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139) jason miller 
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Detroit, U.S.A. (August 17th, 2016) – Distress Alarm app launched on Android to provide physical safety to mobile users.

The app sounds a loud alarm, if not responded to, it will call emergency services. It can also be configured to call a friend or family member.

Distress alarm also features emergency SMS with location details. Photos can also be attached along with the distress message to get appropriate help.

“I created the app to help anyone that feels they might need to call emergency whether due to being in a bad situation, drugs, or ill but wouldn’t be able to make the call in time themselves. It’s inspired by a friend who died from a drug overdose reaching for her phone across the room on the charger,” says Jason Miller, the creator of Distress Alarm.

Distress Alarm app contains a database of hospitals, police stations and emergency numbers for help while travelling.

Distress Alarm for Android is available on Google Play for free worldwide:

Jason Miller

Media Contact
Company Name: Distress Alarm App
Contact Person: Jason Miller
Phone: 773-536-9693
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Country: United States

138) michael budd 
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Monday, 15 August 2016 09:09 PM Permalink

Amazing People Pictures LTD (2010)
Building 53a,
Fox Studios Australia, FSA #30

For More Information
Jessica Butland
+61 (0) 403 066 987


Award Winning Aussie Filmmaker Projects Positive LGBT Representation

Sydney, AUS – 5 August 2016 –

Exciting new Australian feature film ‘Life of the Party’ is set to bring another positive female-female relationship to our screens in 2017.

Award winning filmmaker Michael Budd will be directing this touching and quirky comedy/drama about three friends attempting to break the world record for the longest house party. The project is quickly gaining support from the LGBT community due to its focus on ensuring we start to see real and positive representation of same sex relationships on our screens.

More information on this can be found by giving Jessica Butland a call or email (as above). This is a big and current issue facing the LGBT community and we sincerely hope in starting to bring more positive representation to our screens we can slowly change the world’s thinking and attitude towards LGBT couples and people.

The Life of the Party is a story which does not focus its entire story line on a relationship between two women; although does do something equally as important and compelling.

Amazing People Pictures recognizes the lack of positive LGBT+ representation in the film and television industry today and stress that it is not okay that so many men and women do not have an accurate representation of what life can or should be like for them in films and television programs. Worse still, young adults who find it difficult enough as it is to find themselves in this world are constantly viewing a negative and often unhappy situation involving characters that they identify with. This has been shown to have an extremely detrimental effect on the LGBT+ community. It is time that the negative or abnormal representation of LGBT+ people in fictional film and television media stops.

To help fund this project: []

Jessica Butland Ph: 0403 066 987 E:
137) Nurx 
San Francisco
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(137) San Francisco Startup Delivers HIV Prevention Medication

Nurx recently launched an app allowing people to have the HIV prevention medication delivered right to their door.

San Francisco, August 8, 2016: Nurx, a health technology startup based in San Francisco, recently launched an app making PrEP more accessible to those who need it. Through the app, users are prescribed Truvada, and have it delivered to their door within days. PrEP (short for Pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a relatively new HIV prevention method in which people who do not have HIV take a daily pill (Truvada) to reduce chances of infection.

“Each year, more than 40,000 Americans are infected with HIV, however studies show that if taken daily, Truvada for PrEP can significantly reduce the chances of transmission of the virus. Our app makes Truvada more accessible for people who need this revolutionary drug”, says Edvard Engesaeth a medical doctor and cofounder of Nurx.

A recent report in the Oxford Journal found PrEP to be as safe as taking Aspirin, however, access to this revolutionary drug is a problem for many at-risk users today. According to the CDC, 1.2 million people should be on Truvada, yet only 21,000 actually take the drug. Lack of awareness about the drug is one reason why. Federal health officials estimate that about one third of primary care doctors and nurses are actually unaware of Truvada.

Accessibility is another reason for the low number of PrEP users. “In addition to the stigma and lack of information about PrEP, there is also a shortage of doctors who will prescribe it. We are making PrEP more accessible to those that need and want it,” says Hans Gangeskar, CEO and co-founder of Nurx.

