GoFundMe raises more than $60k for ladders to help immigrants get over Trump’s wall

Critics of President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall have a simple, yet effective, plan to help immigrants circumvent any physical barricades the president may build at the border.

A “Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall” GoFundMe has raised more than $60,000 to provide ladders to immigrants trying to get to the United States. But the real goal of the fundraiser goes way beyond ladders.

The GoFundMe campaign was the brainchild of Twitter user @HoarseWisperer and Charlotte Clymer as the president threatened to shutdown the government if Congress didn’t approve his $5 billion plan for a border wall. Along with Trump’s threats this week, the fundraiser was in direct response to a GoFundMe vying to raise $1 billion to help the federal government build the wall. It had raised nearly $11 million as of Friday morning.


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