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92) Jefferey Loh 
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(92) A Social Enterprise In Support of HIV, AIDS
A social enterprise championing the HIV/AIDS cause in Singapore.

Singapore, April 14, 2015: Individuals can now make a difference through donations to
support Eorthe’s Wisdom’s social enterprise campaign to help fight AIDS.

In wanting to make a difference, the idea to start a social enterprise, championing a much needed cause,
was born.

Eorthe's Wisdom Pte Ltd is an upcoming social enterprise, incorporated on 6th of April in Singapore as a
private company limited by shares, to champion the HIV/AIDS cause in Singapore.

As they aim towards zero infections and zero discrimination, join them in making the world a better place.
What the social enterprise does?

They’re setting up a wellness centre that retails health supplements, setting a restaurant and conducting

In wanting to promote a healthy way of life, Earth’s Wisdom aims to also educate on nutrition and holistic
healing. Produce and products sourced would all be organic and from free-trade supplies.

How is Earth’s Wisdom is different?

They do not make any claims of cure, nor do they challenge both the use of conventional and nonconventional
treatments. Their aim is to provide a complementary form of healing on top of current

They're working on extensive research, and would be developing Their own line of supplements.

On top of that, their uniqueness stems from the fact that they would be one of, if not the first social
enterprise in Singapore to champion this cause. They aim to be a strong advocate for the cause.

Eorthe’s Wisdom is creating their own mini ecosystem within the company, providing assistance, creating
jobs, addressing global and environmental issues. But never diluting our main mission.

By helping them, you would have helped with many more other issues on top of just the HIV/AIDS issue.

How YOU can help this cause

You can go to [] and
contribute using Indiegogo’s donation site. They have different levels of support you can choose from.

About Eorthe’s Wisdom

Eorthe's Wisdom Pte Ltd is an upcoming social enterprise in Singapore, championing the HIV/AIDS cause.
They are a wellness centre, focusing on nutrition, emotional health, complementary and alternative healing
as well as being a safe and quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Eorthe’s Social Mission

Be a global healing centre with a strong focus on the marginalised in society
Be an advocate for the HIV/AIDS cause both locally and abroad
Provide care and support to persons living with HIV/AIDS
Champion advocacy against stigma and discrimination


Jefferey Loh
Eorthe’s Wisdom
22 Sin Ming Lane
#06-76, Midview City
Singapore 573969
91) Privat Joakim Eklund 
Stockholm, Sweden
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(91) Date Your Friends App Successfully Makes Friends into Lovers

Recognized as the best app of August 2013, Date Your Friends continues its success with satisfied users who anonymously take their relationships to a whole new level.

Stockholm, Sweden - March 14, 2015 - Most everybody’s got a secret crush. Now, Date Your Friends app users can anonymously make a friend a lover with a simple digital checkmark. Taking the risk out of the old adage, “Nothing ventured nothing gained.” the dating app is the new ‘secret’ digital love letter. It creates a whole new level of anonymity for the dating pool and gives users a way to launch out into the deep end privately.

Opening up without too much expectation, the Date Your Friends app makes crushing on someone practical. To put users in the way of their secret crush, the app’s functionality is beyond simple. Just think of it like a bridge. App users just log onto Facebook and put a checkmark beside the friends they’d like to date. This short list is kept anonymous until one of those secret crushes gets the app and does the same thing. When the Date Your Friends platform sees there’s a love match it notifies the friends. And the rest, as they say, is romantic history.

Converting friends into lovers the Date your Friends app is the brainchild of Privat Joakim and Fredrik Eklund. Privat said of the relationship app and its remarkable success, “This app is completely discreet. We’ve all had a friend or acquaintance on Facebook we wanted to date. And we’ve all been terrified that if we told them we’d ruin the relationship. Worse yet, we’d be embarrassed if they didn’t feel the same way. Now, this anonymous dating app clears the playing field and if the feelings aren’t mutual, no one’s the wiser.”

About Date Your Friends:
Date Your Friends is a free iOS app that provides users with an anonymous way to connect romantically via Facebook.

To download the Date Your Friends app for free in the Apple App Store visit [] Requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Privat Joakim Eklund


Social Media:
90) Sweetie Bee 
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New Theory on JonBenet Ramsey Case Revealed

Little Girl Blu: The JonBenét Inside Circle Theory to be published soon.