In 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Truvada to be used to reduce the risk of HIV transmission among individuals who do not have the virus and who are at high risk of being infected. If taken daily, PrEP can reduce the risk of getting HIV from sex by more than 90% and more than 70% among people who inject drugs. This past September, after the culmination of two-and-a-half-year study involving 657 patients who took Truvada for PrEP, researchers announced that there were no new HIV infections.

About Nurx

Nurx is a health technology startup based in San Francisco, California and was founded by Hans Gangeskar and Edvard Engesaeth, MD. Truvada for PrEP is the second medication to be made available through the Nurx app. To learn more about Nurx, visit Images for the app can be found at []

4 Steps to PrEP With Nurx:

1.) Health Questions: Answer a few questions, enter your insurance, and shipping information.

2.) Lab Testing: Get tested at one of hundreds of locations around California. It only takes 15 mins.

3.) Delivered to Your Door: Your prescription is delivered on-time, and at no extra cost.

4.) Follow Up Care: Stay in touch with our doctor using our app.
136) PNN PR Services 
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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 04:35 PM Permalink

(136) Author Launches A Suite of 13 Erotic Lesbian Romance Episodes

“Branding Her” is a steamy lesbian romance series by international author Alex B Porter.

Nationwide, July 12, 2016: Finally a fictional series not aimed for the male reader but directly targeting the lesbian community; Branding Her is a 13-episode steamy lesbian romance series spread over 6 books. The series follows Kaylee, single mom who meets Alexis, her superior at work. They soon start dating and embark on a relationship that gets steamier and more carnal as the series progresses. Each episode is an easy reading short story and most end in a "happy ever after" erotic romance style. All books are available on Amazon Kindle, paperback and audiobook format.

“Branding Her is aimed at lesbian, bisexual and curious women who are looking for an erotic romance that spans more than a few books. The series contains 13 episodes and 5 bonus stories which follow a new relationship and yes, it contains a lot of sex. Good sex!” says author Alex B Porter.

The first book in the series (episodes 1&2) is available as a free ebook on all major platforms and the second book is priced at $0.99, available on Amazon and also as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription

About the Author

Alex B. Porter is a fiction author of steamy lesbian romance. At 32 years old, Alex bounces between Shoreditch, London and Belfast but has spent significant time in the United States. She lives with her lifetime partner, a talented artist, and Neko the cat. Alex was unhappy in her hectic, big-city career, and recently ditched the corporate world to pursue her dream of writing and curating erotic romance for lesbian, bi and women. When she isn’t spinning her sexy stories to the beat of a large Merlot, Alex enjoys travel, music, the arts, and experimentation. You can now find Alex’s work for purchase and download on Amazon Kindle or paperback or audiobook..

Branding Her Excerpt:

“Suddenly, Alex was kissing her, slow but unyielding, in the middle of the street and in broad daylight. Kaylee closed her eyes, the rest of the world fading away until there was only Alex’s lips brushing against hers. She responded fervently, moving closer so that their bodies pressed together. When at last she broke the kiss, Alex smiled sweetly and continued walking, as if nothing at all had happened.”

Contact info for book and author:

A sweepstake-style contest is running to win the entire Branding Her series (6 winners will be chosen). Enter here: [] Entries are open July 15th through July 17th. Meanwhile you can read the first two episodes for free.

Branding Her, book 1 (FREE) : []
Genre: Lesbian romance / Lesbian erotica



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(135) A new erotic community with an interesting approach is born. is a 100% free site made by sex lovers for sex lovers. They introduce new interesting features like bnb for open minded., love nest, random audio chat sex school, erotic games in organized groups, travels and sex party for different tastes and sexuality. The site is a living place and continue develop it together with their members. Try it and we hope you will love it.

Would you like to be invited to sex party’s close to your home. Invited by people that has the same fetish or sexuality as you have? Are you interested in arranging a sex party by yourself?

Well, with clubang you have a perfect tool to arrange and get in contact with a lot of people. You can view the person's profile that would like to come and you can pick out as many you want of them that are allowed to come.

