Founding member of the french duet Andromakers (more than 200 gigs in France and all over the world), Romea decided after the split to move on the other side of the world, in the Philippines.

That’s a big change for the musician who only took one little keyboard to start a new solo musical project under the tropics! And it’s away from home that s/he found out s/he was a transgender.

It was a though time but Romea felt one day ready for a reborn : s/he started to compose again, this kind of music who comes from a bleeding heart to make you cry.

Still inspired by the 80’s and the current indie RnB, Romea’s music is now a DIY, vaporous, nostalgic and intimate electro. Coco rosie meets M83. S/he also bet she could release one song a month. And this is the first one : “Que des larmes qui coulent II” is now playlisted in french indie radios since the release, and it’s just the beginning!

Romea just started a youtube journal to share the experience.

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