A sanctuary for pets of the elderly who can no longer provide care and pets of military on deployment.

Sky Valley, CA, January 30, 2018: A dog may become homeless at any moment and for many reasons. Its owner may become ill or injured; pass away; or have to move to a facility that does not allow dogs. Thesepets may be abandoned, taken to a shelter or euthanized.

When a military dog owner is deployed to a combat zone, there may be no one to care for the pet until the owner returns. Out of sheer necessity, the owner may have to either surrender the dog to a shelter where it may be killed or turn it over to someone who does not care for the pet responsibly.

Dogs that are abandoned or surrendered to a shelter are subject to illness, injury and even death.

But now there is Ari’s Place, a project of Ari Had A Dream, Inc., which provides a solution to owners in either of these situations.

After 2 years of hard work, Ari Had A Dream, Inc. has finally found its home on 5 acres in Sky Valley. It will open its doors as “Ari’s Place, a dog sanctuary” in March, 2018.

Because of the large demographic of military and senior residents in the Coachella Valley, Ari’s Place offers a much needed service to these owners and pets alike.

About Ari Had A Dream

Carrol Magder founded Ari Had A Dream in the fall of 2015. The Organization was granted 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status (ID #47-5461735) in May, 2016.

The CARE 4 LIFE program provides safe, loving lifelong care in a home-like setting for canine companions of older folks who can no longer care for their pets.


The MILITARY MUTTZ program provides care for canine companions of military personnel on deployment when there is no one else to care for the pet.

Since Ari’s Place is a new dog sanctuary, volunteers are needed for onsite care and supervision of the dogs. There are also opportunities to volunteer for administrative duties, computer work, community outreach and event planning, some of which can be done in the volunteer’s own home. Professionals, in any field, willing to share their expertise are most welcome.

For more information about the programs and the organization, or to donate to this registered charity, please visit the Ari Had A Dream website at www.arihadadream.com