Mad Rudy Blows Up Again on Live TV

The former New York mayor claimed he was working on behalf of the State Department when he contacted Ukraine.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had yet another wild night on TV, screaming insults at a fellow guest on Fox News, spinning conspiracy theories about former Vice President Joe Biden and claiming the State Department initiated his contacts with Ukraine on behalf of President Donald Trump

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that State Department officials had been scrambling to “piece together” exactly what Giuliani, now Trump’s personal lawyer, was doing with Ukraine. But speaking on Fox News, Giuliani held up a cellphone, waved it around and told host Laura Ingraham that he was working on behalf of the agency, and said his phone records would confirm his contacts.

“You know who I did it at the request of?” he asked. “The State Department. I never talked to a Ukrainian official until the State Department called and asked me to do it. And then I reported every conversation back to them.”

The State Department pushed back after Giuliani made similar claims to Sean Hannity on Monday. 

“Mr. Giuliani is a private citizen and acts in a personal capacity as a lawyer for President Trump,” a State Department spokesperson told The Hill. “He does not speak on behalf of the U.S. Government.”

Giuliani grew increasingly animated as he spoke to Ingraham Tuesday. Late in the interview, he wiped sweat off of his face and his voice began to crack:


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