Dark Donations of the Coachella Valley, a New Podcast

"Shadow of the Witch"

Do you know about the “Shadow of the Witch of Tahquitz”?

The Shadow of the Witch of Tahquitz is an everyday naturally occurring phenomenon. There are many Cahuilla Indian legends and early Palm Springs legends associated with Tahquitz canyon, The Witch and the Ancient Indian Medicine Man. Nestled near the left hand of the Shadow of the Witch is the entrance to Prince Anon’s home.

“Dark Donations of the Coachella Valley” is a brand new podcast coming soon to PNN.One. It’s the story of the past, present and future happenings in the Coachella Valley. Prince Anon is a local resident of Palm Springs, California, and is your Narrator and host of #DarkDonations, the podcast.

In the first episode of Dark Donations, Prince Anon welcomes you in to his life and starts telling his story about his quest for knowledge, peace, power and love, and he introduces you to his long term companion, Andrew and dearest friend Bella.

Here’s an excerpt from Dark Donations Episode One:

After many years of training and traveling on my own, I found myself at a crossroad. My partner and I were now living in a small friendly town in the Coachella valley called Palm Springs. My longtime friends are both highly creative and skilled, and we have all developed a kinship along with a common purpose.

Our tribe has had many names over the centuries, but now we are most commonly known as “The Elders”. Frequently, we all gather to read poetry and ancient writings; enjoy outdoor activities, meditate and, listen to music. You see, I found myself to be a destined leader of the group along with my long term companion, Andrew. I’m not sure why that is, but it was, is and always will be. Perhaps, it’s because we were the strongest and the most skilled with our given empathic and psychic abilities; and with strong in spirit and curiosity to lead us and others to a more peaceful future existence of knowledge, creativity and love.

Tonight was our millennial anniversary of our existence as a group bound together in celestial solidarity. It was a night of astrological significance as “we were all becoming monsters” together again for the nineth time. We were all incredibly intelligent, intuitive and with expansive knowledge of quantum physics, and tonight we will combine once again our collective energies to bring us closer to another existence. You might be wondering why I’m sharing this to you all now. It’s comes in this moment at this time for you all to take a leap of faith and join us.

Dark Donations of the Coachella Valley, a New Original Podcast Series
Coming Soon to PNN.One

Later that day, I took a walk down Palm Canyon with my dear friend Bella, not far from our home entrance near the “Shadow of the Witch”. We were near the Lion’s cafe as we gazed up and noticed the formation of a perfect, pinkish cumulus cloud encompassing the entire peak of the San Jacinto mountain. Bella looked up and in her zany way said to me: “I’d like to lick and eat that cloud like a piece of cotton candy in one big swallow. We both laughed out loud and continued with our stroll…

To be continued very soon in our brand new Original PNN audio podcast: “Dark Donations of the Coachella Vally”. Do you dare listen?

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