(Palm Springs, CA) – 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of PNN Media Group.  Originally started as AEU Media, PNN launched it’s first entertainment product called AEU Internet Radio from Modesto, California.  In January 1999 AEU Media moved to Palm Springs, California and changed AEU Internet Radio to Pure Pride Radio (www.pureprideradio.com).

Throughout the years, PNN Media Group has created and developed a suite of  entertainment products and services with thousands of hours of exclusive programming.  Local, regional, national and international distribution through a variety of platforms and devices.


PNN Media's Family of Entertainment ProductsPNN Media’s Family of media channels.


PNN is planning a year long celebration for the 20th year anniversary.  This celebration includes a series of events, special programs, contests, sweepstakes and much more.

“It’s been quite an accomplishment and we still have a lot of new things coming up”, said President Allen Edwards.  “With this 20 year benchmark, it only seems fitting that we launch the celebration during Palm Springs Pride”.


PNN's Digital StudioPNN’s Radio & TV Offices & Studios in Palm Springs, CA


PNN Media has added and upgraded the studios in Palm Springs for new live programming for live streaming to simulcast on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other outlets.  Live programming will be increased to be a larger part of PNN’s daily programming.

PNN Media has also announced the discontinuation of the PrideNation.com brand (as a website).  The web portal will now be PNN ONE (www.pnn.one) and all entertainment products will be under the PNN ONE website.  This includes PNN Radio, Club Hits FM, KLPS TV, Proud Television, Interfusion TV, PNN News and the all-new PNN ONE Talk Radio Network.

PNN's distribution outletsMedia channels, applications and platforms that PNN Channels are on.


With over 85% of PNN users now visiting the sites on mobile devices; all web portals, video/audio players and live streams are optimized for phones and tablets.   Our exclusive mobile app includes all our radio and TV streams, blogs, chat forums, shopping, games and much more.

With this 20 year anniversary comes rapid growth and network expansion.  More outlets to watch and listen to our programming.  More carriage agreements and distribution along with some exciting new products our channels will be available on in 2018.

To enjoy all PNN has to offer, simply go to www.pnn.one on your phone.