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(1) Same-sex marriage U.S. Supreme Court case film takes viewers behind-the-scenes

See the people and events that led to the U.S. Supreme Court
legalizing same-sex marriage.

Three years ago Tim Love and Larry Ysunza walked into a county clerk’s office in Kentucky and were denied a marriage license. They decided to join a lawsuit started by two attorneys with no background in civil rights. Love v. Kentucky chronicles their journey and the story of how an unlikely group of attorneys from the Bluegrass State and across the U.S. came together to challenge their country’s definition of marriage. Americans get a rare chance to go behind-the-scenes to witness what goes into a Supreme Court case, the untold heated debate that led to Mary Bonauto arguing in front of the nine Justices instead of the Louisville counsel, and a chance to meet the many plaintiffs who put their personal lives on public display.

Alex Schuman, Love v. Kentucky’s executive producer and director, happened to be the only reporter with Tim and Larry when they were denied their license. This sparked a relationship with the couple that led to this otherwise undocumented story.

“We ended up with almost 90 hours of footage that was whittled down into this 87 minute film,” Alex Schuman Director and Executive Producer said. “Our aim was to capture the different dynamics involved in this historic case. We wanted a movie people would enjoy and that honored the generosity of everyone willing to take part in the film.”

Love v. Kentucky focuses on the cases Bourke v. Beshear and Love v. Beshear, but contains interviews with attorneys from Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Mary Bonauto. Dan Canon, Kentucky’s lead attorney, is now a candidate for Congress.

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Distributed by Gravitas Ventures, Love v. Kentucky is now available in 100 million households.

Alex Schuman - Executive Producer and Director

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