“Lavender Palms”,  a new kind of reality show for the LGBTQ community filmed entirely in Palm Springs, California
Proud Television celebrates 11 years with a brand new reality show set to air this winter. “Lavender Palms” is all about the LGBTQ community living in the Palm Springs desert. This new show will be broadcast on a variety of platforms including ROKU set-top box, Apple TV, Chromecast, Youtube, Google+, PrideNation.com and the PNN App.

One of the special features of this new reality program is that many parts will air live. So as you get to know the characters; you’ll have the opportunity to watch their lives unfold live on Facebook and Youtube along with watching it live on Proud TV.

“It’s an exciting new delivery platform we’re utilizing on our new flagship reality program”, says Promotions Director Devin Young. “Anything can happen during our live broadcasts and that’s why we’re doing it. We want to keep it interesting”.

Proud Television has already started shooting. First airing will begin later this year. As you watch episodes and get to know the characters in the series, live episodes will be announced as they happen. “The great thing about this reality show is that no matter where you are, you can keep tuned in”, said Young. “When we go live, it’s announced on Facebook, Proud TV and Youtube. You can then immediately tune in on our app or other apps and watch as it happens”.

The show will follow the daily lives of a few gay Palm Springs couples and business owners and staff of retail, restaurant, nightclub and real estate agents. You’ll witness their triumphs and road blocks. Their personal lives and professional world. it will be fin to watch, exciting and very interesting.

Stay tuned to Proud Television for the first preview of Lavender Palms and get ready for an amazing series to watch no matter where you are. Keep in touch with the series at http://lavenderpalms.com


We’re looking for interesting Palm Springs residents who live interesting lives.  If you’re outgoing and comfortable with a camera crew in your face; we’d love you to be a part of “Lavender Palms”!

Here’s what we’re looking for;

A local gay couple
A local gay single  (single girl and single guy)
A business owner (couple of single)
A restaurant owner (couple of single)
A real estate agent
A local entertainer (preferably drag queen)
and, of course, anyone living an interesting life in Palm Springs

Video shooting will be a few days per character.  You would be opening all parts of your life in front of the camera.   We’re looking for people who can take direction well and understand that some segments are storyline driven.

If you are interested, please contact us and complete the online form and we’ll get back to you.