‘Best Day of Our Lives’: Weekend Plans Scrapped Nationwide to Celebrate Biden Win

Donald Trump was always deeply unpopular in large cities like New York and Washington, D.C., but this was something else.

By Will Sommer, Kelly Weill, Sara Sheridan, Tom Perkins | Daily Beast

Thousands of Americans took to the streets on Saturday, filling the air with every plausible expression of joy as Democrat Joe Biden, whose lead in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Nevada had long appeared insurmountable, was finally declared president-elect.

The end of Donald Trump’s presidency, especially loathed in large cities (some of which helped vote him out of office), was at hand. And pandemic-era weekend plans were not going to get in the way of crazed celebration.

In Washington, D.C., residents celebrated Biden’s win as close as they could get to the White House, separated from the building by blocks of security fencing. On the street, drivers honked their car horns and waiters at a restaurant spilled out and whipped napkins in celebration. A crowd carried a giant inflatable balloon of Trump as a rat to the White House celebration, where it was met with cheers.

“We’re so happy to have America back,” said Toni Marsh, a George Washington University professor who headed to the White House after the race was called for Biden.

At the fence, jubilant Biden supporters sang “Sha Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye!”

In New York City, residents spontaneously erupted in fits of honking and cheering, from traditional protest bastions like the East Village to Brownstone Brooklyn to the block outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan, an especially delicious locale for some revelers.

There, taxi drivers slammed on their horns and did solidarity fists out the window. People were hanging out car sunroofs. Rollerbladers in gay pride flags and tutus were fashioning makeshift cardboard, “You’re fired!” signs.

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