Des Moines, Iowa — April 13, 2015 — Sweetie Bee, the acclaimed author, has finalized pre-publishing plans for her radical new book. Research and development for the project has been underway for years, and is now ready for publication. Available at Amazon now.

A Completely Different Approach

This brand new factual who-dunnit is not a rehash of all the old theories. Police over the years have waffled between placing guilt on the Ramseys (Patsy, Burke, and John), an intruder, a pedophile, a stranger, a satanic sex slave ring, and finally John Mark Karr. The author does not force her theory upon the reader; rather she lets the evidence speak for itself. News reports have been plentiful in the case. The author decided that an unsolved puzzle with pieces scattered everywhere was useless to an innocent child. The information the author presents is not new; however, the way that she puts it all together for the reader is radical. Bee assures her readers that they will not be disappointed by her book. She states, “You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt who committed the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. The puzzle will be complete. These are the facts, not my opinion. You have to collect the dots, before you can connect the dots.”

A Seasoned Author

Sweetie Bee published her first book two years ago. “The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee: A Damaged Soul” has sold successfully on Amazon as a testament to the author’s personal experiences with abuse. Through a lifetime of hardship as a young, single mother, she has become a fervent advocate for the prevention of domestic violence and abuse and the fight against poverty. Her own tribulations have given her keen insight into the methods of oppression and abuse that are perpetrated against females in a male-dominated society. As she overcame her own difficulties in her struggle to survive, she strived to help others in similar plights. The JonBenet Ramsey story struck a chord with her, as the frustration of obtaining justice for the unfortunate girl motivated her to use her talents. Writing her new book, Little Girl Blu, has been a cathartic and awakening experience for Ms. Bee. She sees it as her way of shedding light on, as well as helping to prevent, another tragedy like this case that seemed to have grown cold.


For more information:
Sweetie Bee
(515) 608-0495
89) My Razzle Dazzle: An outsider's true story 
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(89) My Razzle Dazzle is an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Beginning with a Wisconsin farm in the 1960s, Todd Peterson characterizes every outsider's candid, moving, and often hilarious coming-out story that will take you apart and put you together again. His adventures are set against a backdrop of the cultural events of the sixties and seventies and a burgeoning gay Mecca that changed our world forever. Along this unusual journey Todd not only meets carnival freaks and murderers, but also lions, tigers and bears... oh my!

Young Todd is ostracized and bullied by the kids at school, simply for being different. An outsider at school and at home, he retreats into the shadows. When Todd first amazes to Roller Derby© on TV, he identifies with the athletes who are rebels and outsiders like himself. Todd longs for a life of adventure and a place where he can belong and find acceptance and love. But does such a place even exist?

After graduating from college, Todd dreams of life beyond his Midwestern hometown and hitchhikes across the United States with only a suitcase, the money in his pocket, and a heart full of hope.

As this unique story unfolds, Todd encounters heart-wrenching setbacks and extraordinary breakthroughs. You will live this story as if it were your own and whirl with Todd around the banked track. Experience this thrilling ride of unexpected beauty and mayhem.

To order the book on Amazon:
88) Alison Larnder 
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Humor-infused UK production features fan-favourite character established as a “sexy and beautiful woman” who can “turn most straight girls gay.”

United Kingdom – April 8, 2015 – The creative brainchild of graduates from The National Film and Television School, filmed on location at its studios and described as “Extra’s meets Bridget Jones,” Kidz Time TV is a UK-based comedy-drama set behind the scenes on a live children’s television show and follows the quirky crew of “Kidz Time TV” and their exploits. 

The show has been garnering a great deal of hubbub as of late for its appeal to the LGBT community, notably for the role of “Cindy” as played by Kidz Time TV actress Nadine Lewington, a lesbian character who, in the show, endures the brunt of many jokes regarding the fact that she’s slept with a plethora of women. According to the show’s script, Cindy is a “sexy and beautiful” lesbian capable of “turning most straight women gay.” 

“As a ‘tart with a heart’ and boasting a sassy, dry wit, Cindy doesn’t fit into the average mould,” says Lewington about her character. “With a stud-like libido and a lorry full of hairspray, Cindy can always be counted on for an off-color remark…and when she’s not snickering at the dramatics unfurling around her, she’s chatting up the ladies with a crooked eyebrow and sinister Elvis-like sneer.” 

