Ohio Man Follows Black Student Home To Call Him The N Word


Video of a white man in Ohio repeatedly calling a black man the N-word from his work van has gained traction online Wednesday. Activist and writer Shaun King shared video of the incident to Twitter, posting “ALL HANDS ON DECK.”

The video appears to show pretty blatant racist language. “Is there a reason why you just followed me to my house,” the person who seems to be taking the video asks.

After some back and forth that is difficult to hear, a white man says from the work van—which clearly shows the company name and phone number—”I just want to let you know what a [expletive] you are.”



The man who recorded the video has been identified as Charles Lovett, from Columbus, Ohio, according to a report from WSYX/WTTE. Lovett is black. The white man in the video has been identified as Jeffrey Whitman, owner of Uriah’s Heating and Cooling in Central Ohio, reported WSYX/WTTE. The incident reportedly happened on Tuesday morning.

The video goes on for three and a half minutes. The two men apparently had some kind of incident on the roadway and a turn lane. Lovett remains calm throughout while Whitman uses the N-word on multiple occasions. He calls Lovett a “rude [n-word]” and says he lives “in the rude world.”

Charles’ original Facebook post:




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