Inclusive clothing line gets support from celebrities, Instagram

As the era of being all inclusive for all people, genders and sexualities continues to rise and acceptance of LGBTQ becomes more and more mainstream, people are moving further and further out of the proverbial closet and into the mainstream. One of the biggest ways the movement is speaking out is through clothing.

Daddy Couture is on the forefront of the movement with clothing that speaks to anyone and everyone within the LGBTQ community. The team is quick to point out their clothing is not just for daddies but for anyone who wants to “unleash their inner extra”.

Daddy Couture supports the LGBTQ community through its Instagram account. The account boasts over 14,000 Instagram followers and has grown this large in only five months time. Their followers and support continues to grow daily.

The line has various tee-shirts, briefs and hoodies, and all feature some element of the daddy, bottom or twink lifestyle. Sizes vary from petite to full-sized and all people in between.

The clothing line has not gone unnoticed among the LGBTQ celebrities. Tiffany Pollard and Chris Crocker, just to name 2, have given their support to the line and the quickly growing niche for LGBTQ clothing with exclusive collections.

The team behind the clothing line feels strongly that Daddy Couture will continue to grow and spread the message of positivity and hope for everyone.

Additional information, including a full line of clothing options is available at the website. Visit [] for details. The Instagram page, [] also has information about the clothing line.

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