Don’t Worry, Mickey Will Not Turn Republican


Mickey Mouse REALLY wants to buy FOX.  He has a $52 billion cash roll in those big gloves of his.  So does this mean that this cartoon rodent now has to start bowing down to Donny?

While regular viewers of Fox News may shudder at the idea of the right-leaning network’s leadership having to answer to noted Democrat Iger for the next four years, fear not. Fox News is not going to be part of Disney. As part of the Disney-Fox merger, 21st Century Fox will spin off Fox News, Fox Business, and the Fox broadcasting network into a new, separately traded company. It’s interesting because Fox News is the crown jewel of 21CF’s cable business—it’s the most-watched news network on cable and drives healthy results for its parent company—but Disney, which already owns ABC, is not interested in beefing up its news operation with this deal. It’s all about entertainment content, sports, and greater distribution power.

The new company under which Fox News will operate has yet to be named, but it will be a lot leaner, which may ultimately work in the network’s favor. Right now, it’s just being referred to as New Fox. (The company will also include FS1, FS2, and Fox Television Stations Group, Big Ten Network.)

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