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9) Kurt Stradtman 
St Simons Island, GA
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013 05:56 PM Permalink

Kurt D. Stradtman, author of Am I The Person My Mother Warned Me About?, is proud to announce the release of his latest novel, Transcendence. A fictional novel surrounding The Book of Raziel, gay witches, and unblocking inner emotional blockages. The storyline follows Leo and his twin sister Jade who have drifted apart over the past several years. A break up between Leo and his long time partner, Eric, causes him to visit his sister in Jacksonville, Florida, a decision that will end up changing their lives forever. After meeting a strange woman, whose later revealed to be a Master Magician witch, bring together five complete strangers destined to make up a secret coven to protect The Book of Transcendence, a book said to be forged in the heavens and sent to this plane containing all the knowledge of the universe. A book based off of the Sefer Raziel HaMalakh, better known as The Book of Raziel, the book written in the heavens and given to Adam when he left The Garden of Eden The coven will have to risk their own life to prevent the book from falling into the hands of the Dark Ones. The five strangers must first learn to battle their own internal demons before learning that love and family can be strongest defense against the darkness.

Stradtman has known it was his destiny to be an author since he was a child, but didn't realize his destiny including helping others through holistic life coaching. Growing up in a coastal haven of Georgia, known simply as "The Golden Isles" (St Simons Island, GA), kept Stradtman in the closet longer than he wanted. Having grown up in a conservative town and in a conservative family, Stradtman was forced to remain in the closet, eventually urging him to move to Atlanta, GA at 20, where he felt that he would be able to live his life more honestly and openly. Finding his transition to the big city separated him from the things that mattered most (his sister and the ocean), he decided to move back, and made the journey on Thanksgiving, giving him even even more to be thankful for. After coming back to the Golden Isles, Stradtman decided it was time to come out of the closet, knowing his conservative family and friends could possibly disown him. Stradtman was met with a little resistance at first, but was welcomed with open arms by both his family and friends. Coming out was the greatest decision that he could have ever made, allowing him to breathe freely and live his life openly with no secrets. Stradtman fell in love with the holistic approach to medicine while working in Chiropractic Marketing, and decided realized his destiny, in addition to writing, was to become a Holistic Life Coach. His main goal to unblock peoples spiritual and emotional pathways, but wants to focus on helping people come out of the closet, whether they are 20 and thinking about it, or 60 and just did.

Stradtman knows the sad truth that not all coming out stories are success stories, but he wants to remind all that it gets better. Stradtman is an advocate for the HRC and anti-bullying. Stradtman, in writing Transcendence, pulled his ideas from dreams, personal experience, and real people in his life. He is excited about the main character, Leo, a witch, being openly gay and in his mid-thirties. A great relief from the ever popular young adult vampire market. There is a ever growing romance between Leo and Addision as the story develops, but because of a recent break up between Leo and his ex-partner Eric, Leo has a lot of apprehension about the idea of a relationship again, thus developing a climatic relationship building throughout the novel.

Transcendence will be available to all 11.29.13, but is available for early order by visiting [] or [] eBooks will be available in December, 2013. Kurt may be contacted at
8) Duane Simoke 
Lubbock, Texas
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 06:57 PM Permalink

Press Release: Gay Love in New SciFi Adventure

In Sons of Taldra, even an alien invasion can’t stop Telius from marrying the man he loves.

Author Duane Simolke is slowly posting the first several chapters of that novel at the site Goodreads.Com, with plans to later release it as an eBook.

Many of the characters first appeared in Simolke’s book Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure, which received a StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts award. However, Sons of Taldra is a stand-alone novel.

The blog [DuaneSimolke.Com] features links to those works, Gertrude Stein sites, gay movie reviews, the free comedy eBook Fat Diary, the gay love poem Home, and much more.

Simolke lives in West Texas, which provided the setting for one of his most popular books, The Acorn Stories. Kirkus Reviews wrote that “A lush tangle of small-town life branches out in this engrossing collection of short stories.”


7) tara thomas 
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Tuesday, 1 October 2013 02:29 AM Permalink

(7) Twala Meju and Tara Thomas Agency presents


SPANKY'S STORY "Tragedy Is The New Triumph." It was Christmas 2008 when Officer Robinson surprised his family with little 8 weeks old Dotson, Spanky. He was full of life and loving all of his new found attention. Unfortunately Spanky's accident would occur one year later, when the Robinson family rescued a stray Pit Bull who was roaming the neighborhood. The stray Pit Bull appeared abandoned for some time, very malnourished however loving. Upon nursing him back to health, they had all fallen in love with him and decided to make him a permanent addition to the family. A couple months after, Officer Robinson’s daughter Caela was taking the trash out and as usual Spanky followed behind, Caela hadn't noticed that the Pit had gotten out as well. Spanky went straight into protection mode as he saw him approaching Caela, growling and barking. By the time Caela could turn to see what Spanky was growling at, all she saw was the Pit coming full charge towards Spanky. She called out in an effort to stop him but he continued in his pursuit of grabbing Spanky repeatedly. Spanky being a defender, never gave up and upon each release kept charging back to defend Caela

This is Spanky's story!!

