Remember the guy who used to ask, “Can you hear me now?” for Verizon Wireless, and now promotes Sprint’s cellphone service? We now, he appears in a new holiday commercial for the Sprint phone network alongside his husband.

Paul Marcarelli and his husband Ryan are seen shopping for a Christmas tree this holiday season.

“Why is this one twice as much?” the couple asks the tree salesman as they stand in front of two Christmas trees, one of $50 and one of $100.

“Oh, this one has one percent more needles,” the salesman says, playing with the branches of the more expensive tree.

Which one will they pick? Well, you have to see the commercial to find out.

Who cares what phone carrier you have or how good your service is; this commercial is another step forward for the LGBTQ community bringing us to the forefront this holiday season. Check out the commercial below: