How Can There Be Change When Social Media Causes Apathy?

(Editorial) –  It’s the day after the most treasonous event in US history and it almost seems like nothing happened.  Of course there’s the usual “I’m pissed” social media posts.  There’s also the Nancy & Chuck podium speeches.  Republicans are already moving on to other things and Trumpets are still standing behind their leader.

What the hell is going on?  Why isn’t there an uproar?  I can only come to the conclusion that social media makes it too convenient to express outrage then move on with life.  Many feel that once they release their anger, they feel better and all is well.

Releasing anger, about political situations, used to come in the form of rallies and protests, out in the streets.  Now it comes in the form of smartphones and social media.  It’s much more convenient.  You can do it in the privacy of your own home and still have time to watch your favorite Netflix show.

Here’s the problem.  With everyone screaming to one another online, it’s not productive.  We’re getting nowhere because we’re preaching to the choir.  We’re presenting our arguments to family and friends who already agree with us in the first place.  Of course we all have the handful of Trumpets that disagree with our posts but the frustration ends there.  Nothing gets accomplished.


This is the process that is working for the Republicans.


Do you want to know another problem?  I don’t think the democrats are passionate enough.  Let’s say Hilary won the election.  Let’s say she did everything that Trump has done.  Do you think she would still be in office?  Republicans have three major bases that will fight for their cause.  Gun owners, evangelicals and white (racist) Americans.  Put these three together and you have a huge battle.

I think Democrats are great at strategizing and getting the word out. but most of it is done online.  We need to utilize that process to get people out in public.  Rallies, demonstrations and protests should be happening on a weekly basis – locally, regionally and nationally.  When Trump sees people publicly demonstrating  against him, he does not like it.  It truly bothers him.  That is one tool we have and we’re not using it.  We can learn a lot from the high school kids and the national anti-gun rallies.

I think we need to stop relying on social media to express our outrage and use it as a tool to our advantage.  Use it to contact our Senators and Congressmen.  Use it to get the vote out.  Use it to be proactive not reactive.

As I said before, Politicians act on consequences not on conscience.  Start holding them accountable for their actions or lack of.  They all have Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Start sending them messages on how you feel.  Make social media work for you, not against you.


  • Allen Edwards 
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  1. Social media don’t “cause” apathy. They certainly reflect that too many people are apathetic, but they also help those of us who aren’t apathetic find each other and organize. If more people used them that way, social media could be a great source of power for the people. Don’t condemn the media; use them. (Oh, wait! This blog is on a social medium, isn’t it? Ready to reconsider your thesis?

  2. Hi Allen, I’m a Democrat, but I’m not “Anti-gun”, because Americans have Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. And I agree with Gene Bivins above, your blog is on a social medium. Otherwise I’m “Anti-Trump” and agree with the rest of your social media post. ♥


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