Queer illustrator reimagines Disney princes as gays under lockdown and the thirst is oh so real

By Lily Wakefield | Pink News

A queer illustrator has reimagined the Disney princes as gays under lockdown, and they’re doing exactly what we’re doing, just with fewer clothes.

Illustrator Tommy Taylor describes himself as an “art daddy bringing some bold illustrated fun to the everyday”.

The artist has recreated Tarzan, Hercules and all your other favourite Disney hunks, social distancing style.

(tomtaylorillustrated/ Instagram)

Tarzan, for example, appears shirtless in the kitchen with just a leaf print towel tied around his waist.

And like every other person under quarantine, he’s baked a fresh loaf of banana bread.

(tomtaylorillustrated/ Instagram)
(tomtaylorillustrated/ Instagram)

Hercules and King Triton, who has some added nipple rings, have done the same as every gay in the land under lockdown – cut their hair.

(tomtaylorillustrated/ Instagram)

Unlike his father in law, Prince Eric went down the bleach route.

(tomtaylorillustrated/ Instagram)

Prince Naveen is kicking back in a bubble bath with a glass of red wine, enjoying his “self-care quarantine”.

(tomtaylorillustrated/ Instagram)

Flynn Rider decided that lockdown was the time for a little sexual experimentation, and now he’s quite literally Tangled. 

Taylor was sure to remind his followers: “I drew this Flynn Rider for my Patreon where you can find a far less dressed version.”

The illustrator is not the first creator to reimagine Disney characters in quarantine.

Earlier this month, YouTuber Kurt Tocci created a video, titled “Disney characters in quarantine”, containing some queer fan favourites and their best known songs, rewritten with a self-isolation theme.

For example Elsa from Frozen, one of the most prominent LGBT+ icons unwittingly created by Disney, explores restaurant closures, as she sings: “Don’t let friends in, keep things real clean, stay inside ’cause we’re under quarantine.

“Conceal, don’t feel, order to go. Get food to go.

“Just stay home, just stay home, can’t go outside anymore. Just stay home, just stay home, all your plans are now no more.

“It’s not fair, I had plans today. Turn your Netflix on, COVID needs to go away right away.”

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