Many people have been asking, “What exactly is Charlee J” so here’s the answer: Originally, Charlee was created by newlyweds Johnnie and Morgan (Charlee), two queer people of color for queer people of color. For us, By us kind of thing. Trying our best not to skip over anyone who falls under that huge umbrella. We began to strive to be an all LGBTQIA inclusive brand where everyone can find something wear that represents them. In July we kicked things off with the “Label Me” collection but felt as if something was missing.

As a Queer Woman of Color, there’s three things that represent me (Johnnie) and only my queer side was being represented. So we went back to the drawing boards to raise the bar just a little more. We created our second collection that included more pro black and pro women. With products ranging from phone cases to apparel. There is something for everyone. And something for everyone to love. This Fall we will be launching our Triple Minority Collection October 6th.

Visit our website and hopefully find your new favorites.