What is PHARMATIVE and PNN.One + Health Mobile App?

By Dr. James Partyka | PHARMATIVE PNN Media Group | Palm Springs, CA

PHARMATIVE is the FIRST social media network dedicated to Your healthcare and fitness, and PHARMATIVE.com is a global community of passionate individuals from the healthcare industry. We welcome all people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding and a dedication to discoveries for the betterment of mankind by connecting patients with healthcare professionals and scientists.

Our mission is to celebrate the free exchange of ideas to foster innovation which will contribute to the eradication of human and animal diseases. PHARMATIVE is a community of thinkers from the world’s most inspiring teachers and researchers — a community of healthcare scientists which form the basis of our solidarity.

Two years ago, Pride Nation Radio, PrideNation.com, KLPS-19 and Proud TV became one company with the addition of PHARMATIVE. To learn more about the history of KLPS-19, PNN Media Group and PHARMATIVE click here >> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/KLPS-LP.

The New PNN.One + Health mobile app combines all of our brands into one easy to use mobile app incuding PNN YouTube, GPS chat, FB, Twittter, Dance Music with Pride Nation Radio (http://PNN.fm), along with a few hidden surprises. To download your free PNN.One + Health mobile app just go to your Apple and Android app stores and search for PNN.One, download your free app and accept new content and notifications.

Enjoy PNN + Health Mobile App as it’s our gift to you and have a Happy Healthy New Year from PHARMATIVE PNN Media Group!

For more information on PHARMATIVE click here >> PHARMATIVE.com and for more information on PNN Media Group click here >> http://PNNmedia.com

PHARMATIVE PNN Media Group | All Rights Reserved 2020

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