Democrats Are Being Played Liked Fiddles


From focusing on Melania’s “I don’t care” jacket to children in cages, Dems are not staying focused and Republicans are moving forward.  As Trump continues to fire up his base at rallies, Democrats are being sidetracked with shock and awe.  Do you think this is a coincidence?

The Trump administration are using these kids as pawns.  It’s a disgusting, horrific and  selfish act and it’s working.  It’s like a magician doing a card trick.  You’re watching the cards as his slight-of-hand is doing something else.

Case in point, as Facebook is buzzing about Melania’s jacket, top GOP leaders had a closed door meeting about DOJ documents regarding Trump.  As we are outraged about how kids are being separated from parents, Trump is off at a campaign rally pushing his message for November.

All this is no accident.  The Trump Admin knows how Dems react to certain things.  They know that the Democratic party is more reactive than proactive.  So all it takes is a ridiculous slogan on a jacket for the left to take the bait, go nuts and lose focus.

So should democrats just ignore these situations and focus on the task at hand?  For kids in cages, absolutely not.  There’s a difference between complaining and pointing fingers compared to doing something about it.   Democrats need to get out of complain/blame mode and do something.  If we were really THAT outraged, there would be rallies and protests nationwide.  So far, all I hear are crickets (except on social networks).

As far as the jacket.  This was just a blatant slight-of-hand trick that dems got suckered into.  All THAT energy could have been spent telling California voters to get their ass out  and vote in November (unlike the turnout in June).


  • Allen Edwards – editorial


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