Missing Melania – The Plot Thickens


First lady Melania Trump isn’t accompanying the President to Camp David this weekend, marking the 22nd day since she was last seen publicly.


President Donald Trump departed the White House Friday afternoon for a weekend at the presidential retreat in Maryland. The first lady, meanwhile, is staying put at the White House this weekend.


On May 14, she was checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for what her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham described in a news release as “an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.”




Early in Donny’s presidency I had stated that Melania did not want to step one foot in that white house.   This was based on sources reporting and the fact that she can’t stand that fat, cheeseburger-eating slob.  She basically separated herself from Don, after that  bus video was released.


The White House first came up with the Staying-in-New York-excuse claiming it was because of their son staying in school.  Once that excuse wore off, they had to basically drag her ass to Washington and toss her in the White House.


From that point on, she had to put on her happy face and move forward; or else!  Well, “or else” has come to fruition.   After she tried to escape several times, the White House had to come up with a sudden illness.  Once she was in the hospital, no one has seen her since.  Even medical experts could not figure out why she had to stay in the hospital, ten days, for something that only required a overnighter.


Supposedly, she is now back at the White House and doing just dandy.  Here’s the proof.  She tweeted with verbiage of Donny himself:



It reads: “I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing. Rest assured, I’m here at the @WhiteHouse w my family, feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people”.   Now, I’m no expert in the personality of  Melania but that tweet reads like it came directly from the White House (Donny).


Look at Melania’s Face after Donny turns around and says “Love You”.

So who knows, maybe she’s being taught a lesson and will pop up again at a fundraiser.  If that happens, that means she won’t attempt another escape.  If her “illness” gets worse, that means she hasn’t learned her lesson and there’s only one thing that could come out of this . . . Donny tells her “your fired” and she will never be seen again.


Hopefully she can use the words of her own campaign and “Be Best” at porn again.   At the very least flipping’ burgers at Donny’s favorite fast food joint.  Good Luck Melania.  Good Luck!


P.S. –  For those of you Trumpets that take my articles serious and send me emails shouting “FAKE NEWS”; This is NOT a news story.  I repeat, this is NOT a news story.  If you read this article and took it as factual breaking news, all I can say is go back to watching FOX News.   Thank You, now off you go.
– Allen Edwards





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