.

Dozier has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Religious Education. She makes her debut as an author in her memoir, I’m The Same Person. Through journaling and blogging all of her life, she realizes there is a gift inside her that needs to be shared with the outside world. Wasting precious time being afraid to tell her story is no longer an option. She now writes for the benefit of others and inspires like-minded people to tell their own story.

I’m The Same Person is a memoir of a girl dealing with two forces that the outside world says cannot go together, but on the inside loving God and being gay is what fuels her to change the world around her. Her story begins with a childhood being unraveled to finding God as a teenager, in the midst of a suicidal mother, an adulterous father, and battling her own identity as a lesbian. Most of her life she tried to “get the gay out” by immersing herself in the church, even becoming a minister for several years, only to face an abrupt exit from the ministry. The people who claimed to be Christ-like would ask her to leave because she was gay. A crisis of belief sets in and thrusts her into a deep depression. She once was found, but now she’s lost.

The story of I’m The Same Person continues with her embracing who she is and who God made her to be. She finds love and marries her female love, although so many detractors continue to assume their role in telling her how to live. Her new calling is to live an incomparable life…putting distance between her and them.

Dozier offers encouragement for those still struggling in similar circumstances: “Incomparable…the distance between YOU and them!! Stand up for what you believe in. Stand out from the expected. Be who you are and don’t listen to the outside noise that says that’s not ok. Grow on the unique traits that are in your DNA! Be matchless. Be unequaled. Be exceptional. Be paramount. Be IN-COM-PAR-ABLE!!!!” She adds in a personal and familiar quote: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain

Read her story in I’m The Same Person and share it with the world. It will give you a glimpse of what many go through with loving God and being gay.

Pick up a copy of her book on Amazon: [url] [/url]

She lives in Houston, Texas with her wife Jamie.

Press Contact:

Getrude Matshe
80) DragMyCity 
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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 09:27 PM Permalink

The idea behind DRAGMYCITY came when trying to find drag shows in our city. Before DRAGMYCITY, there was no way to follow the schedule of our favorite drag performers and keep up with their shows. We quickly learned there wasn’t an app to make it easy to search for drag shows and get alerts to upcoming shows of our favorite performers. So we began to look at developing an app to do just that. - Welcome to DRAGMYCITY!
DRAGMYCITY provides a platform for two sets of users: Drag Royalty and their Loyal Subjects.

Drag Royalty (both Drag Queens and Drag Kings) can create profiles with pictures as well as provide their performance schedules for their Loyal Subjects. Drag Royalty can also send messages or announcements to their fans.

Loyal Subjects can either create a profile or login as a Commoner (Guest). Those with profiles will be able to create lists of their favorite drag performers and saved performances. Loyal Subjects can also receive messages into their inbox from their favorite drag performers. There is also a comprehensive search feature for anyone who wants to search for drag performances in any of the following ways: Drag Performer, Date, Venue and City. DRAGMYCITY also includes a GPS feature to search for performances within a distance of your current location. This proves very helpful for travelers that may not be familiar with local venues or drag performers.

We have a strong sense for social responsibility. DRAGMYCITY also includes a Philanthropy Section with a list and links of worthy charities close to the drag community. You can also access this list outside of the app by going to []

Lastly, we traditionally hear “Long Live the Queen” shouted when Royalty passes on. We therefore never want to forget members of the Drag Community that have gone before us. So be sure to check out the “Drag Angels” section on the app for tributes and memorials. Who knows, you might learn some drag herstory in the process!

For more information and links to download the app, go to [].
79) Leslie Cunningham 
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Sunday, 22 February 2015 04:07 AM Permalink

Heart vs Head:
International Indy Soul Artist J'Da Prynce

Spreads Message of Self-Love and Acceptance

Crowdfunding for Second Album and Tour in 2015

Feb. 21, 2015 - ATLANTA --Al Green...James Brown...the kings of Soul are gone, but not forgotten. For those who thought soul music was dead, a new generation of artists, born at the dawn of the love era, are stepping to the throne and reviving the genre known for fusing rhythm and blues, gospel, and now Hip Hop and dance music, in a way new listeners around the globe can appreciate. But, if you really want to see the magic of American soul music being revived, Asia is the place to go and witness the soul stylings ofJʼDa Prynce.

A popular international indy artist from Atlanta, GA, JʼDa Prynce, the Entertainment Tailor, captivates audiences nightly as the lead singer for HEAT, a wildly popular international cover band that plays in five-star hotels from Bangkok, Thailand to Seoul, South Korea. Recently featured in Malaysia's New Straits Times, the band is gaining international attention for reviving soul music and chart topping favorites.

“Iʼm excited about the growing number of international fans. I feel encouraged that our brand of entertainment is reaching, and more importantly moving, people all over the world”, says JʼDa Prynce.

