Congressman Antonio Sabato Jr? Let’s Hope Not.


Actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr. continues his race for a congressional seat to represent most of Ventura County.  In case you don’t remember, Sabato was vocal about Obama being muslim.  He considers himself to be a strong conservative, even though he just finalized his divorce last week and allegedly abused prescription drugs (which he had been to rehab for).

Sabato spoke at the 2016 GOP national convention, was leading fellow Republican Jeffrey Burum by more than 2,000 votes Wednesday morning when the Associated Press called the race.

Sabato, who appeared on the ballot simply as Antonio Sabato, will face incumbent Democrat Julia Brownley, who had more than double Sabato’s vote tally in the primary as of Wednesday morning.

Earlier this year, Burum, a retired Air Force major, had called on Sabato to end his campaign, saying movies where Sabato simulated sex with a man and appeared nude were “pornography” that made him unfit to represent the GOP in Congress.

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