In addition to Lewington, Kidz Time TV also stars Alison Larnder, Milo Twomey, Cian Barry, Milton Johns, Kristan Phillips, John Pickard, Naomi Cooper Davis, Tom Whitecross, Mark Brighton and Catherine Nix Collins. Star Alison Larnder is credited with writing the pilot for the project, beginning her work in 2011 after friend and co-star Tom Whitecross told her about his experiences as a children’s television writer for a well-known broadcaster. 

“Indeed, Cindy was a dream to play,” concludes Lewington. “I felt as though I regressed into an earlier incarnation of myself – and that’s always fun. Plus, where else would I get to use ‘blueWaffle’ in a scene?”

Lewington played “Dr. Maddie Young” in Holby City, and is married to Michael Malarkey, who plays “Enzo” in the uber-popular Vampire Diaries. 

For more information visit and, or to watch the exploits of the Kidz Time TV characters go to [].



Media Contact Information:

Name: Alison Larnder, writer of Kidz Time TV
Website: [url] 
87) Queer Sense Media 
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(87) Gay Author Promotes Gay Activism and Social Justice with novel Fresh Meat


Dallas, TX, April 5, 2015 – Bryce Bentley Summers, gay author and proponent of gay rights, social justice, and ending prison rape against teen and young males has released his fictional suspense supernatural psychological horror novel, FRESH MEAT, on Amazon Scout. This gay author is presently asking for your nomination of his book on Amazon Scout, which costs an individual nothing to nominate.

Fresh Meat is not a work of erotica but an epic project that wholly embraces gay sexual identity. It juxtaposes the concept of gay men and their compassion for their lovers against the greedy lust and callousness that defines prison sex. This epic novel depicts a parallel between the institution of the American Slavery system against the Man versus Punk political system that defines modern day prisons.

Ben Carson, GOP Presidential candidate, recently stated homosexuality must be a choice because men go into prison straight and come out gay. He later apologized to the LGBT community, but his apology should not only have been directed to gay men who are born gay and treat their husbands and lovers with compassion. Carson should also have sincerely apologized to prison rape survivors, or the numerous teen and gay males, heterosexual and gay alike, who are sexually abused in today's modern day prisons.

Take a stand, and vote for FRESH MEAT on Amazon Scout.
86) Mr. Quinton D. Crawford 
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Indiegogo campaign: Achieve my dream to teach


This is a plea for financial help. I am trying to complete my studies in Jones International University and in desperate need of financial assistance so I may complete the required courses:

EDU-614 Student Teaching II
EDU-258 Literacy I
EDU-573 Elementary Classroom Instructional Management

I have spent years to get done, but I am now at a financial roadblock and need help to get through it. As a Graduate program student I have applied to each of the very few scholarships that apply to me for over two years, but never got help. Again, this is a plea for help!

About me:

I am a struggling student on the edge of gaining full time employment. I have only been a regular teacher overseas, and desperately wish to fill my dreams of being a teacher here in my own country.

I have been trying to fight through many obstacles to achieve my life dream, and finally settled that I really do need help for the last funding amount.


Donations made through this site shall directly go to the University on June 10, 2015 (payment).

I need a little help to become a teacher. With this help I will be able to qualified as a graduate by mid-September 2015.

# # # #

Submitted by Mr. Quinton D. Crawford
85) GrubTon Games 
Chicago, IL
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(85) “A Progressive Card Game Called "A Chaotic Life” is Rapidly Funding on Kickstarter”

GrubTon Games is very excited to debut their newest card game titled, “A Chaotic Life”. A very popular card game, it's has been rapidly funded on Kickstarter within just 26 hours, and continues to overfund. It's a chaotic, family-friendly card game that allows same sex marriage, and so supports a "marriage equality" ideal, while also being a strategic and hilarious game of unforeseen consequences and missed life goals.

The main objective of "A Chaotic Life" is to work with or against your opponents to successfully raise a baby through the stages of life - both choosing its actions and at the same time accepting the consequences - to ultimately live a wonderful or terrible life. Included in the game are seven Life Stage cards, seven Event Cards, four Special Cards, 25 Happiness Counters and 25 Sadness Counters.

