Uncle Sam Died Today

February 5, 2020

Editorial by Dr. J. S. Partyka | PrideNation.com

It’s a sad day in America, as Uncle Sam collapsed from a heart attack in New York City and died today, Feb 5th, 2020. As a doctor, I diagnosed the primary cause to be severe levels of corruption by the President and the Republican Senators except for Mitt Romney, which resulted in Uncle Sam’s massive mycocardial infarction (MI) this afternoon. Uncle Sam’s MI was brought upon by severe stress and a total disregard for the American people, and by the Republican Senators’ lack of respect for their Oaths of Office of Impartiality, and our U.S. Constitution.

In the past 24 hours there seemed to be some hope that Sam might make it off of life support. But today, Sam’s oxygenation level and blood pressure significantly decreased by the actions of Mitch McConnell and Donald J. Trump (aka John Miller, Orange King Kong and the Beast). There appeared to be little hope for Sam to recover, since Republican Senators were still loyal to the Orange Beast, and were hoping that Uncle Sam would just die today as he gasped for one last breath; Sam’s cause of death was primarily attributed to the Republican Senators desire for more power and money from a new regime. Repub. Senators were hiding their heads in the sand, magically wishing for all of this to go away. But, it won’t just go away as you wish! Senators, your choices will rot the flesh of Americans for decades to come and you’ll be haunted by the stares of unbelief from your children and grandchildren thinking: “How could you do this to America and to your children”?

In the last 8 hours, Sam’s vital signs dramatically decreased, primarily due to more lies and lack of patriotism for American democracy. It appears that the President’s has-been lawyer, Alan Dershowitz was at the foot of the bed a few days ago and lowered the oxygen level to Sam’s lungs based on a theory and a lousy, biased legal opinion that made no sense to anyone.

If there is no longer, American Justice, Truth, Laws and Respect for the American people, then I’m afraid Uncle Sam’s fate was sealed. Following the deaths of Sam and his wife, Lady Liberty, there will be a new dawn of corruption, fascism, tyranny and everlasting evil doings which will require your unique ID-DNA in order for you to receive morsels of food, medicine and fuel.

Maybe, just maybe there is some optimism with an intervention by Amb. John Bolton, but Bolton’s silence was deafening. Republican Senators’ immorality, Russian influence and corruptive intent led by the ‘Beast’, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry, Alan Dershowitz and Mic Mulvaney, all of whom decided Uncle Sam’s sudden death today by unplugging his life support. Subsequently, Uncle Sam will be placed in a coffin to be buried tomorrow without witnesses in Arlington cemetery.

Due to Sam’s death, the majority of Americans will grieve for a period of time and will try to prepare for the next decade of tyranny, lawlessness and the begging for food, medicine and fuel, while the ‘Fat Orange King Kong’ continues to devour the rest of our land. All of this, just because the vast majority of spineless republican senators couldn’t find enough courage to request witnesses, documents and stutter one word “Guilty”. Regardless, Uncle Sam’s death doesn’t mean our true patriots can’t elect another Uncle Sam, who is both stronger and smarter; we can only pray for this and wish for a miracle.

R.I.P. Uncle Sam, I thank your for over 240 years of freedom and prosperity, perhaps you will be resurrected in America some day? But, I’m not holding my breath.

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