While traveling overseas for the last three years, JʼDa Prynce has been hard at work on his own sophomore album, Heart vs. Head, which he plans to release in late 2015. Additionally, he is preparing to take his international brand solo.

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, JʼDa Prynce, whose real name is Jeremy Johnson, was raised in the south where his struggle for survival has no doubt influenced much of
the soul you hear in his music. “I want to share where I am currently in my life's journey with our global community through my new CD project, Heart Vs. Head- a uniquely honest and vulnerable musical portrait that will encourage listeners to release their self-doubt, fears and worries. From mainstream music to social media, the world is filled with so much hatred and violence. Through my new music, I want to help people find selflove and acceptance despite what others may think of them.”

In the Summer of 2015, JʼDa Prynce will take his music filled with messages of hope, inspiring lyrics and trance-like rhythms to audiences across the world. This month, J'Da will kick off the Heart Vs. Head Crowdfunding Campaign on People around the world will get great funder perks and even become an associate producer on the project when they fund JʼDa Prynceʼs second album. The monies raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used for such things as studio time, recording mixing and mastering; graphic design, promotions, etc.

In addition, JʼDa Prynce has pledged to donate 10% of all crowdfunding raised from the Heart vs. Head campaign to the CHRIS KIDS Foundation ([]), which empowers children, youth and families in Atlanta to be self-sufficient contributing members of the community and reach their full potential.

Visit [] or [] to learn more about J'Da Prynce, his forthcoming album (Heart vs. Head) and how you can help fund the project, as well as J'Da Prynce tour dates in late 2015.

Media Contact:
Leslie Cunningham
P: 919-218-8620
E: [url][/url]
78) Brand Masters on Tour 
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 07:56 PM Permalink

(78) National Branding and PR Experts to Share Advice to
Increase Exposure and Revenue for Local Business Owners

HOUSTON, TX, February 18, 2015—The Brand Masters Tour ( [] ) will bring Houston business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs together for 5 life changing hours with leading PR and marketing thought leaders to share inspirational approaches to brand building that drive sales, profitability, and return on investment. Top industry experts will reveal how they navigate through professional setbacks, an ever changing marketplace and introduce tools to engage customers and grow their businesses. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and walk away with actionable tips to take back to their organizations on Sat, February 21st, from 1-6pm at Change Happens at 3353 Elgin St in midtown Houston for $100. ([])

With the support of its sponsors and strategic partners Rolling Out,, Epiq Films, Houston Forward Times, Nikki Woods Media, More Than a Rib, Lane Staffing, Hodges Communications Group, Foston International, Hip Hop News, Prudential Properties-Olinka Johnson, Jotina Buck, ThinkZILLA Consulting Group, Alex Green Photography and Trea Day Management & Publicity, organizers are able to offer this enriching experience for such a low cost ( [url] [/url]). Brand Masters and its supporters BELIEVE that the re-Energizing of Black America, struggling small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs of all walks of life is critical to revamping our distressed economy and the lives of so many Houstonians.

“Texas' unemployment rate is at 4.6 percent, and there are over 2 million small businesses that exist in the state alone, but 8 out of 10 of those will fail within the first 18 months due to a lack of branding, failure to connect with consumers and the inability to create a profitable business model,” explains Brand Master Co-Organizer Velma Trayham. “It’s imperative that we introduce cost effective success solutions to aid struggling businesses.”

According to Brand Masters Tour Organizers, Houston-area attendees will learn:

·           How to Start a Successful Business
·           How to increase Sales & Profit
·           How to get free publicity for your business
·           How to Market/Brand a Business with Little or No Resources

Panelists and presenters include; Kelly Hodges, Sr. Director of Health Equity at the American Heart Association; Judy Folston, an international communications expert and American Advertising Federation-Houston, 2015 Chairman Elect; mass media maven Alex Green of Rolling Out magazine; Trea Day Management & Publicity CEO, celebrity publicist and reputation fixer Trea Davenport, ThinkZILLA Consulting Group CEO and branding pro Velma Trayham; author Nikki Woods, Sr. Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and Jotina Buck, teacher and author of Change Your Language…Change Your Life where she shares the importance of exploring what you can say differently today to change your tomorrow.

Space is limited, to purchase tickets visit [].

For more information contact [url][/url].or call 1-888-509-1145


With the goals of aiding struggling US businesses and joining the charge to re-energize (Black) America, acclaimed entrepreneurs, multimedia, PR and branding gurus Velma Trayham ( [url] [/url]), Trea Davenport ( [url] )[/url] and Alex Green ( [url] [/url]) teamed up to present the 2015 BRAND MASTERS TOUR ( [url] [/url]), an affordable, value-packed educational, business-building event to ten US cities. 

