Lunch Poltics, Oh my!

By Dr. Jake Partyka |

I was working today at our PNN studios on programming and I decided to go out for lunch just to enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air in Palm Springs. Everything seemed picture perfect, the town was busy with numerous ongoing activities and generally everyone was smiling at me and enjoying the start of modernism week, shopping and numerous events including one big party for a dear friend of mine.

It was 2 pm and I went into one of my favorite cafes and I sat at the bar next to this pleasent elderly California couple. My lunch arrived first and I offered the couple some fries which they gladly gobbled up. Yum! The best hand cut fries, just lightly fried with a dash of salt. Yum, yum!

I don’t know who mentioned that name first which starts with a Big Fat Orange “T”, but when the topic changed to a political debate, the ketchup was flying and our gloves were off. You know what I mean. He was a classic traditional Republican who made his money in construction, only to be embraced by the little Fox minded news network which told him what to think every day about the GOP and the Democrats. Although an intelligent man, he was trapped in fat T’s bubble and he could not defend little trump’s actions with facts. When he started talking about Hillary Clinton, I said: “I guess assaulting women with Access Hollywood scripture is part of God’s plan”? As he grappled with words to rebut me, he cut me off and said that I was ruining his lunch. I said in my own way: “ what about the lunches for the children in your cages at the border”? Next, he picked up his mustard. I was horrified and he said “if you don’t leave now I’m going to squirt this mustard all over your white shirt, pretty boy”. Oh my, testy!

As I didn’t like having this unpleasant exchange of words in public, I decided to sign the check and leave the cafe. Of course any “gay boy” needs to have the last word. So, I smiled at his wife and then I got up from the bar and as I was leaving and whispered in his ear “consider voting for Bloomberg, he’s a smart self made billionaire”.

Of course, I don’t like public discourse, but it seems absolutely necessary these days to spread and defend the word of democracy, truth and freedom of speach, even if it hurts a bit Mate. 

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