It’s Time to Change With The ‘Brady Bunch’

Sept. 9 will be quite a sunshine day for Brady Bunch fans when HGTV premieres A Very Brady Renovation. The network, which outbid Lance Bass last year to purchase the Studio City, Calif. home that was once used for the beloved series’ exterior shots, has — with the hands-on help of all six actors who played the Brady kids — uncannily transformed the house’s interior into an exact replica of the sitcom’s set.

From the leaky clay pot that was once shattered by the Brady boys’ errant basketball to the Kitty Carryall doll reclining on Cindy’s bed, from the beaded hippie curtains in Greg’s attic bachelor pad to the vintage olive green appliances in the kitchen where Alice used to make her porkchops and applesauce and pineapple upside-down cake, from long-missing family pet Tiger’s paisley-curtained wooden doghouse to the iconic shag-carpeted staircase, HGTV has spared absolutely no detail. Stepping through those blue doors and into that cobblestone-walled entryway is like stepping into a groovy portal to 1969.

However, there is one addition to the Brady home that isn’t true to the original: There’s finally an actual running toilet in the Brady kids’ shared “Jack & Jill” bathroom. A half-century ago, network standards and practices dictated that toilets could not be shown on television before 10 p.m. But to loosely quote a famous hit by the Brady 6, it was time to change and rearrange.


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