Bara is a stylized genre of gay comics from Japan featuring muscular men. A new bara game for adults only seeks funding through Kickstarter February 20-April 22, 2018.

To Trust an Incubus has the sci-fi plot you’d find in many anime, with visitors from another dimension and a high tech lab as the game’s setting. Unlike most anime it features burly muscular guys and puts them in uncensored sex scenes.

While the game is presented as a visual novel, a kind of computer game that’s more or less a slide show of images with music and voice acting, To Trust an Incubus is a ‘choices matter’ game. Depending on your decisions you’ll unlock 24 different endings. The game boasts a 150,000 word script with 200 illustrations.

Bara games have begun to gain notice with the success of Dream Daddy, another visual novel that became the most successful indie game title of 2017. No doubt To Trust an Incubus is seeking similar success, but with an anime slant.

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To Trust an Incubus

Kickstarter campaign:


Genre: Visual Novel

Length: 150,000 Words

CGs: 200 CGs, 9 Backgrounds, 7 Sprites

Rating: Adults Only

Release Date: December 2018