Enter Our PNN + Health Mobile Lollipops Contest and Receive a Chance to Win $250


Do you like the video game Candy Crush? If yes, then you’ll Love ❤️ Our PNN Lollipops Contest and if you enter you’ll Receive💰a chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card 💰💵🎉. See below for details.

What are the Brand New Features of Our new version of PNN + Health Mobile App?

At PNN.One +, our team kept all the great music of PNN.fm and added two new music video channels: PoP-Gay MTV and Musica 2020. Stream these channels to your flatscreen or bluetooth them to your car radio anywhere your are in the world On Demand 24/7/365, and with limited commercial interruptions.

Brand New Health Channels from trustworthy sources include: 1) Meditate Now, 2) Ask Pharmative , 3) Disease Prevention and Control from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 4) Trending Health (NIH), 5) Cancer Care from the National Cancer Institute, 6) World Health Info (WHO), 7) Virtual Pharmacy Information including drug interactions from the FDA, 8) Dr. Symptom Checker (a chatbot to help you and your healthcare professional(s) determine a list potential illnesses causing your symptoms), 9) Find Low Cost Drugs in Your neighborhood with Coupons and 10) Access to a Young Man’s View of Using a Suicide Hotline.

More improved Features Include: 1) PrideNation Magazine, 2) Animal Kingdom of Live Webcams, 3) Gay Palm Springs (GPS) Chat Wall, 3) Sky News, 4) Retro TV and Cartoons and 5) Proud TV & KLPS-19 TV, 6) Campy Movies, 7) Talk Radio and Podcasts with Allen Edwards and Guests, and 8) Games including Lollipops, Dominoes and PNN Quiz show.

All of this News, Entertainment and Healthcare Insights & Resources come to you streaming 24/7 in an extremely User-Friendly mobile App called PNN + Health, and at no cost to you. So, download or Update your PNN +mobile app today and you will have a wealth of vital quality information in the palm of your hand where ever you are in the world. Enjoy and Stay Healthy!

Here’s how to Enter Our PNN + Lollipops Contest:

1. Download or Update Our PNN +Health Mobile App. See links to App Stores Below.

2. Go to Games and Select Lollipops.

3. Hit play and Crush at least three Connected Pops in the time allotted. After your game ends, take a screenshot of your score.

4. Send your screenshot to info@pnnmedia.com by March 31, 2020 and you’re in the contest. Only One Entry per Person with a valid email.

5. One winner will be randomly determined from all entries received by the deadline and the lucky winner will be announced on PNN + and Facebook on April Fools Day!

Enjoy and Good Luck! 💰😀🌈💵💰

So, Get the Exclusive Brand New PNN +Health Mobile App Today and Checkout Pop-Gay MTV and Musica 2020, plus Health News and Vital Resource Tools and so much more.

With #Pride and Powered by PHARMATIVE.com, PNN.One +, Proud TV and PrideNation.com.

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