$300,000 McLaren 720S ‘Totaled’ In Crash Same Day It Was Bought.

The universe works in mysterious ways.  This time the universe seemed to say, “If you’re that selfish and that much of a idiot to spend 300K on a car; watch this”.

That’s not getting your money’s worth. Police in Fairfax County, Va., said a local driver totaled a McLaren 720S luxury sports car just a day after it was purchased. The department shared an image of the smashed car on Facebook with the caption: “Purchased Friday. Totaled Saturday.” The post added that speed was the main factor in the crash and warned drivers to “slow down, or it could cost you.” The driver suffered non life-threatening injuries. The Washington Post, citing police, reported that the crash unfolded at around 7:45 a.m. Saturday in Great Falls, approximately 15 miles northwest of Washington D.C. Authorities estimated that the car was worth “around $300,000.”

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