Kathy Griffin fears backlash after fake Trump shooting video: ‘I have been in contact with the FBI’

By Arjuna Ramgopal | Yahoo TV

Kathy Griffin is concerned for her safety following the fake Donald Trump massacre video that went viral.

“The same groups that came after me two and a half years ago will be reinvigorated,” Griffin said on Tuesday’s The Wendy Williams Show. “Frankly, we don’t know how people take that video. It’s really, really violent. People’s heads get blown off.”

The clip was a parody of a scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service. Trump’s face was superimposed into the video, and it depicted him murdering his political enemies, including Griffin.

Griffin made the rare television appearance to promote her new film, Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story. It focuses on the backlash she continues to receive over her infamous 2017 post of a photo of her holding up a bloodied Donald Trump mask.

“The fact [is] this photo I took was not illegal, covered by the first amendment,” Griffin said. “You can be offended by it, it’s OK. It was a mask with ketchup.”

Williams brought up the fake Trump massacre video and how it was affecting Griffin.

“Kathy, how do people receive you in the streets?” Williams asked.

“All kinds of ways,” Griffin responded. “It depends. Things have gotten better now. I will say this video is not going to help, so I have already been in contact with the FBI, again. People are a little bit of everything. I have been confronted on the streets many times.”

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