Check it out at []
134) Sylvain Seccia 
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(134) Désiré is a poetic point-and-click adventure game in black and white.

When the schoolteacher asks Désiré why he didn't draw the sun like the other pupils, he replies spontaneously: « It's always night in my head. »

Désiré is colour-blind from birth and he will lead you into in world of black and white. He marches on hesitantly, as life never brought him much joy. From a tender age, he is going to meet several characters who will elicit in Désiré intense emotions and alter his vision in surprising ways. Is colour at the end of the road?

The game is, at its core, a critique of the modern world and of the perverting nature of a consumer, profit-obsessed society.

The game contains 4 chapters, 50+ scenes, 40+ characters and a lot of riddles.

French, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian.
133) Jake Biondi 
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For Immediate Release
Jake Biondi releases fifth ‘BOYSTOWN’ book

Announces new partnership with James Franklin Photography
and a sexy new look for the entire series

“It’s finally here,” author Jake Biondi said of his fifth BOYSTOWN book, which he released on June 1, 2016. “The wait is over and fans can now discover what happened to their favorite BOYSTOWN characters whose lives were hanging in the balance at the end of the fourth book.”

Biondi also announced his new partnership with photographer James Franklin, who will now be responsible for photography and design of BOYSTOWN book covers and promotional materials. “Working with James is a dream come true,” Biondi explained. “He is not only a phenomenal photographer, but he has an incredible vision for taking the BOYSTOWN brand to the next level. James is a pleasure to work with because he has a great heart and generous spirit; he believes in the BOYSTOWN series and is working to bring it to an even wider, more diverse audience.” Franklin has recently revealed his newly-designed BOYSTOWN book covers. “I think the fans are going to be very impressed by the new ‘look’ James has created,” Biondi said. “It’s fresh and exciting.”

When asked about the fifth BOYSTOWN book, Biondi said, “I think the word I’d use to describe the new book is ‘more.’ It’s the longest book in the series so far, so there’s more for readers to enjoy -- more romance, more friendship, more suspense, more drama, and certainly more twists and turns. I think readers will be surprised and excited with each turn of a page.”

Biondi added, “I am so grateful for my readers and their positive response to the series. I regularly receive notes from fans who are connecting with the characters and want to know what the future holds for them. The broad appeal of the book series is incredible. BOYSTOWN has a really diverse audience.”

BOYSTOWN Season Five is already receiving rave reviews. Reviewer Roger Ward stated, “This latest book in the series solidifies my belief that Jake Biondi is one of the most masterful writers of fiction of our time.” He added, “The storyline is both riveting and addictive and will leave the reader dumbfounded by the unending suspense and intrigue found on nearly every page of the book.”

Rainbow Gold Reviews wrote, “If you enjoy a great soap opera like story, with interesting and diverse characters, you will love the BOYSTOWN series and Season Five is the best one yet!” And Love Bytes Reviews stated, “Jake Biondi has a way of writing a story that sucks you in from the first word on the page to the last word on the last one. I would put his writing abilities against any screenwriter of any soap opera that’s on TV today and still call him the best. His characters are extremely engaging, his storylines are superb, and the cliffhangers will leave you breathless and waiting in eager anticipation to see what happens next.”

Biondi promised that readers won’t be disappointed. “Season Five picks up right where book four left off and reveals the deaths of at least two major characters. While I won’t reveal who lives and who dies, I will say this: lives and relationships will be forever changed.” Biondi added that BOYSTOWN Season Five continues the storylines from the first four books while introducing new ones -- and some great new characters, too.

“BOYSTOWN is a must-read series filled with twists and turns that everyone will love,” said BOYSTOWN team captain Cory Zwierzynski, who is featured on the new book cover. “I was so grateful when Jake Biondi asked me to join the BOYSTOWN team. As one of the original team members, I have watched the BOYSTOWN audience grow with the release of each installment of the series.” About Biondi, Zwierzynski said, “Working with Jake has been awesome. Over the past three years, we have gotten to know each other well and have become good friends. He knows how to tell a great story and keep the audience engaged from the very first page of each book. I am grateful to be one of the faces of BOYSTOWN.”

