When President Trump sat down with the New York Times for an interview recently, he said something untrue about every 75 seconds.

That’s not just the usual political boasting and grandstanding. Those were actual, verifiable claims which professional fact checkers investigated and found to be untrue.

For example, Trump said in the interview that “virtually every Democrat” has said that the Trump campaign did not collude with the Russians during the 2016 election, while there was “tremendous collusion” between Democrats and the Russians.

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Factcheck.org first dubbed President Donald Trump, then just a candidate, as “King of Whoppers” in our annual roundup of notable false claims for 2015.

He dominated our list that year – and again in 2016 – but there was still plenty of room for others.

This year? The takeover is complete.

In his first year as president, Trump used his bully pulpit and Twitter account to fuel conspiracy theories, level unsubstantiated accusations and issue easily debunked boasts about his accomplishments.

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