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46) Jobe Leonard 
Stanford - California - United
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(46) Tiny Home Movement has a New App that is Making a Huge Impression

With 14 titles rolling off the shelves at brick and mortar bookstores and online retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon, somehow author Jobe Leonard still wanted more. This time he digitized the estimation process for construction of Tiny Homes.

“I have always lived in a tiny home and preached the benefits both financial and mental,” says Jobe. “Over the past few years and particularly the past few months companies and individuals have popped up in an increasing number claiming to be innovators in the Tiny Home Movement, but the truth is the design and technology they use for their Tiny Home has already been around for decades.” With that motivation Mr. Leonard set out to change the rules of the Tiny Home Movement. The basis for his new software to help prospective Tiny Home lovers was set.

The app Jobe created has taken the Tiny Home world and opened it up to hundreds of thousands of individuals who never knew where to begin. After over a decade of building Tiny Homes made specifically of timbers harvested from sustainable forestlands, Mr. Leonard harnessed his inner creativity once more. He created not only an app specifically for the Tiny Home Movement, but also a 200+ page workbook available in paperback, Kindle, and I-book. His work has consistently topped the charts for all “Architecture” books around the globe, not just the Tiny Home niche.

Mr. Leonard undoubtedly will not stop here. He has 13 more Apps in development and 6 more titles on the press. One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment in the Tiny House of author, builder, and tech developer, Jobe Leonard.

Both the Tiny Home workbook and the Tiny Home App can be found at []
45) Kathleen LeSage 
Killington, Vermont
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(45) New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont wins “Best for LGBT” Spa Vacation from Spafinder Wellness 365™ Reader’s Choice Awards

Spafinder Wellness 365, is the world’s best resource for the spa and wellness industry. The Spafinder Wellness 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards were recently announced and honors were awarded to the top 10 spas and wellness locations throughout the world in 26 unique classifications. The 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards attracted an unprecedented level of worldwide consumer participation, providing the most comprehensive consumer assessment of the global spa and wellness market available. New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont has been selected by Spafinder as one of the top ten spas in the world for Outdoor Adventure, Affordability and LGBT.

New Life Hiking Spa is an all-inclusive destination spa located the perfect hiking region of the Green Mountains of Vermont. Packages range from 2-4 night mini retreats to 11 night or longer weight loss retreats. Often referred to as one of the most affordable destination spas, the regular prices range from $229 - $259 per night. Price includes a room, three healthy meals per day, fresh fruit and vegetables as snacks, one guided hike every day (three levels offered per day to accommodate everyone’s fitness needs), all fitness and yoga classes, one massage for every three night stay and evening lectures and cooking demos.

About New Life Hiking Spa

New Life Hiking Spa is one of the leading destination spas in North America.  New Life was founded in 1978, by Jimmy LeSage, M.S. and is known as one of the pioneer spas that have shaped the spa industry as it is today. New Life Hiking Spa is open each year from mid-May through the end of September.  Approximately 700 guests from all over the world come to visit New Life in the Green Mountains of Vermont. More information can be found online at [] or 

Kathleen LeSage
44) Kameron 
Tyler, TX
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(44), one of the Internet’s most popular gay dating sites for boys and daddies, announced today, June 27th 2014, the launch of the company’s affiliate program.

This new program offers participants up to 80% of proceeds from membership sign ups. Memberships for range from $5.99 to $89.97 for its monthly and annual memberships respectively. With the steady rise in interest in these types of relationships, Gay Arrangement seeks to expand its membership base through the use of this aggressive compensation program. is a gay owned and operated company founded in 2007 and based in the United States. For more information about this program visit []
43) Lee Grutman 
United States
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(43) HeroesCon 2014 Hosts First Ever Gay Themed Panel: LGBT Characters in the Comics. Watch the Full Video Courtesy of

HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC is one of the nation's largest and oldest comic book conventions. For the first time in its 30+ year history, the Con hosted a gay themed panel on Sunday, June 22. While gay themed panels are the norm on the West Coast and New York comic conventions, this was a huge step forward in the deep south where event organizers are still scared of the backlash from religious conservatives if they host such discussions. Hopefully, this will open the flood gates.