Just like in real life, people make their own choices - both good and bad - and people live with the consequences. In this card game, the player does the same by playing cards. This card game is all about which cards to play and when. However, the player should bear in mind that the past affects the future! The game begins with the play of the Baby Card. The first player chooses whether the Baby should have a Terrible or a Good Life. All players then have the goal of collecting the matching counter type.

Apart from this, the players take turns playing and drawing cards, advancing the life of the baby, and at the same time collecting Happiness or Sadness Counters. But once again, all players must remember that the past affects the future! It is a fact that love can be found anywhere in life, so any combination of Adult and Spouse card can be played. This play aspect in particular has received great responses as pushing for "marriage equality" within the gaming community.

By backing this Kickstarter, players have the power to not only make this game a reality, but to also change the game! Through pledge levels and stretch goals, backers have the ability to add entirely new cards to the deck and even an entire expansion pack to every game! This card game can be purchased for an affordable price of 10 dollars with free shipping within the US.

To learn more, please check out []. For inquiries, please contact them at (847) 361-0497 or send an email to
84) Matt Di Vincere 
London, England
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Commercial sites stand by Elton John and call for a boycott on Dolce&Gabbana

London, England – March 3, 2015 – After the successful designer superstars Dolce & Gabbana presumably said in an interview that IVF children are "synthetic" (as in unnatural), in conjunction with the fact they have previously opposed gay marriage (in spite of their own sexual preferences), a wave of public criticism has flooded the internet.

Sir Elton John started the recent events by calling to boycott them, and created a new hastag in Twitter named #BoycotDolceGabbana which is booming with a new tweet every 5 to 10 seconds.

"People can make and break you", says Paul from [url][/url], which has decided to come on board with its own logo calling to tweet using this hashtag. "If you're a successful fashion designer, living off gay people, gay-friendly people, people who might have used IVF, or simply people who oppose hatred and believe in equality of rights, and you dare saying something like this, you're shooting yourself in the leg".

Will this banner go off if D&C will issue an official apology? "Let's see what Sir Elton will do in such an event; I would follow this brave man", says Paul.

About SendMoneyAustralia:

Send Money Australia is still in beta testing and has not been officially released. It helps people transfer funds to Australia paying less than they would have paid using high-street banks.

For more details, go to []

Matt Di Vincere
233 Oxford St.,
England, The UK
83) Leather 4Gay 
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Monday, 2 March 2015 11:36 PM Permalink

(83) Leather 4 Gay: Providing Custom Made To Order Leather Jockstraps (Plus Sizes Welcome)

Leather 4 Gay is an innovative website providing custom made to order leather jockstraps from £12.99-£49.99. Our motto is, “To us a customer is the most important person in our business. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.” In line with our motto, we provide leather jocks that come in 58 different types of styles designed to fulfill our customer’s every desire, fantasy, and fetish. Anyone can select from our designs or the customer’s own design can be utilized to add your personal style to any of our leather jocks.

Our leather jockstraps are custom made to order using your choice of design, size, and materials. We can design for all body sizes and types – yes, plus sizes welcome to order. Select one of our styles to set the tone for your next sexual encounter. You can confidently display your bad boy side with the real black leather jockstrap that comes with a fully detachable stud pouch. Add some activity to your leather jock experience with the black and white leather jock with front zipper. The zipper provides for easy access to your goods. Playfully guide your perspective sexual partners with the leather jock with yellow stripe. With the yellow stripe, they are sure to easily find their way to your landing zone. Finally, add to your sexual experience with your real black leather jock accessorized with a chain. This is the perfect accessory for your unique leather jockstrap.

Our customers feel safe ordering one of our leather jockstraps, as each are custom made to order and comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Now is the time to enhance your wardrobe with one of our custom made to order leather jockstraps. A reminder that we service all body types and sizes - plus sizes welcome to utilize our unique service.

Leather 4 Gay’s website allows you to personally select from our design or the customer’s own design. You select everything from the size, style, and fabric. Our designers will meet your specific requests with a custom made to order leather jockstrap manufactured in our own factory with our high quality control. You no longer need to purchase leather jocks from the store and have to suffer with an uncomfortable fit. Boost your sex life today with one of our custom made to order leather jockstraps.

Website: []
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