I’m just double checking.  Is Trump actually the President of the United States?  I’m asking because all the past Presidents owned their responsibility when they took that position.  They didn’t stomp their feet (like a little child) when they didn’t get their way.

So we now have a (so-called) leader that’s willing to have tens of thousands of Americans die in the streets simply because he’s trying to make a point.  That’s the actions of a dictator.  Instead of tackling this issue head on, brainstorming and finding countermeasures; Donny decides to turn his back and somehow get revenge for something that’s not going his way.

What kind of human being does this?  What kind of leader is this?  Do I really need to ask?  Most of us know that this man is nothing but a lying sociopath that idolizes dictators and wants to be one.  He would rather make a point that negatively affects millions of people than admit he was wrong.

What needs to happen now?  Governors need to get together and put the pressure on this mad man.  They need to stand up for what’s right and protect their citizens.  Whatever that takes, they need to do it.  If that means going against the right-wing, republican grain, then so be it.

When Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, he constantly repeating “I love my Bible”.  He should have proved it by actually opening it and reading what’s inside.  His comment “Let Obamacare Fail” is just another example how evil and hurtful this wannabe dictator is.  It also shows he doesn’t understand one word inside that bible.

Editorial –
Allen Edwards
PNN Radio