PNN Scoop: Pride Nation Radio Speaks Out!

By Parkie Guy | PNN Multimedia Group, Palm Springs, CA

PNN Scoop: This summer, a brand new live talk radio podcast called “Pride Nation Radio Speaks Out!” will hit Palm Springs with a Big Rainbow SPLASH! Streaming Live from Palm Springs, CA, “Party Guy” and guest hosts will talk to you about past, present and future events with a wicked, sassy twist of banter while welcoming your opinion. Every hot topic wil be fair game as long as we stick to the facts and we ask you to do the same with your opinion based on accurate facts, not alternative facts (no such thing). We will talk, listen, laugh, cry and have lots of fun; I promise! You might even want to wear some Depends as you might pee in your pants or skirts, as you laugh so hard with an OUTRAGOUS Explosion of crazy free speech!

Future podcast topics include Blue Rules, PS Wonders, PoP fashions, Current Politics and Events, and PS Scoops around town. My favorite segment will be the Masked Pop-Up Guest as you’ll never know who or when She or He will Appear; kind of like “Endora”the witch from one of my favorite childhood TV shows “Bewitched”. Perhaps a Masked Singer, Actor or Drag Queen may suddenly appear live or on Zoom? Hint: First International Drag Queen Singer?

Pride Nation Radio Speaks Out will premiere on Sunday, September 5th at 10:30 AM (PT), so mark your calendars. More details to come, but you can right now send to me your suggestions or questions to Would you like to be a guest host, then just write to let us know and let us know about your career and talents. “Isn’t that Special”!

“Pride Nation Radio Speaks Out!” will be an original live podcast series produced by PNN Multimedia Group located in Palm Springs, CA with All Rights Reserved 2021.

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