[] was the only media outlet there to film the entire event. We invite you to watch it and share it with your readers via YouTube.
Link: []

The panel was comprised of: Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez of Love and Rockets. They were ground breaking with their usage of sincere, wonderful LGBT characters all the way back in the early 80s. Terry Moore of Strangers in Paradise. And, Kate Leth of The panelists were surprisingly candid and touching. The panel was moderated by Brian Pittard of The Nerdy Show's Flame On Podcast.

AdamMaleBlog is a gay culture blog with a bit of a gay geek slant. We strive to bring exclusive interviews with relevant LGBT artists, musicians, authors, and filmmakers, as well as tons of original humor content and our Star Trek themed podcast Treklenburg.
42) Tamra Simmons 
Hollywood, CA
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(42) A true artist to her core, MIZGIN dreamed of hitting the top of the charts ever since she first started singing, writing, and performing as a young girl. While she occasionally draws inspiration from others, MIZGIN is primarily self-taught and loves adapting and re-creating things into something new and different—something clearly accomplished on “Get You Off”. Produced by talented duo Kama, the track is a rhythmic and sexy banger with an accompanying video that drops jaws while flirting with the unthinkable. Originally slated to be recorded by one of the biggest pop stars in the world, MIZGINheard it once and knew it had to be hers and would not leave the studio until her producers agreed to give the song to her—a decision they knew was the right one after one take.

With “Get You Off” creating a major buzz, MIZGIN is currently recording her debut full length release, set to come out in the 2nd half of 2014.

"From the first time we saw her, it was clear that MIZGIN is a true star in a world where that phrase is often tossed around far too loosely” said John Sarris, President of HighJAC Productions.

“The amazing response that“Get You Off” has gotten is only the latest success in her extraordinary career, and I'm excited for what the future brings."

“The only thing that is endless in life is your imagination” says MIZGIN, “so I’ve never been afraid to use it and believe in it. If I want something, I go get it; no one is going to get it for me.”

For more information please contact Tamra Simmons


Download "Get You off" worldwide: []

Twitter: []

Facebook: "";

41) Mike de Ridder 
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Thursday, 12 June 2014 03:37 AM Permalink

(41) G-Lord Apparel takes the wheel in promoting gay pride all around the world

After being founded by Gay and LBGT-supportive designers from different places around the world in the year of 2004, the company has fought hard in order to create amazing products that promote gay pride and the fact that being proud of your beliefs is not a sin.

In order for the company to ‘underline your open-mindedness and natural character’ G-Lord Apparel aims at providing customers with a collection that includes subtle branded apparel, but also clothing pieces that are noticeable and increase awareness. One thing that makes the company stand out is the fact that it is diverse and can be personalized by anyone in order to fit their personality and lifestyle. The dream of promoting the fact that everyone should be able to express themselves and that our character is not something to keep hidden, G-Lord Apparel can create more awareness through a few steps, which include professionalizing their website, producing their product line for the next season and marketing the brand to a larger public. These factors can have the potential to get other people the access they need to the brand and promote gay pride in general through their extensive range of products.

To accomplish all that has been outlined before, the company needs to raise a minimum amount which would be used to fulfil the goal. G-Lord Apparel’s approach to raising money consists in launching a Kickstarter campaign where people that would like to support the brand and the LBGT community in general can offer donations of various amounts. In exchange for these, exclusive rewards will be offered from the company’s limited collection to those that have contributed to the Kick-starter campaign. Donating a certain amount can even earn you the possibility to receive an all-expense paid trip to the Amsterdam Gay Pride parade or the one from New York, based on your destination of choice. Other rewards include limited editions t-shirts, watches and many other products as well.

In the case that you are interested in learning more about the project or making a donation, the contact information of the brand can be found below.

