What is the PHARMATIVE Healthcare Triad Model?

By Dr. James Partyka | PHARMATIVE

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes more transparent to most Americans how broken our healthcare system is in the United States and our existing healthcare disparities to people of color and, lower and middle classes.

Three primary reasons for the high patient mortality and morbidity rates reported in the U.S. include: 1) Lack of access to healthcare; 2) Astronomical high costs of healthcare delivery and medications; and 3) an increasing incidence of medical errors in an inefficient and complicated delivery system.

Our PHARMATIVE Healthcare team has put together a proposal for an improved healthcare system called the Healthcare Triad Model which we know could dramatically improve patient health outcomes for Americans by focusing on optimal utilization of existing resources focused on community pharmacies and clinics, nurse practitioners and physician extenders and telemedicine.

To learn more, watch this brief video and send your questions and comments to Dr. James Partyka at info@pharmative.com.

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