To order High end clothing for you pet contact Tara Thomas at 1888-810-7164 ext 803
6) Dr. John Spencer Ellis 
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
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Monday, 23 September 2013 11:49 PM Permalink

(6) The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) recently celebrated its fourth anniversary. The association has grown into the world's largest mixed martial arts coach training centre within a very short period. Coaches who come out certified from here, train the top boxers in the field with amazing talent and poise. The CEO of MMACA Dr. John Spencer Ellis said in a recent press conference, "I am so proud of our certified coaches. They have proven to the world that they have the skills to train the most elite champions in martial arts". The coaches are trained here to motivate the athletes in the best possible way no matter they are super stars or just starters. Over 1000 coaches have finished the training here successfully in the past four years. They now train various kickboxing champions, UFC fighters, boxers and wrestlers.

People interested in mixed martial arts often struggle to make a decent living as they do not have expertise in one particular form of martial arts. They also struggle because they do not know how to make the best use of their knowledge and because they do not know how to approach the right people. On the other hand several students and professional fighters are in fervent search of good mixed martial arts coaches because they can teach them the technique of several martial art forms in a combo. MMACA located at [] was started with the sole aim of filling this gap in the industry. The association identifies people with potential talent and interest in mixed martial arts and trains them to become coaches for professional fighters. The coaches are taught whom to approach and when and introduced to a series of right contacts through which they can make a fortune easily. They get both money and fame, whilst they satisfy their mental crave for mixed martial arts easily.

MMACA teaches the coach trainees to bring out the best in the athletes they are training. Earning a certification from the association has already become a very prestigious task in the industry. The association trains both men and women alike. They instil in the coaches a strong sense of patience and demanding mentality which will settle for nothing less than perfection. The coaches train the athletes who come to them with care and concern bringing out the best in them within no time.

Hence MMACA coaches are sought by all major professional athletes. In addition to training the fighters physically, the coaches also act as capable managers. They draw a strict line between the personal and professional life of the players and serve as their friend as well as guides influencing them to achieve the great constantly.

Several people interested in mixed martial arts shrink when it comes to choosing the sport as a full time career. MMACA has eliminated that fear and hesitation from the mind of hundreds of their coaches. The association guarantees financial fulfilment through employment guidance as well as mental satisfaction for all those interested in the sport within a very short time.
If you are looking forward to cash in your interest Mixed Martial Arts, approach MMACA without hesitation.

For more inquiries, please contact
MMA Conditioning Association
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Website: - []

Phone: - (877) 348-6692

YouTube: - []
5) Devin Young 
Cathedral City, CA
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Tuesday, 17 September 2013 03:37 AM Permalink



Cathedral City, California (PNN MEDIA GROUP) Tues Sept 17th, 2013 -- PNN Media Group, producers of the Interfusion Music Summit, announced today that this year’s event will include a new event called "Battle of the Local Bands".

“This is the third year for IMS and we wanted to come up with something that would get more locals involved”, said IMS co-producer Allen Edwards. “This year, we're adding Battle of the Local bands that will get local talent involved in this national music event".

IMS is all about DJs, bands and artists descending upon the desert for workshops, roundtables, seminars and live performances. All this talent is coming from all over the world. IMS will now have an exclusive schedule for local performers to compete for a chance to win a day of recording in a local Cathedral City professional recording studio with sound engineer and the works. They will also get a national branding package along with PR and marketing consultation.

Judging will be based on a panel of music professionals and this is where local Coachella Valley residents can get involved. On-location ballots will be available for residents to vote for their favorite during the competition. It's a chance to enjoy great weather, great music and interact with the event.

For more information about IMS' Battle of the Local Bands; go to []

About IMS 2013:

The third annual Interfusion Music Summit will be happening October 10th through 13th in Cathedral City, California.

The Interfusion Music Summit is presented by the host city of Cathedral City, CA. IMS is intended for music industry professionals to revive their careers, learn marketing and promotion techniques, boost business and to discuss the future of the music industry. During this 4-day event; artists, bands and DJs come together, learn from each other, perform with each other creating an ‘interfusion’. The weekend consists of a live downtown concert where the public is welcome to come and watch all genres of music performances. This year’s “Concert In The Square” will broadcast all performances on and on Roku's Netflix box.