Contact Information:

Website: []

Phone: +31 6 5555 2333

40) Mark Lau 
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(40) The Small Business Loan Store Commits To Helping Raise Millions in Funding and Capital for LGBT Entrepreneurs

With the social views of the general population shifting in favor of LGBT rights, including marriage equality, it comes as no surprise that there is also a rise in businesses owned by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals. The consultants and staff at [] have also noticed an increasing trend of requests in personal and business funding from many entrepreneurs within the LGBT community, and are now starting a campaign to let LGBT entrepreneurs know that funding is available for their existing business or start-up.

The owners and staff at [] are expert funding specialists and offer many financing alternatives to help fund all types of businesses. In a recent interview with a Senior Funding Specialist, Albert Richards said, “The Small Business Loan Store is committed to assisting as many LGBT owned businesses gain access to the capital they need.” He added, “The LGBT market is worth over $800 billion a year in the United States, and that number is expected to increase in the coming years.” When asked what differentiates The Small Business Loan Store from its competitors, Richards says, “Our specialty is getting our clients unsecured lines of credit, which does not require any form of asset, job, and income verification.” He goes on to say, “Along with our sister companies, in 2013 we helped our clients raise over $40 million in funding, and are looking to at least double that in 2014.” He further explained by saying, “Some of our owners and employees are part of the LGBT community, and as a gay owned business we understand the challenges that current and future gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender small business owner’s face.” Richards ended the interview by saying, “We have an extremely high success rate of getting our clients funded, once the necessary information is submitted, our processing department will give our clients a quote within 24-48 hours and in most cases, funded within 10 business days.”

If you have an LGBT business or an LGBT friendly business and would like to contact The Small Business Loan Store or are interested in their other products and services please visit: []
39) Steeger Consulting 
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Gay And Lonely And Looking For Love? There Is No Need To Be Lonely With Online Dating Site For Gay Men

Voted the best gay dating site in the world, with thousands of successfully matches!

WORLDWIDE, May, 2014 — There are no shortage of online dating sites, but for gay men looking for fun, friendship, and love—a niche website like [] has more to offer than general online dating sites. Not only are all website members gay men, but the site is designed to celebrate all aspects of gay lifestyle.

Voted the best gay dating site in the world by the gay lifestlye magazine "Gay Up Your Life", has successfully matched thousands of new couples. The site is fast and easy to join, and a basic membership is free. Users are able to find matches by interests, hobbies, or age. Some members are looking only for friendship and fun, while others are looking for a true love connection.

“ was my saving grace when I moved from Michigan to New Jersey. Not only was I able to find likeminded friends within the gay community—but my dating life never skipped a beat, and I have been with my partner for over a year now.” Scott Preston (35).

Once a user’s profile has been approved, which typically takes a few minutes, members can begin browsing their matches—as well as individually browsing members they are interested in. Prior to going on and in-person date, members can chat, flirt, private message, and video chat with potential gay boyfriend.

To find a gay boyfriend today, or learn about this innovative site designed precisely for gay men please visit [].
38) Anthony Michael 
Fire Island Pines, NY
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FIRE ISLAND PINES, NY- The new management team for the properties owned by FIP Ventures announced today there will be a major overhaul of all properties for the 2014 season. Improvements will affect the Blue Whale, the Botel, the Pool Deck, The Cultured Elephant (previously Canteen), and the Pavilion.

Management expects these improvements to greatly improve guest experience at all properties. In addition to cosmetic improvements at the resort, new menus, new venues, and superior customer service are planned.

The Blue Whale and Cultured Elephant will have a new farm to table menu and expanded hours. The Botel will see a new program called "Barracks" allowing younger guests easier access to the resort. Fresh programming is planned at all entertainment venues and a new bar, the Harbor Club, will provide a sophisticated oasis in the harbor. The Pavilion will return to being a venue for cutting edge music in New York with world class DJs, updated lighting and sound, and new talent. "All changes will be augmented by vastly superior guest service from bartenders, servers, and management property wide", says Brian Richards, Resort General Manager.

Management also plans to deliver better value throughout all venues at the resort especially High Tea and Low Tea. Specialty cocktails and superior liquor will be served at lower prices. The addition of the Harbor Club will give guests more entertainment options than ever.