As in his other books, Biondi “pays it forward” by featuring some of his favorite performers in BOYSTOWN Season Five. Biondi is “thrilled” to again present sensational singer Chadwick Stadt in the BOYSTOWN series. “Chadwick is a dear friend and a phenomenal performer, so it’s an honor for me to be able to showcase his talent again in Season Five,” Biondi said. Stadt added, “It's so exciting to be included in such a great book series that will have you turning page after page!”

Season Five also welcomes back the “Whiskey & Cherries” trio, singer Amy Armstrong, and pop sensation Steve Grand. “Meredith, Danielle, and I are thrilled to again be written into the BOYSTOWN series. Jake has done it again. Every time I sit down to read the newest season of BOYSTOWN, I think, ‘There is no way this season can possibly be better than the last.’ But I'm always proven wrong. Each season the character development, betrayal and secrets among those characters, and the unexpected plot-line twists continue to get better and better. I applaud Biondi on his amazing ability to leave the reader in absolute astonishment throughout the book, but especially in the last episode of each season. Once you've turned that last page, you literally cannot wait for the next season to be released,” said Brian Felder of “Whiskey and Cherries.”

The BOYSTOWN series has a fascinating history. It began as an online story released in installments, each ending with a cliffhanger that left readers wondering what would happen to their favorite characters. Enthusiastic BOYSTOWN fans from all over the world petitioned Biondi to release the installments more quickly; they simply couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Overwhelmed by and grateful for the fans’ responses to the series, Biondi began to write more quickly and also began to publish the series in book format.

Like the first four books, BOYSTOWN Season Five is available at bookstores across the country as well at online at,, and iTunes. The series is available in paperback, audio book, and all e-book formats. Readers may order autographed paperback copies of the books directly from

Biondi is working with two television producers who are interested in bringing the BOYSTOWN series to television. Biondi remains optimistic that fans all over the world will soon be able to watch their favorite BOYSTOWN characters in action on television. Zwierzynski said, “BOYSTOWN will make a fantastic TV series because it presents a diverse group of characters that appeal to a wide reading and viewing audience.” Divine Magazine wrote, “Biondi’s BOYSTOWN was birthed ready for prime time television.” And Gay Media Reviews stated, “This series could completely be made into a television series and I believe that it should be as when reading this series I actually felt that I was watching a drama TV series.”

For additional information, more photos, or to schedule an interview with author Jake Biondi, please send an email to Biondi may also be contacted via,, Twitter (@boystown_series), Instagram (@boystowntheseries), and
# # #
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DETOURS Adds South Africa as Newest LGBT Tour Destination
12-day South Africa trips mark Detours’ 6th global destination

CALGARY, AB, JUNE 9th, 2016 - The team at Detours is excited to announce the addition of a brand new destination to their growing list of global hotspots. Detours now offers trips to South Africa, marking the gay group travel company’s first trips to the African continent, and the introduction of an affordable and high-value option for gay travelers to the country.

The new 12-day experience through South Africa showcases the wide diversity of the country. The trip will start in the cosmopolitan, postcard-perfect city of Cape Town, then continue on to the expansive country estates of the Winelands before flying to the world famous safaris of Kruger park, ending with a big finish in the busy metropolis of Johannesburg.

Miles Mitchinson, Adventure Director at Detours says, “We’re thrilled to announce such an epic bucket list destination for our travelers, a destination with countless once-in-a-lifetime-type experiences that are guaranteed to leave everyone in awe.”

The new South Africa excursion will be held four times in 2017, starting with January and February departures to capture the country’s summer season, followed by June and October departures, giving travelers a wide range of departure options.

Detours is a premier international group tour operator for gay travelers, offering a unique travel concept that promotes flexibility and going beyond “cookie-cutter” structured itineraries within their trips.

