The Best Looking Men in Hollywood History

By Ofek Hagag | Daily Stuff

Hollywood is widely known as an industry of beautiful people. Even the blind could see that. Some of the most beautiful women in the world have graced our screens with their dazzling smiles and smooth skin. They often maintain their good looks with strict diets and regular beauty treatments.

But the Hollywood men work almost just as hard to maintain their heartthrob status. Men want to be them, women want to be with them, their rock hard abs and smoldering looks made it into the fantasies of many. It wasn’t easy, but we pushed through it and put together a list of the 100 most attractive men of all time. Enjoy!

Dennis Quaid

Some of us have watched The Parent Trap to be impressed with how little Lindsay Lohan played a double role at 11 years old. Others watched it to drool over Dennis Quaid, who played Lohan’s father. With a successful acting career and mesmerizing blue eyes, 66 year old Quaid is one of Hollywood’s finest.


Mostly known for his career in music, Drake actually made his spotlight debut in TV. He started in the teen drama Degrassi, where he played the role of Jimmy Brooks. His prolific music career includes five albums, many collaborations, and of course, numerous fans that would love to be held in his tattooed arms.

Dwayne Johnson

Wrestling fans may know Dwayne Johnson by his wrestling stage name — The Rock, but in the last few years he’s been more focused on acting, much to film-lovers’ enjoyment. Grownups may know him from the Fast and Furious franchise, kids and parents might recognize him as the voice of Maui from Moana, and his three children would simply know him as dad.

Dylan McDermott

When playing in the hit TV anthology American Horror Story, this dashing man played the role of some real creepy characters, but that didn’t make him any less swoonworthy. To be honest, when he’s off the AHS filming set, he seems like a guy who would happily make you pancakes for breakfast if you were ever so lucky to call him your boyfriend.

John Legend

You have to be a very special man to call Chrissy Teigen your wife, and John Legend is just that kind of special. As his name suggests, this man is no less than legendary when it comes to musical talent, undeniable charm, and dashing good looks.

Christopher Reeve

A most unfortunate accident left Christopher Reeve paralyzed for the last nine years of his life, but before he was thrown off a horse in 1995, Reeve played none other than Superman. With his athletic physique, blue gaze, and dark locks of hair, he was the perfect casting to play the man of steel, and we have no doubt many women would have loved to be rescued by him.


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