Stephen Miller Throws A Fit When Bartender Flips Him The Bird.


White House senior adviser Stephen Miller threw out $80 worth of sushi after a bartender at the restaurant he ordered from flipped him off as he walked out of the restaurant, according to The Washington Post.

The bartender from the restaurant, located near Miller’s apartment, reportedly followed Miller out the door and shouted “Stephen!” The bartender then flipped both middle fingers and cursed out Miller, who then threw out the sushi in disgust, Miller later told colleagues.

Earlier this year, Miller was shouted at “Better be better!” by a stranger while walking through Dupont Circle in Washington DC, The Post noted. His face also appeared on “Wanted” posters on lampposts outside of his apartment.

The incidents surrounding Miller, an architect of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, come as many White House aides face scrutiny and criticism in public places over Trump’s policies. Both around and outside the nation’s capital, current and former advisers such as Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Bannon, Sean Spicer, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have been faced with outcry in public spaces, according to The Washington Post.

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