The entertainment schedule is packed and is in full gear Memorial Day weekend. Low Tea at the Blue Whale in conjunction with the FIPHPS Souvenirs Weekend will feature DJ Michael Fierman and guest performer France Joli on Friday, John Ceglia on Saturday, and Bobbie Leslie on Sunday. Pavilion DJ line-up is Ceglia/Fierman Friday, Moto Blanco Saturday, and the all-new Sauna Sundays with Kevin Graves on Sunday.

Ramona Wouters will be spinning High Tea all weekend, with Glitterbomb and DJs Matty Glitterati and Keo Nozari on the Pool Deck 12p-5p. DJ Vito Fun premiers Fun-Tea on the Pool Deck from 7p-10p. Blue Whale late-night also kicks off with Jack Aaronson's Casting Couch on Friday and comedian Brad Loekle on Saturday, both at 11 pm at the Blue Whale. Also beginning that weekend is Jazz and Blues Brunch at the Blue Whale with John Putnam and Used Blues, Friday through Sunday, 11a-4p.

The Botel Barracks program is geared to a younger demographic who might not previously have been able to enjoy an overnight stay in The Fire Island Pines. The Botel Barracks will feature quad occupancy rooms, shared baths, personal lockers and 24 hour security in dorm style accommodations.

A la carte pricing will be dramatically reduced from current rates to $119 for a two night stay or $219 for a two night stay on Super Weekends (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Ascension weekend, Pines Party weekend, and Labor Day).
Additionally, there will be a promoter partnership called "Barracks Boys" which will include:
Social gathering at a NYC spot Friday after work
Express Bus to Sayville Ferry
Round-Trip Sayville Ferry Tickets
Quad-occupancy based housing in the Botel Barracks for 2 nights
Exclusive poolside BBQ
VIP area hosted by promoter with complimentary bottle service
Complimentary gym pass
$10 "Meal Ticket" for the Cultured Elephant - good anytime
Free nighttime admission to the Pavilion
Return transportation Sunday evening
All guests 30 and under only
The Barracks Boys program will have introductory pricing of $280 for two nights or $380 for three nights on Super Weekends. All prices based on quad occupancy.

Management will utilize the Botel Barracks and Barracks Boys programs to achieve high occupancy at the Botel and bring in fresh faces. "We wanted to create something new and affordable for the next generation of guys to experience all the excitement The Pines has to offer" said Brian Richards, Resort General Manager.

Botel Barracks and Barracks Boys will begin Memorial Day weekend. For booking, visit []

FIP VENTURES LLC, operates the majority of the commercial district in Fire Island Pines, NY. The properties include the famed Pavilion nightclub complex, the Blue Whale and Cultured Elephant restaurants, the Botel, the Pool Deck and numerous retail and residential spaces.


Anthony Michael / Promotions Director
37) A.J. Akoto 
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Saturday, 3 May 2014 04:33 PM Permalink

(37) offers free rainbow ribbons & scholastic medallions to 2014 graduates.

(Memphis, TN), a sister website of Prime Heritage has launched its 2014 spring graduation promotion to the LGBTQ community, in which it will give away a free scholastic medallion and rainbow neck ribbon with each lavender graduation stole. This exclusive offer ends on April 30th, 2014 offers the most extensive online collection of LGBT stoles. This year it added 60 inch plain lavender stoles to meet the needs of graduating seniors who wanted shorter stoles and lower price points. Seniors have the option to have their plain lavender stoles screen imprinted or embroidered with personalized text or logos.
The classic PRIDE stole is the most popular among this year’s graduating seniors. Seniors get to select the background color of the stole they want and a 4 inch strip of rainbow ribbon is beautifully sewn diagonally on each side of the stole to form a V shape when worn. Classic PRIDE stoles may also be personalized.
Overnight delivery or same day shipment is available on stocked items such as the plain lavender stoles, hand-woven rainbow stoles and the plain 60 and 72 inch lavender stoles.
For those with budget constraints, offers a wide variety of academic medallions that can be draped with rainbow neck ribbons.
For more information visit [] or call 1-800-626-3796

Press Release Contact
A.J Akoto
Phone: 1-800-626-3797
Website: []
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