Palm Springs 1 Day Itinerary

By Robert Hopwood | The Desert Sun

Do you only have one day to spend in Palm Springs? If so, this itinerary will introduce you to the city.

An oasis nestled at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, Palm Springs has captivated celebrities, snowbirds and desert enthusiasts for decades. 

The town of nearly 50,000 people, about two hours east of Los Angeles, has everything from the world’s largest rotating tram car to some of the desert’s most iconic restaurants and landmarks.

You could spend a week in the city and still not come close to seeing all the area has to offer.

Even if you only have a day to visit, don’t be discouraged from pursuing a “greatest-hits” approach and visiting some of the city’s gems.

Let’s look at what all can be done in an action-packed day from sunrise to sunset. 

8 a.m: Hop on the bacon train

All aboard the bacon train! First stop: Cheeky’s.

The popular brunch spot, which changes its menu weekly, is known for its bacon flight. Instead of offering traditional salt-cured pork, Cheeky’s has different bacon types that have included basil pesto, jalapeño, apple cinnamon and blueberry.

Oh, and they serve other breakfast classics, too.

Since the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, be sure to arrive early in case there’s a line. 

Details: 622 N. Palm Canyon Drive, 760-327-7595, Hours: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Thursday through Monday. 


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