is on the hunt for innovative, poignant and eerie genre stories, and the producers behind It Follows and Creep are with them.  Devon Foster, a independent filmmaker, is one of 33 film makers participating in the “Communal Nightmares” event for Seed&Spark. She is currently in the top 20 competing for a prize of $25,000. 

“My goal as a filmmaker and as a human is to speak up for the voices being drowned out”,  says Foster.  “My story centers around a lesbian Asian (Indian) American woman torn between cultures. I am part Asian and Pansexual and feel unique identities are not well represented in film, especially thriller/horror films.” 

Devon said that Chicks in Horror are a lot more than the dumb girl that has sex and dies 10 minutes into the movie.  In her film, she wants to explores the fears and anxieties unique to young women. From a real life woman’s point of view.

About The Film

The film is a LGBTQ thriller titled “Dahlia”.  A young woman unravels when she discovers the university she is attending is a psychiatric hospital, trapping her with nightmares. 

Dahlia is being followed across her college campus. Just as she escapes from creepy guys she runs headlong into her crush, the most perfect girl in the world. That’s where the real danger is. Between frat parties and walking alone at night college is a real horror movie. Torn between the expectations of American society and strict Indian parents, Dahlia is forced to grapple with her body, her sexuality, and loosing her f***ing mind.

“This project needs support to give a voice to queer young woman who struggle with fears that seem invisible to the world”, said Foster.  “Show young women everywhere they can take their fears and turn them into art!”

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