PNN + Mobile App adds ‘PoP-Gay MTV’ and ‘Serenity Now’ to Its’ Lineup

By Dr. James Partyka | PNN +Health and

⁣As a Clinical Pharmacist and Scientist, I have many family members and friends who feel overwhelmed by walking into a pharmacy or a store searching for an Over the Counter (OTC) medication for a common ailment. Often times, I see patients quickly walking and frantically looking for the “right” medication in the array of brand names, advertisements and warnings on the brightly colored boxes. Which medication is best for my child, my parent, or me? It can be problematic to make your medication decisions in haste and when making these choices it’s always best to ask your pharmacist, the medication expert, and/or check recommended reliable sources containing easy to read information before buying and taking your first dose.

When I have had the opportunity to speak with “My Pharmacist”, I always have felt reassured that I’m purchasing the best OTC medication for my family member or myself, and that my medication questions are adequately answered. Most U.S. trained and licensed pharmacists attend college for a minimum of 6 to 10 years studying about medications and how they work best for patients. Unfortunately, a pharmacist may not immediately be available for you to ask a question or He/She is not present at the closest store to your home. Is this OTC medicine safe for me considering that I have high blood pressure? Is this medicine effective in relieving my heartburn? Is this expensive medicine the best for me to relieve my headache? What’s the difference between this product and the generic product. Is this medicine safe for my child? Is a generic medication available instead of the brand name at a lower cost?

PNN +Health will provide you with accurate information pertaining to OTC and prescription medications, and will provide you with accurate med info based on safety and efficacy for your ailment(s), even while your’e on the go.

New features on our Updated PNN + Health mobile app include all the news and entertainment of PNN.One +PLUS New Healthy Features including an easy to understand online drug reference index provided to you by the FDA called “Virtual Pharmacy Info”; a virtual chat bot to assess your symptoms called “Dr. Symptom Checker”; a health information website provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) called “Trending Health”; “Ask“, a Social Media Healthcare Network containing over 15 channel networks based on your individual healthcare interests and goals; and “PHARMATIVE Live”, a library of short video clips to answer some of your most common healthcare questions.

PoP-Gay MTV and Serenity Now

Other new features include: 1) ‘PoP-Gay MTV’- Stream your Classic Music Videos on your Phone, Laptop or Flat-screen with the Push of a Hot Demand Button; 2) ‘Serenity Now’- a music streaming channel to help you relax, calm down and sleep.

All of these resources and services are provided to you at no cost and will provide accurate and timely information to you in order to educate yourself and make informed decisions with your healthcare professionals (HCPs).

So, the next time you’re in need of medical information for either yourself, family member or friend, check out PNN +Health App first before you leave your house to ask your pharmacist, clinician or technician.

PNN + Health Mobile Apps are available for download today at your Apple and Android stores or update your existing PNN.One app. For more information see

Stay Healthy!

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