Traveling With Your Pet- Rules Have Changed.


If you’re thinking of continuing to abuse the “emotional support” flying rule, you might want to think twice.  There are new restrictions in affect for summer flying with your pet.

Believe it or not, airlines have allowed animals like turkeys, ducks and HORSES to fly because customers claimed they need them for emotional support.  Well these selfish acts have come to an end.

Delta, American and United this year issued stricter policies for emotional or psychiatric support animals following complaints from passengers and crew about biting, soiled cabins, barking and other issues. The airlines say they’re concerned about passengers who present these animals as support animals fraudulently.

The Department of Transportation may also issue stricter rules for such animals, which have included, horses, turkeys, ducks and goats, and recently asked the public for its input .

United Airlines has also banned dozens of breeds of dogs and cats from its cargo hold after a series of animal deaths and other missteps, including dogs that were sent to the wrong destinations . Starting June 18, United will no longer accept several short-nosed breeds and several others in its PetSafe program, and will not allow animals to travel in the cargo hold to or from Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona, or Palm Springs, California, between May and September due to high temperatures. United’s policy brings it more into line with those of Delta and American.

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