Let Me Be – the tale of how homophobia can kill you

Author Filipe V. Branco


“The story of how in a long and dark night love has defeated all fears.”

Filipe V. Branco studied Humanities and Communication Sciences. In 2015 published his first portuguese book “O dia em que nasci” and in that same year took part in a project of the European Voluntary Service in Italy, where he lived for 10 months, working as a volunteer in an Educational Center for children with disabilities. In 2016 saw his story about Naples published in the Navigator’s travel book “Around the World in 80 pages”. Later that year the author published the portuguese version of “Let me be”, having crossed his country from north to south to promote talkings about homophobia and bullying in schools. Filipe declares himself a fighter for equal rights and at the same time a dreamer who seeks full satisfaction in writing.

Filipe stated, “At the age of twenty I burst through the closet doors coming out as gay to my family. After being rejected by my father, unable to handle the pain, I saw suicide as my only escape. I decided to die. But not even death wanted me at her side and I survived to rewrite my story. My will to be fully accepted made me stronger and after many fights for my right to be… me, after bullying and silenced suffering, with the help of my friends and family I finally reached what first seemed impossible: the day my father met and welcomed my boyfriend.”

“Let me be” is the book which tells the years of my life that defined me forever. From prejudice to suicide, from violence to affection, from hatred to acceptance. This is the tale of how homophobia can kill you, the story of how in a long and dark night love has defeated all fears.

The book is available now on Amazon/Kindle: [www.amazon.com]

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