On March 30th of 2018, the vibrantly expressive and innovative debut from German singer Grey Wiese called #beyourself is set to be officially released, marking the start of an adventure in music so strong & supportive, you could call it an entire movement.

Embracing the freedom of being an artist, Grey creates insightful melodies that echo the powerful emotions and feeling that have made him the confident performer he is today. He has created songs that truly represents the most important values of Grey’s life in sincere, bold, & colorful music that connects & resonates through the record’s most open, honest, and humble message – #beyourself.

Allowing himself to get more personal with his music than ever before, Grey shines a bright spotlight on his versatility as an artist and his dedicated effort to pursue a world where there is endless potential and no limitations. Proudly committed to the LGBTQ community, Grey Wiese is a genuine champion within the scene, promoting love, support, creativity, and art, through the music he makes. Always encouraging others to find the strength and courage to express themselves to the fullest in life, the songs on #beyourself reflect the incredible journey he’s been on personally through the heartfelt nature of the lyrics & the beautiful tones in the melody of Grey’s vocals that make the experience real. Inspiring listeners with empowering music, authentic sounds, and a fresh perspective that seeks to unite us all by celebrating shared uniqueness – the songs of #beyourself are relatable in the best of ways, coming from a blissfully authentic place that puts our amazing individuality on a pedestal in beautiful new music that can be universally enjoyed.

With the release of the lead-single “I Set You Free” – Grey Wiese has also set himself free as an artist, and he’s ready to show the entire planet that this is the life he was born to live. Creating this debut has set him free to explore the endless possibilities of music, free to connect to the people on a new level through his own captivating sound & style, and free to inspire the people out there to believe in who they are and what we can accomplish, together. #beyourself in 2018 & be a part of the magic.

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