Secrets to Podcasting

By Dr. Jake |

A podcast is an audio or video digital recording which is available for downloading from a variety of devices and available on demand 24/7. Developing a podcast requires the following: 1) knowledge of your subject; 2) your unique personality voice which people will enjoy; and 3) computer expertise for storing and distributing your very own audio or video podcast. A professional multimedia company such as can provide you with the latter at a reasonable rate.

To begin to develop your very own podcast, first decide if it will be an audio or video podcast. For the beginner “podcaster”, I recommend audio to start as this will allow you to focus on content and for you to develop your own “On the Air” voice.

Next, record a pilot of some digital audio or video from a script which you have prepared. Depending on what kind of recording equipment you have, and what software your computer has installed this can be an extremely easy step for the average computer user. A simple audio podcast could be done on a digital recorder such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop microphone and transferred to your computer operating system of choice later on. 

For developing your podcast, you will require an editing program to take out bloopers and add in various sound bytes such as music, sound effects or even the voice of a guest caller into your recording. In addition, you should develop a standard intro and sign off and also plan for each podcast to be approximately 30 minutes in duration with a break in the middle for a commercial to be inserted later on. The average podcast series would contain at least approximately 5 to 10 episodes.

After the podcast is recorded and edited, save it to your hard drive as either a mp3 file for audio or mp4 for video. Add some artwork for the title of your podcast and credits. Your artwork will be submitted at the time of your application for distribution on various platforms / hosts such as iTunes or TuneIn.

If you have your own website with enough bandwidth for all your episodes and for the fans who will be listening, you can write RSS code so that it can be listed from other sites, and also so that your fans can subscribe. Here is a calculator to show you how much bandwidth you will require

You can also upload to a site that is in the business just to host podcasts. They will write the RSS code for you and even designate a place for a blog, show notes and listener discussion. Reputable hosts start at $5 to 10.00 per month and will easily set you up. 

Finding your “voice” and developing your own podcast is a great way to express yourself and allow your creativity to flow while disseminating information and entertainment to people around the world.

Good luck on your new podcasting adventure and for more information on seeking expertise on developing a podcast contact us at

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