Another Gay Guy Screams Homophobia When Policy Is Applied

This is a update to a story we ran earlier today. It was updated because new facts were found regarding the individual who was claiming discrimination.  This article is close to another story we ran last week where a gay man claimed gay discrimination because his “traveling partner” had to switch seats.

Chris Donohoe was removed from Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Las Vegas, allegedly because of his choice of swimwear. Donohoe, who is gay, believes that it was an act of discrimination.

His Facebook profile post stated:

Today I was removed from the pool party at Encore Beach Club for wearing “inappropriate attire”. If It smells like homophobia, it’s homophobia. Ps: this bathing suit is Mr. Turk and it’s FABULOUS AF. Wynn Las Vegas Mr Turk Encore Beach Club Day & Night – Guestlist Encore Beach Club

The swimsuit in question appears to be a swim brief, like a Speedo, which the person off camera says is against the pool’s dress code. However, on Encore’s website, the dress code states: “Dress to impress, no baggy clothing, jeans, or basketball shorts. Pool attire is required to enter the venue.” The only listed “proper swim attire” are swimming suits, which Donohoe was wearing.

Donohoe was approached by security while he was in the pool, and it quickly turned into a public scene. According to Donohoe, he was surrounded by five to seven security guards as he talked to the general manager of the beach club, who can be heard in the video, and the security manager.

“I did not know that I could be made to feel so ashamed and so humiliated. I haven’t felt that way in years,” Donohoe tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They told me I needed to cover up or leave the pool.”

Security was allegedly acting on a complaint that was made about Donohoe’s swimwear. “Ten minutes before I was removed from the pool, two men who were guests were walking past me, pointing and laughing. I let it roll off my back, I’m used to that thing happening. … It didn’t seem worth it. … Within 10 minutes, I was removed from the pool. It later came out that the security guard told us, ‘I don’t give a shit what you wear, but we had a complaint.’”

Donohoe, who is currently a guest at the Wynn Las Vegas, which owns and runs Encore Beach Club, has since spoken with the director of claims administration, who he says is looking into the situation.

Michael Weaver, chief marketing manager of Wynn Resorts, provided the following statement to Yahoo Lifestyle: “In order to maintain a five-star experience, Wynn Las Vegas requests that guests adhere to certain dress code policies throughout the resort. In the Encore Beach Club, we had a policy, clearly posted at the entrance, which prohibited Speedos. Upon receiving a guest complaint, we reviewed the policy and have changed it. The new policy will allow Speedos, but will prohibit risqué and indecent swimwear for both men and women. We will include the new policy on entry signage, as well as the club website, in order to help guests plan appropriately and enjoy a welcoming environment. We apologize to the guest who was affected by our previous policy.

“Regarding LGBTQ+ guests, our policy has been clear and consistent for years: Wynn welcomes and appreciates all of our LGBTQ+ guests. Decisions to enforce policies are solely based on guest behavior, or in this case, attire. We have always and will continue to apply attire policies equally to all of our guests, regardless of sexual orientation.”

It was later found that Donohoe has a history of making such accusations.  Earlier this year, he also took to Twitter to call out the TSA for allegedly profiling him for being gay by asking him to “spread his legs.”

His posts, complaints and videos have been removed from his Facebook and Twitter accounts because it seems he was called out on his false discrimination complaints.  Many news outlets have removed their original stories because of the questioning facts.

As we stated in our other story , if we continue to scream “discrimination” or “homophobia” anytime we are inconvenienced; this is going to take away from the real, serious cases where attention should be focused.    This is insulting to the LGBTQ community and should not be tolerated.

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  1. why even go there? Homophobia is rampant! There are other places that would welcome you in your scant attire which is no more or less offensive than the showgirls of Las vegas parade in every night!


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