About Cathedral City, California:

Incorporated in 1981, Cathedral City is dedicated to providing a quality lifestyle and business climate for those here now and those in the future. The Coachella Valley,with a population of 343,377, is the very essence of Southern California lifestyle - a destination of friendly neighborhoods, lush country clubs, diverse shopping and
unlimited business potential.

About PNN Media Group:

PNN Media Group has been in the music and entertainment business for nearly 20 years. This award winning company owns PNN Radio and Proud Television and has worked with several cities and companies to promote, sponsor and create events, including SpinBALL, Desert Romp, PrideNation Weekends and more. Clients include The City of Cathedral City, The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism (Directors Choice Award, Spring Break Campaign, Gay & Lesbian Visitors Guide & Map), Billboard®, Bravo TV, The Travel Channel, CNN and More.

# # #

Contact Information

Devin Young
Interfusion Music Summit

phone: 760-896-4238
4) Allyssa Rapp 
Palm Springs, CA
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Monday, 16 September 2013 06:47 PM Permalink

(4) The Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF), scheduled from January 3 - 13, 2014, will mark its 25th Anniversary this year. Last year’s Festival screened 180 films from 68 countries, including 61 premieres. The Festival presents a majority of the films submitted for consideration in the Best Foreign Language category for the Academy Awards, as well as a large number of American independent and international features and documentaries marking their world, North American or U.S. premieres.

The Festival will hold its annual star-studded black tie Awards Gala on Saturday, January 4, 2014 at the Palm Springs Convention Center at 5:00 p.m. The Awards Gala will honor individuals in the film industry with awards for acting, directing, achievement in film scoring and lifetime achievement. Last year’s Festival honorees were Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Mychael Danna, Sally Field, Richard Gere, Tom Hooper, Helen Hunt, Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts, and Robert Zemeckis.

Beginning Friday, January 3rd and throughout the Festival, fifteen screens throughout Palm Springs will operate from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. The Opening Night screening and reception will be held that evening. The Closing Night screening will take place on Sunday, January 12th, and the Best of the Festival will screen all day on Monday, January 13th.

Presented by the Palm Springs International Film Society, the PSIFF is one of the largest film festivals in North America. The Festival also features cultural events, filmmaker tributes and its popular "Talking Pictures" series of on-stage interviews with some of the leading talents in contemporary cinema.

For tickets or additional information, call the festival headquarters at (760) 322-2930 or visit the website at []
3) Michael Green 
Palm Springs, CA
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Monday, 16 September 2013 01:11 AM Permalink

(3) Thanks to NEXT Vacations, everyone who attends any of the AM screenings (9:30am, 11am, or 11:30am) at Cinema Diverse this year will have a chance to win some great Cruise-related prizes. NEXT Vacations, a Cinema Diverse Title Sponsor, offers a number of great LGBT cruises, including Cinema Diverse at Sea – a partnership film festival at sea between NEXT Vacations and Cinema Diverse. For more information on their LGBT cruises, sign up for their Five-Star LGBT Travel Newsletter at [] <>

Cinema Diverse is presented by The Palm Springs Cultural Center, a local nonprofit which serves as an incubator for local cultural arts programs and events. The annual celebration of LGBT films and filmmakers runs for four days at the Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs.

NOTE: All CINEMA DIVERSE screenings will be held at Camelot Theatres

By Del Shores
Screening Only: $15.00
Screening & Opening Night Reception: $35.00

All Access Pass $149.00 (excludes Opening Night Reception)

All Access Pass with Opening Night Pre-Reception $169.00

6 Pack Deal - Select 6 films for $69.00 (excludes Opening Night Film)

Festival Screenings = $13.00 (on sale after September 1st)

To purchase your tickets in-person, visit:
Camelot Theatres Box Office
(Open Daily, Call for Hours)
2300 E. Baristo Road,
Palm Springs, CA, 92262,
Box Office: 760-325-6565

Telephone Orders: 888-718-4253

Order ONLINE at: []
or on FACEBOOK at:

Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is presented by the Palm Springs Cultural Center, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
2) IMS 2013 
Cathedral City, CA
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Thursday, 12 September 2013 10:07 PM Permalink

(2) Artists, bands and DJs from around the world descend upon the beautiful desert city of Cathedral City, California for an amazing live concert. Jazz, pop, R&B, country, blues, dance interfuse to bring one of the most amazing music events of the year. This is a live music event like you've never seen before. Artists, DJs and bands that you've never seen before. Join us Saturday and Sunday, October 12 & 13 for a live music event.

Broadcast nationally on & Netflix box!


1) PrideNation Network 
Palm Springs, CA
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013 09:09 PM Permalink

(1) PrideNation Network launched the all-new which allows users to blast their press releases nationally to the LGBTQ community. distributes your press release to numerous subscribing websites, social networks, email blasts, mobile apps and more.

This service can be utilized at
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