The Detours team currently offers trips through Spain, Greece, Costa Rica, Thailand, Peru, and now South Africa, while also assisting in creating custom trips to dozens of other destinations around the world.

More information about all of Detours trips and services, including how to sign up for a 12-day South Africa trip, can be found at [] Travel agent partners are welcome to register to gain access to Detours agent site through []
131) William Shepard 
New York, NY
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NYPD to Celebrate LGBT Pride
at 1 Police Plaza After Decade’s Absence

May 27, 2016

New York City -- NYPD Commissioner William J. Bratton will lead the first LGBT Pride celebration at NYPD Headquarters in over ten years with the support of The Gay Officers Action League (GOAL), the organization supporting LGBT and allied officers of the New York Police Department (NYPD). The event, which will include keynote speakers, live entertainment, and the presentation of awards, will be held at 1 Police Plaza on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 6pm EST.

Honorees include: host Elvis Duran and Chief of Department James P. O’Neil.

“I am committed to making the NYPD the very best it can be, including in the areas of diversity and equality. We look forward to welcoming the LGBTQ community into One Police Plaza and celebrating with the Out and Proud Members of the Department,” said Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

This historic return of Pride celebrations to NYPD headquarters follows a series of advancements for LGBT visibility in the city’s police—both within the force and in the community. In 2013, GOAL marched in the all-inclusive Queens St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Their positive reception helped move the needle, allowing multiple LGBT groups to be included in the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day march in Manhattan. Members of GOAL NY have marched in NYC’s Pride parade continuously since the 1980’s, and have proudly marched in uniform since winning that privilege in 1996.

GOAL Estimates that there are over two thousand (2000) members of the Criminal Justice Community in the Greater NYC Area that identify as LGBT.

"We are excited to bring this celebration of our heritage back to One Police Plaza, and to be joined by the leadership of the Police Department and distinguished honorees like Mr. Elvis Duran,” said Detective Brian E. Downey, President of GOAL. “We encourage all those we proudly protect and serve to come meet the LGBTQ members of their police department, who are proving every day that being out and being a force for good in the city we love never needs to be mutually exclusive.”

GOAL has three primary mission objectives: support active duty and retired lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) law enforcement officers and other personnel of recognized law enforcement institutions; educate and provide sensitivity training for non- LGBT law enforcement officers/personnel with respect to issues of employment of LGBT law enforcement officers/personnel and providing services to the LGBT community at large; and promote a positive relationship between the law enforcement community and the LGBT community through a variety of community services and educational forums, with an emphasis on the principles of justice, equity, and equality within the area of law enforcement.

About GOAL:
The Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) was formed in 1982 to address the needs, issues and concerns of gay and lesbian law enforcement personnel. Originally a fraternal organization, GOAL has advocated for the rights of its members and assisted them on matters of discrimination, harassment and disparate treatment in the workplace. GOAL members include both active and retired uniformed and civilian personnel employed in criminal justice professions.
130) Ricky Reidling 
Palm Springs, California
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Friday, 20 May 2016 02:23 PM Permalink

(130) The Gay Television Series "BoysTown" returns for Season 2

Reidling Entertainment is excited to announce the return of "BoysTown" to the cable network OUTtv that currently airs in Canada and Europe.
RIcky Reidling, creator of the series and who also plays one of the lead actors calls it a cross between a gay Desperate Housewives and Sex & the City. It's about eight men always finding themselves into situations that they have a hard time getting out of. The series films in the Los Angeles area and Ricky hopes that eventually it will get some air time here in the U.S.
Reidling expressed his excitement for this season stating it is their best work yet.

Series includes lead actors J. Hunter Ackerman,Jesse Seann Atkinson, Eric Dean, Albertossy Espinoza,Jim Patneaude, Ricky Reidling, Patrick Tatten and Peter Welkin

Along with supporting actors this season: Pati Lauren, Berna Roberts, Ronnie Kerr, Jeff Marchelletta,Piankhi Iknaton,Taylor Fenwick and Michael Vaccarro

Season 1 of BoysTown is available on dvd, Itunes and Google Play
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