Taking Your Podcasts Beyond The Smartphone.


With today’s technology, more and more people are creating their own online programming.  From how-to shows to cooking shows.  From interviews to on-location live broadcasts.  Most are broadcasting from their phones which is now causing podcast overload.  ‘Been-there-done-that’ if you will.

Online viewers are watching the same thing, just different topics.  Same setup, same face (in front of the phone).  It just becomes boring.  Imagine if TV networks did the same.  Each show had the same person’s face talking into the phone, moving back and forth from host to guest.  It gets old after awhile.


The typical arms length podcast shot


Serious podcasters have become wise to this and are mixing things up.  They are putting more emphasis on the technical.  They are moving beyond the arms-length phone shots or the phone on tripod/selfie stick.  They are also learning more about camera presence, audio/video, personality, speech and prompts.  This new focus is producing better programming.

PNN Studios in Palm Springs, California has noticed this trend and has developed a new service for those that cannot afford to buy the equipment and training needed to compete.  The once private broadcast studio now has public audio and video studios along side the online private broadcast studios.

These studios include virtual green screen studios, a working broadcast kitchen, sound studios along with live broadcast radio studio.  Users can rent a studio for one hour and create several podcasts.  This includes multi-camera, professional audio and lighting, digital HD and a file ready for upload.

One of the multi-camera studios


Users can also broadcast live from the studio to their own Facebook, Youtube and other accounts.  PNN Studios will keep a digital file from the live broadcast for additional use.

PNN Studios created a one-stop media service experience, where clients can create professional broadcasts without all the tech knowledge.  “We take care of all the technical parts of the broadcast so our clients can focus on their show”, said PNN Media Public Relation rep Devin Young.  “We also have professional broadcast talent and voiceover artists that can assist with directing the show.”

Podcast beginners can create a new show and look like broadcast veterans with all services provided by PNN Studios.  This includes studio use, multi-cameras, voiceover and professional direction with script, on-air direction and more.


PNN Studios wall shows just some of the services they provide.


Another service PNN Studios offers is distribution and audience.  If you’re a new podcaster or a experienced broadcaster and want to expand you audience; PNN Studios has the service.  PNN Studios links to PNN Media with a variety of TV and Radio channels that includes thousands of viewers and listeners.  This includes online, mobile, app, social, TV and radio.  So clients can immediately get the whole package and launch a successful broadcast.

Rates are as low as $50 an hour and that includes studio use, dressing room, board/camera operator, lighting and digital file.  Compare that to having to go out and purchase everything, then hiring help; you’re saving a lot of bucks!  For more details about PNN Studios just go to www.pnnstudios.com




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