77) Ray Miles 
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Friday, 13 February 2015 07:26 PM Permalink

(77) Acres of Health LLC Launches a Line Up of Nutritional Supplements For The Gay Community

The launch kicks off with flagship supplement product “Maximum Male”

(Nationwide) - Acres of Health LLC is the first provider of nutritional supplements and health products exclusively for gay men. The gay male consumer will go out of his way to find products that are specifically targeted toward him. Companies like Acres of Health LLC are focused on producing specific products geared toward that dedicated gay male.

Acres of Health LLC’s mission is to provide professionally high grade nutritional supplements and provision of most safe and effective products that enhances the quality of life.

“Our commitment to serve our customers better is entrenched in the high quality and innovative products at our disposal”, said Acres of Health President Ray Miles.

Today Acres of Health announced their flagship product, “Maximum Male” which is a all-natural, sexual enhancement product. This product includes 14 specialized pro-sexual herbs and nutrients that work together synergistically.
The natural ingredients of Maximum Male include a high-speed three-part system to:

1. Supercharge your natural testosterone levels by up to 183%* for an explosion of newfound sexual desire!

2. Relax certain “sex-muscles” that open the blood flow “flood gates” to engorge the penis to maximum size, capacity and hardness!

And 3. Balance the mind and body for the perfect “chemistry” to ignite sessions of passionate and long-lasting erotic sexual encounters!

Maximum Male contains a top-secret “pro-sexual hormone” discovered in Scotch pine trees that was shown to increase men’s testosterone levels by an amazing 183%, at a 50 mg dose, according to a study quoted in a once-hidden German patent application (number DE 42 14 953 A1).

You can get more information about the Maximum Male product at the official website []

You can get more information about Acres of Health LLC by visiting the company’s website at []

For interviews, photos, or specific questions;

CONTACT: Ray Miles
phone: (678) 394-0716
76) Lez Finder 
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 10:57 PM Permalink

(76) Ladies! LezFindr for iOS is the best way to find someone near you!

We approve each profile individually to maintain a safe place for adult women to meet other adult women (18+ ONLY!). Find other users near you, show or hide your distance or search by specific characteristics with no limits on how many users you can view! Send unlimited messages and pictures back and forth and keep a favorite list so you can always have your favorite ladies at your fingertips. We are a 100% LGBT owned and operated network and we rely on our users like you to keep us running!

With LezFindr you can meet the woman of your dreams, your new best friend, or even a casual friendship! With LezFindr your options are limitless! Find her today by downloading our FREE iOS app in the app store today or by going to [] from your iOS Device!
75) Scott Manthey 
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 06:48 PM Permalink

(75) For the Queen Bey fans in all of us: send your favorite Beyoncé quotes, lyrics, song titles, emojis and animated GIFS with one touch of a button.

San Jose, CA. - February 11, 2015 - Today, Keyoncé custom iOS 8 Keyboard is available. The app provides any Beyoncé fan a way to fully immerse themselves in all things Yoncé each and every day. One is able to lift themselves up with the inspiring words of this generations greatest performer. Whether you are a Jay and Bey lover or hater this app will satisfy all your Single Ladies needs. Any mega fan who did not get enough from the most recent rereleased album can add to their growing collection of all things Beyoncé. #keyonceapp

The simple keyboard is broken up into categories: Album/ Songs, Attitude, Breakup, Confidence, Flirting, Life, Love, Women, Emojis (#beymojis) and Animate GIFs. With one tap or tap and paste you are able to send the best Mrs. Carter content. Included is daily wisdom from the Queen herself directly in your today widget. Creator Scott Manthey says, “Sasha Fierce is such a force that she needed to have her own keyboard. All B. everything.” Easily navigate through the categories and scroll through the list of quotes, emojis and GIFS with a simple easy to use interface.This is not for the techno geeks.

The creator was inspired by the RapKey rap keyboard and realized Beyoncé was the
most logical candidate to have her own keyboard. Marketer Nari Osugi states, “This
is the start of a handful of themed custom keyboards.”

Keyoncé is now available for $1.99 in the US for a limited time over the Valentine
weekend (priced accordingly in other regions). The app is available worldwide, in
English, on the Apple App Store. This is the perfect valentines gift for any BeyHive

Please visit [] for more Keyoncé - Beyoncé iOS8 custom
keyboard - information, including videos, screenshots and icon of the app

The Keyoncé - Beyoncé iOS8 custom keyboard app is developed by Progressive
Lifestyles, LLC, a software development company founded in 2011.

Website: []

If you would like further information on Keyoncé, a promo code, or you would like to
schedule an interview, please contact:

Scott Manthey, Owner/Member manager, Progressive Lifestyles, LLC
Phone: (408) 386-1907
Twitter: @somagear

To download the app: []
Press Kit (Icon, screenshots, video): []
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