Enrique Sapene Goes from Telenovela and Reality Star to LGBTQ Talk Show Host

Enrique Sapene first made a name for himself as a Telenovela/Soap Opera actor known for his roles on “El Alma Herida” (Telemundo), Pecadora (Univision) and Hacienda Heights (ION). He then transitioned into the villain of the highly anticipated docu-series “My Life is a Telenovela” on WEtv. Today, he sits comfortably as the host of the first ever LatinX LGBTQ talk show “Glitterbomb airing nationally on LATV and via Facebook Watch.

Sapene let fans into his personal life when he became part of Telenovela for WEtv even though he admits to have created a persona to fit into the drama of the reality world.

“I was told that if I was going to be in reality tv as an open LGBT person I should be a good guy and I decided to go the complete opposite and have fun. There can be no heroes without villains”

And though the star has moved away from the reality world he still misses what he called the “insanity” of the genre. Sapene realized that there was a gap in media for a voice to the LGBTQ latinos and decided to open that space by creating and producing “Glitterbomb” next to senior editor of Entertainment Weekly Patrick Gomez and iHeart radio personality Alexander Rodriguez where subjects such as love, family, politics and life in general are discussed.

“The show interviews celebrities, plays games and has fun field segments. I get to just be myself and it’s a party and everyone is invited” says Sapene. Glitterbomb airs weekly on LATV and on Facebook Watch. For more information go to www.latv.com/Glitterbomb

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