Is This ‘Blue Wave’ Just Another Useless Catch Phrase?


I hope I eat my words but I’m sensing another left-side catch phrase getting flushed down the toilet in a spinning blue wave.  Early numbers are showing Republicans are outpacing Democrats in key states and that’s becoming alarming for many reasons.

This is not a new concern of mine.  I’ve been alarmed since June, when Democrat voting turnout was its lowest ever in California.  Let that sink in for a bit.  For all that’s going on.  All the anger and frustration and Dems don’t show up to vote.

The Democrats must get the Latino and young vote.  So far, it’s looking sad.  In Texas, Latino vote is low mainly because many do not vote early.  The Democrats have to mobilize Latino voters to win.  They have to come out to the voting booths.   Surveys show that most are already saying they have to work.

Many young voters don’t care or don’t have a clue of the consequences.  Case in point, I noticed a Facebook post from a young woman stating: “I just found out about the shooting in Pittsburgh.  That was horrible!  I’m sad today.”  She posted this YESTERDAY (Tuesday).  This is how out of touch many of the young Americans are these days.  They don’t watch TV, they don’t read or watch the news.  They keep in touch with a core group of their own friends on sites like Instagram.

Here’s the problem with Democrats.  There’s not as much of a driving force as there is with Republicans.  Yeah, we’re all on Facebook and Twitter whining about how horrible the GOP and Trump is but we’re whining to each other.  Many feel that as long as they use the words “Blue Wave” and “Vote” on  social posts that they’ve done their part.

We also  create these catch phrases that have no real meat behind them.  Remember “No H8”?  We all took our cool, tape-on-mouth photos.  What the hell did that accomplish?  The photographer made a pretty penny off it.  But when all was done and said, it basically was a marketing promotion that fell flat with no long lasting structure.

Republicans, on the other hand, are constantly told what they have to lose if they don’t vote.  They will lose their guns,  they will lose their patriotism, they will lose their religion.  This has turned into a holy war for many.  This is all bullshit but their campaign tells them otherwise.  They are out to win (at any cost) and this is not a game.

Yes there are a lot of hard working Democrats out there on the phones, canvassing the streets, donating time, money and resources.  The concern is main street Americans.  The ones that need to get out there and vote.  The concern is also the Democratic party itself.  Are they doing enough?  Every week I see Donald out on one of his hate rallies.  I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again, why aren’t the Dems having rallies.  If so, why aren’t they getting the word out for national news coverage.

Tuesday November 6th, 2018 will go down in history no matter what the results are.  It can go down as the Democrats taking over and finally turning this country around from the nasty direction it’s going now.  Or, the Republicans will continue to forward this ship to something of which most generations have never experienced before.  At this point, the right-wingers have an aggressive agenda that is not only changing the country but the world stage as well.

Anyone with the attitude of “This midterm is no big thing” or “I’ll just make a difference in 2020”; just remember this, look back on how much damage Trump and the GOP have done in the past two years.  What do you think they can do if they’re given another two years?


  • Editorial by Allen Edwards




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