Giuliani’s Twitter Typo Used To Bash Trump


Rudi Giuliani, who serves as President Trump’s cyber-security advisor, doesn’t even know how Twitter works.  When he posted a Twitter update, he was not aware that Twitter will create a hyperlink to a word that matches a web address.  So he was updating information about Trump and G20 summit.  He mistyped G20, which caused Twitter to hyperlink

Some bright-minded Trump hater jumped on the opportunity to register the domain ‘’ to spread his true feelings and updates about our president.   Over 50,000 Twitter users read Giuliani’s Twitter post and clicked on the G-20 domain link.  They were shocked to read the website, thinking that maybe Giuliani has turned against the Prez.

This all leads to the big question.  Should Rudi REALLY be cyber-security advisor?  Someone that doesn’t even know the basics of typing and Twitter?  Maybe he needs to go back to his AOL account and flip phone.



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