New PNN.One +Health Mobile App


In celebration of our 21st anniversary next year, Dr. Jake and Jimmy Mann are excited to announce a New Healthier Version of our exclusive mobile PNN apps for your tablet or smartphone. Our PNN mobile app offers most of the original PNN Palm Springs programming as before which is available for On Demand Live Streaming 24/7 on a variety of platforms such as Roku, Chromecast, Web Browser (PNN.One) and YouTube (PNN Media and among others.

In this latest update, we are adding Healthcare News ( and Insights into a variety of different platforms such as Social Media, streaming educational videos, useful medication resources and a Virtual Dr. Assistant to assess your symptoms and provide to you additional healthcare information.

PrideNation Network (PNN) is located in Palm Springs, CA and strives to provide free access to News, Entertainment and Health Information to the entire community at no cost to the public.

So, let’s celebrate our anniversary with pride, diversity, freedom of speech, education and the ability to change the world for the betterment by embracing Health and fitness throughout the world. is located in Palm Springs, CA and provides affordable advertising through several multimedia platforms and brands including PNN.One,, PrideNation Radio (, Proud TV, and

For more information see PNN.One +Health by downloading our exclusive mobile apps today at no cost to you and Stay Healthy with PrideNation Network (PNN+)!

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